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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wyatt's 1st Birthday Party!

True story...I am pooped. 

Pooped is actually an understatement about how I feel. Today, we had Wyatt's 1st birthday party. It was a beautiful day and we got to share it with the people that we love the most. 

The is probably the longest post EVER, but so worth it to have it all in one post!

We celebrated this handsome little guy today!

We will just go in chronological order, so we shall start with the food.
Mom and I stayed up late, late last night getting the food ready.

I made all the cupcakes too. Getting that, plus all the drinks ready to go by 11 this morninga we kinda felt like it was crunch time. Thank goodness I have a sweet MIL who made 7-Layer Dip and punch to add to it!

Here is Wyatt's "Hall of Fame" with his monthly pictures and baseballs representing the number of months. 
For party favors Wyatt gave away a sugar cookie with the tag reading, "I hope you had a ball!! Love, Wyatt"

So cute and so yummy!
This was also a labor of love -stinkin' streamer. However, I loved how it looks in pictures so it was well worth it. Also we had about 20 balloons. I am apparently in love with balloons. No joke. 
Here is Wyatt's smash cake:
Obviously we had a baseball themed party and it turned out to be adorable!

Now for some of the wonderful people who took time out of their Saturday to celebrated our baby!

Erin and Ridge.
 I have to share this story because it is priceless...
Wyatt just opened up a football shaped piggy bank:
Ridge: It's a piggy bank!
Me: Yep! It is!
Ridge: I have one of those too. Mine's a pig though.
Me: Oh really?! Do you have lots of money in it?
Ridge: Uh-huh. 
Me: Well good!
Ridge in a quite voice: I steal some from my daddy.

Bahaha! Is that not great?! I can't wait for Wyatt to start saying stuff like that!

Haley, Payton, and Erin.

Wyatt and his Nana with his new shoes from Aunt Kylie. (Size 6XW- yes extra wide.) I noticed I didn't get a picture with Aunt Kylie, Miss Judy, or Aunt Cindy, Uncle Gary, or Taylor. That stinks! :(
Uncle Jason and Misty. Wyatt has a big crush on Misty. BIG BIG thanks to Uncle Jeeeson for taking all the pictures during the party and to Misty for making baseball Oreo cookies.
Papaw, Nana, Pa, and Connor with Wyatt.
Poppa and Talina:
Mimi and Pawpaw who were so nice to let us use their house!
Time to open presents!!
He actually isn't pouting in this picture but he definitely looks like it!

Now we gotta get ready to eat some cake...

 While singing Happy Birthday to Wyatt he started getting really shy and sinking into his chair. It was so funny to me to see him actually get nervous.
Can't you just see it in his eyes?


He decided to share some cake. Sweet isn't he?

It was no surprise that Wyatt dug right in. Truly, if we had not removed the cake he would have kept eating until it was gone I'm afraid.

Took a quick milk break, but only because I made him.
Here's the damage done on his cake. I went to take it away and he decided he needed another bite.

Bath time! Thank you daddy for cleaning me right on up!

We got a group picture with our babies. We will continue to do this every time we are all's kind of what we do.

And then we play baby swap!

Here is where things got down right hilarious. We decided to take a babies only picture. HILARIOUS. Our cheeks were hurting so bad afterwards because 1. Wyatt looks like Baby Godzilla 2. He was quite the bow snatcher 3. They both used him as a pillow 4. He is such a ladies man putting his arm around them. Yep, he did the yawn and stretch move.

After Wyatt got up for his only nap for the day (about an hour) we headed out to try out some new toys.

Once he figured out how to honk the horn he was beep beeping all over the place. People better watch out with this little guy on the road.

Daddy walked him round and round the drive way. Would have stayed in there for hours if we had let him. 


Wyatt and Marley are becoming fast friends.

Having some fun with the balloons!! I love these pictures of him!

Clapping for himself.

My name is Sarah and I like bloopers.

Pretty balloons!

Told ya it was a beautiful day!

My gosh I am truly a 5 year old. I didn't want to pop them at all.

I am telling you the truth when I tell you just how much this picture makes my heart want to explode. All my boys. Just love them!
Remember when I told you I was a 5 year old.

Blooper again.

Well, that was Wyatt's 1st birthday party. We had so much fun celebrating our little boy!! Thank you to everyone who shared in our day. We are very thankful for you!!

Now it's time to get to bed. Wyatt hit the hay before 6:30. We're shooting for 10!


  1. What an awesome party!! So wish we could have been there to celebrate too! : ) You did a great job with everything, it looked great!! Hope you had a great time and were able to get some rest afterwards!

  2. Holy moly... Can you plan my kids birthday next?? This looks like an incredible day! I love the cake smash!


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