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Monday, April 30, 2012

Boat ride

Friday afternoon Ryan told me to go get the baby a life jacket so we could take him for a little boat ride.

And look at this picture:
Who is that little man and where is my BABY?!

It is crazy that sometimes I can look at Wyatt and see nothing but a sweet squishy baby and then 3 seconds later see nothing but a handsome little boy.
All those times I tried so hard to get those first pictures of those little toofers and here they are just a shining.

He enjoyed when we were in motion the most. He thought the motor was a toy because of the sound and so he would get ticked when we were just sitting there. We enjoyed being outside on the lake for about 30 minutes before we started to become a hungry grumpy pants. Nonetheless he was super cute in his life jacket!


  1. Wyatt looks so stinkin cute in life jacket! That would be so fun to go out and do!


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