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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Claire 11 months

Per your doctors appointment you weigh 20.8. You had a small respiratory infection so we are working on clearing that up and it seems your little cough is just about gone!

You wear 12-18 mo clothes, size 4 shoe, size 3 diaper. 

You have 4 teeth. 

You do the typical babbling, but your first word was mama since you say it with intent!

You are such a momma's girl. It wears on me most days, but for the most part I love having you cling to me!

You are a very, very picky eater. You take 4 bottles a day and LOVE Club mini crackers as well as go-gurt. I really wish you liked more foods, but I guess eventually you will come to realize how great food is. 

You have started to stand alone and are getting more brave every day. We will have a walker before we know it!

You are really starting to try and play with Wyatt and it is so cute!

You are a little diva at times, but that's just the girl in you. 

You take 2 naps a day. An hour one around 9/10 and then a two hour one at 1. Your bedtime is usually 6:30 and you sleep uninterrupted for 12 hours.
You are my little love and I cannot believe we are going to be celebrating your birthday next month!

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