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Monday, April 30, 2012

Indian Fry Bread

I love the Pioneer Woman blog a lot. I've made a lot of recipes from the sight and I randomly came across this one to make Indian Fry Bread. What is Indian Fry Bread?  Um, only the best thing in the world. 

I am 1/2 Indian. This is right up my alley. 

In all seriousness I have been eating this since I was little. The first time I told Ryan we were going to my parent's to eat Indian Tacos I'm sure he thinking since I'm Indian my family simply calls it that. Kinda true. Ha! This is one of my favorite things ever to eat and Sunday when we went over for dinner I decided I was going to make the fry bread this time. It was my first time ever in my many times as I have seen my mother do it I could have never gone into the kitchen and done it by myself, but now I can!

Um, no one said it was healthy.

Like mom's fancy plates? In her defense, they had just gotten back from a fishing tournament dad was in so they had been on the lake all weekend. She text saying they needed some Wyatt time so we headed over. Can't blame her for wanting to make life a little easier!

Mom's recipe is a little different from Ree's, but still pretty simple!

Thanks momma for teaching me how to make Fry Bread. I'm sure Ryan and Wyatt are equally excited!

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  1. That is so cool! I love getting recipes from my mom that she has cooked my whole life, but I think it's even more neat when you have a culture and history with yours! Your mom is full blood, right?


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