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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy 1st birthday, Wyatt!!

One year ago my life changed in an instant. Everything about that day is still so vivid. I can remember Haley walking in early that morning carrying flowers for me and being instantly put at ease. I remember thinking all the parents were going to get there entirely too early when nothing was going on simply because the anticipation was just too much. I remember sitting there with Ryan in our last few minutes as a duo. I remember the look on Ryan’s face when he first saw our baby. Those are moments that I truly never want to forget.

It’s hard to believe that for 9 months I prayed for, loved, and cared about someone so completely and I had never even had the pleasure of meeting them. The moment that I laid eyes on Wyatt my heart was forever changed. He was mine. I was his. He was the little boy that God so confidently knew I would be able to care for. The one that not only I would love unconditionally, but also his daddy. The one that would not only teach me what love as a parent felt like, but the feeling of fulfillment. I feel so honored to be his mother and I thank God each night for that perfect little baby that he trusts us with.

Wyatt has taught me so much over the past year. For starters, patience wasn’t one of my strong points. In fact, being impatient ranked highly on my “needs work” list. Since Wyatt was born I have learned to keep calm, to wait, to shall I say it…be patient. It actually came naturally and I’m not exactly sure where deep down it was even hidden. (Don’t be fooled…unless it has to do with Wyatt it’s still on my list of improvements. Ask Ryan.) When I have a screaming baby in the back seat, amazingly I can still say in a very loving, calm voice, “It’s okay baby. We’re almost home.”

I didn’t know that I would love all the “firsts” as much as I do. The first real smile, the first laugh, rolling over, crawling, clapping, fake sneezing, all of it tucked away in my little file cabinet in my mind. I know that we have so many more ahead of us and I am eager to tackle them all, but also sad it is slipping by so fast.

I love being a mother. My heart is full. I have enjoyed the fastest year of my life more than any words could ever begin to describe. I love the good days and I love the bad days. Granted the good days are 10 times more fun, but on those bad days I know that God is teaching me something. I know that after those bad days that I still have a baby to hold and kiss, to love and cuddle. I still have a baby that even after those bad days we can wake up the next day with a new start, a new adventure, a new attitude.

I cannot believe that my squishy 8lb, 13oz baby is now a hefty 26ish pound load. I cannot believe that a year ago we were bringing you home, introducing you to Marley, and falling into our roles as parents. You are such a joy to our lives. We love you so, so much and are so honored to be your parents. There is never a day that we don’t exclaim what a cute baby we have or how sweet and loving you are. You are such a funny little guy and you keep us laughing all the time. We survived our first year and we look forward to what the next year has in store for us. We know one thing is for sure…you are going to continue to bless our lives more than we could ever wish for. We love you so much baby! Happy 1st birthday!
Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy FIRST Birthday Wyatt!

    Isn't crazy how fast time flies when you are a parent. Charlotte will be one in 12 days. I am emotional wreck about it, she is our last baby.

    Happy first anniversary on being a Mommy!

  2. Aw thank you so much! It is wild that he is already a year old. I can't blame you for being emotional either!!! :(

  3. Happy first birthday Wyatt!! It goes so quickly. I have goosebumps reading your post!

  4. Happy Birthday Wyatt, that's scary for me to say too, my Wyatt will be one in a month! Congrats on your first year as parents, it's a wonderful job! Great post!

  5. Happy Birthday to Wyatt!! A year already?! I remember reading all your posts about each week/month of your pregnancy and it doesn't seem that long ago! I hope he had a great day. So glad to know you guys and get to see these special moments!


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