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Monday, April 30, 2012

Indian Fry Bread

I love the Pioneer Woman blog a lot. I've made a lot of recipes from the sight and I randomly came across this one to make Indian Fry Bread. What is Indian Fry Bread?  Um, only the best thing in the world. 

I am 1/2 Indian. This is right up my alley. 

In all seriousness I have been eating this since I was little. The first time I told Ryan we were going to my parent's to eat Indian Tacos I'm sure he thinking since I'm Indian my family simply calls it that. Kinda true. Ha! This is one of my favorite things ever to eat and Sunday when we went over for dinner I decided I was going to make the fry bread this time. It was my first time ever in my many times as I have seen my mother do it I could have never gone into the kitchen and done it by myself, but now I can!

Um, no one said it was healthy.

Like mom's fancy plates? In her defense, they had just gotten back from a fishing tournament dad was in so they had been on the lake all weekend. She text saying they needed some Wyatt time so we headed over. Can't blame her for wanting to make life a little easier!

Mom's recipe is a little different from Ree's, but still pretty simple!

Thanks momma for teaching me how to make Fry Bread. I'm sure Ryan and Wyatt are equally excited!

Boat ride

Friday afternoon Ryan told me to go get the baby a life jacket so we could take him for a little boat ride.

And look at this picture:
Who is that little man and where is my BABY?!

It is crazy that sometimes I can look at Wyatt and see nothing but a sweet squishy baby and then 3 seconds later see nothing but a handsome little boy.
All those times I tried so hard to get those first pictures of those little toofers and here they are just a shining.

He enjoyed when we were in motion the most. He thought the motor was a toy because of the sound and so he would get ticked when we were just sitting there. We enjoyed being outside on the lake for about 30 minutes before we started to become a hungry grumpy pants. Nonetheless he was super cute in his life jacket!

Say it ain't so

True confession: I had a cookie Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday.
What the heck is wrong with me!?

Someone else couldn't get enough of it either...
Like mother, like son?
Then he proceeded to look for some milk.

Did I mention Wyatt is in love with the fridge? He could be half way across the house and the second that the door opens he will be RIGHT there. I'm telling you, baby likes to eat.

(Head hung in shame)

I had another cookie this evening.

I guess I am seriously trying to burn myself out on them. That, or Aunt Flo is coming with a vengeance this month. Ha!

Surprise present

Last week when I got home there was a brown box addressed to Wyatt. I was pretty excited and curious about what it was since I knew it wasn't anything from us. Well, we opened it up and it was a birthday present from Tinley! He loved trying to figure it out.
Lakin had the cutest note written in there saying that she knew I loved getting some mail and she hope that I helped him open it! Ha! Isn't that great? Turns out I'm not the only one who loves me some mail!

Before we know it is is going to be Tinley's birthday in just a couple more months. So not possible! Thank you again T!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

870 calorie mistake

Sometimes I make stupid decisions. Don't we all though? I am pretty sure it is human nature and if you weren't making stupid decisions on a regular basis you wouldn't be...well, human.

Sadly, my stupid decision came in the form of an 870 calorie mistake.

Okay, to be fair (and honest) it was more of a 320 calorie choice that I don't regret. What I do regret is the 550 calorie choice that I made along with the 320.  

I went to Chick-Fil-A and tried out the new chocolate chunk cookie. Oh.My.Word. It was delicious. I also got a small chocolate shake without the cherry or whipped cream so that should count for something. I inhaled the cookie in probably 2 minutes flat. It was warm, gooey, and the best cookie I have ate in a long time. The only thing that could have made it better was if I had some milk to go with it...but I didn't. Instead I got a shake to wash it down. (Who does that?) I didn't have high expectations for the cookie obviously and I knew that I could always fall back on a shake hence the reason I got both.

Once I finished the cookie I immediately regretted buying the shake and only drank maybe an eighth of it. It is currently chillin' in the freezer and probably won't get eaten today because I had a single cookie that was three hundred and twenty calories. 

Ughh...excuse me while I go run 43 miles to feel better about myself.

I'm not a calorie counter at all and eat what I want. But, something possessed me to pull up and see what the damage was. Mistake #2 for the day.

Note to self: You will be hanging out in a bathing suit for 2.5 days straight in just 4 weeks. Maybe I should not be such a hungry hippo.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On this Tuesday

We got a text this morning from my MIL saying that she was sick and couldn't watch the baby so I actually got a special treat by getting to stay with Wyatt today.

We went to town and got the ding in my vehicle fixed, but on the way we were living on the edge.
For real, on the edge. Thankfully we made it.

I was supposed to just be going to get a quote for how much it was going to be, but he came out and told me they could do it right then and it would take about 45 minutes. I said yes, hoping that I could entertain the little one without any toys.

I didn't have any trouble because I simply had my purse. Everything came out and everything went back in about 10 times. Luckily there was no one else there so no one minded all the contents of my purse.
The second thing that entertained us was Wyatt walking all over that joint. It still blows my mind that 2 days ago he decided to be a walker. He hardly crawls any. It is so, so cute and I could honestly watch him all day.
After we got the Edge fixed, which took less than 20 minutes (thank goodness) we headed home and I'm not even kidding Wyatt and I had such a great day. We laughed, we played, we just had the best time today! It's always so nice when you have good days, but it's a million times more sweet whenever you have a great day. I just love being a mom. I know that everyone says that, but I have never felt so fulfilled and so blessed in my life. So thank you Wyatt for such a fun day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tom Petty Concert

Saturday night we had Parent's Night Out! Woo!
We all went to the Tom Petty concert in Little Rock. It was a lot of fun. We simply came to one conclusion though- we didn't know near as much Tom Petty as we thought we did. Ha! Ryan and I still being that annoying couple that matches all the time. 

Nonetheless we had a lot of fun. We also (I'm positive) ended up getting stoned at the concert. People don't hesitate in the least to blaze it up. In public. I guess they have no fear! We were supposed to stay at Haley and Jay's but Ryan and I decided to head home from Maumelle at 2:00 so that we could just sleep as long as we needed. It was a long ride home and I was in and out of sleep. As soon as we hit the sheets we were d.o.n.e.

After the concert we ended up going out to the piano bar where we got our dance on.

PNOs are just not complete if we don't get to dance. True story.

It was a lot of fun out with our favorite people and we are looking forward to spending time with them again next month!!

For our memory:

Taco Bell.

We've got a walker

We went to Ridge's T-ball game this evening. Wyatt had such a great time getting to watch and play and WALK around. Seriously, you would have thought this little guy had been walking for a bit. He was up and down, up and down the fence unassisted. 

This was moments before daddy let him crash and burn. Oops.

He was following Kharter down the fence and it was just so sweet. I was such a proud mom seeing him walk like a big boy. He really started walking yesterday after taking many steps here and there. Today though when I got home from work and was cooking dinner he walking EVERYWHERE. It was wild to see him doing it and then for him to do it at the ball park was even more crazy. I just love seeing him toddle around. Ahhh!

There are lots of falls in our near future I'm afraid!!! We are going to have to go to as many of Ridge's games as possible because it was sooo cute watching those little kids play and Wyatt lurved being outside!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All aboard!

The Teething Train that is.

Not fun. Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow. That's the kind of fun we are having over here. 

I actually caught a rare thing today from Wyatt...a smile.

Poor guy is feeling like straight poo and you can tell. I feel so bad for him. His 5th tooth (3rd on top) made its debut and his 6th one (the one causing so much drama in the house) is right there. 

Say a little prayer that by Thursday we have our happy little baby know...when I'm at home with him. Ha!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wyatt's 1st Birthday Party!

True story...I am pooped. 

Pooped is actually an understatement about how I feel. Today, we had Wyatt's 1st birthday party. It was a beautiful day and we got to share it with the people that we love the most. 

The is probably the longest post EVER, but so worth it to have it all in one post!

We celebrated this handsome little guy today!

We will just go in chronological order, so we shall start with the food.
Mom and I stayed up late, late last night getting the food ready.

I made all the cupcakes too. Getting that, plus all the drinks ready to go by 11 this morninga we kinda felt like it was crunch time. Thank goodness I have a sweet MIL who made 7-Layer Dip and punch to add to it!

Here is Wyatt's "Hall of Fame" with his monthly pictures and baseballs representing the number of months. 
For party favors Wyatt gave away a sugar cookie with the tag reading, "I hope you had a ball!! Love, Wyatt"

So cute and so yummy!
This was also a labor of love -stinkin' streamer. However, I loved how it looks in pictures so it was well worth it. Also we had about 20 balloons. I am apparently in love with balloons. No joke. 
Here is Wyatt's smash cake:
Obviously we had a baseball themed party and it turned out to be adorable!

Now for some of the wonderful people who took time out of their Saturday to celebrated our baby!

Erin and Ridge.
 I have to share this story because it is priceless...
Wyatt just opened up a football shaped piggy bank:
Ridge: It's a piggy bank!
Me: Yep! It is!
Ridge: I have one of those too. Mine's a pig though.
Me: Oh really?! Do you have lots of money in it?
Ridge: Uh-huh. 
Me: Well good!
Ridge in a quite voice: I steal some from my daddy.

Bahaha! Is that not great?! I can't wait for Wyatt to start saying stuff like that!

Haley, Payton, and Erin.

Wyatt and his Nana with his new shoes from Aunt Kylie. (Size 6XW- yes extra wide.) I noticed I didn't get a picture with Aunt Kylie, Miss Judy, or Aunt Cindy, Uncle Gary, or Taylor. That stinks! :(
Uncle Jason and Misty. Wyatt has a big crush on Misty. BIG BIG thanks to Uncle Jeeeson for taking all the pictures during the party and to Misty for making baseball Oreo cookies.
Papaw, Nana, Pa, and Connor with Wyatt.
Poppa and Talina:
Mimi and Pawpaw who were so nice to let us use their house!
Time to open presents!!
He actually isn't pouting in this picture but he definitely looks like it!

Now we gotta get ready to eat some cake...

 While singing Happy Birthday to Wyatt he started getting really shy and sinking into his chair. It was so funny to me to see him actually get nervous.
Can't you just see it in his eyes?


He decided to share some cake. Sweet isn't he?

It was no surprise that Wyatt dug right in. Truly, if we had not removed the cake he would have kept eating until it was gone I'm afraid.

Took a quick milk break, but only because I made him.
Here's the damage done on his cake. I went to take it away and he decided he needed another bite.

Bath time! Thank you daddy for cleaning me right on up!

We got a group picture with our babies. We will continue to do this every time we are all's kind of what we do.

And then we play baby swap!

Here is where things got down right hilarious. We decided to take a babies only picture. HILARIOUS. Our cheeks were hurting so bad afterwards because 1. Wyatt looks like Baby Godzilla 2. He was quite the bow snatcher 3. They both used him as a pillow 4. He is such a ladies man putting his arm around them. Yep, he did the yawn and stretch move.

After Wyatt got up for his only nap for the day (about an hour) we headed out to try out some new toys.

Once he figured out how to honk the horn he was beep beeping all over the place. People better watch out with this little guy on the road.

Daddy walked him round and round the drive way. Would have stayed in there for hours if we had let him. 


Wyatt and Marley are becoming fast friends.

Having some fun with the balloons!! I love these pictures of him!

Clapping for himself.

My name is Sarah and I like bloopers.

Pretty balloons!

Told ya it was a beautiful day!

My gosh I am truly a 5 year old. I didn't want to pop them at all.

I am telling you the truth when I tell you just how much this picture makes my heart want to explode. All my boys. Just love them!
Remember when I told you I was a 5 year old.

Blooper again.

Well, that was Wyatt's 1st birthday party. We had so much fun celebrating our little boy!! Thank you to everyone who shared in our day. We are very thankful for you!!

Now it's time to get to bed. Wyatt hit the hay before 6:30. We're shooting for 10!
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