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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jack n Back Half Marathon

Well we did it again. We paid money to run with strangers. I only say that because this is the first race that we didn't know anyone. It was a rare occurance! 

Special things happened during this race. I sported my first fanny pack and it's total convenience over fashion. I guess next I'll be needing to get a camelback.

Either way, it worked our beautifully carrying my Rehydrate!

The half was by far the toughest. It's 3.5 miles up a mountain, 3 miles down, turn around and go back the way you came. 

Honestly, I wasn't feeling it at all. That's possibly why Emma and I parted at mile 3 or so. That, and she was wearing her special rocket shoes today- read: her pretty new Brooks. 

I didn't mind though. It was a gorgeous day. I mean seriously the weather could not have been any more perfect-overcast, breezy, in the 60s. This is my ideal running weather. I just plugged along wondering all the time why I do this to myself. 

I prayed a lot during miles 4-5. I remember because it was an easy downhill run. And a lady came running out of the bushes while her friend waited. We all knew what she was doing. 

I prayed for those who immediately pop into my head. Those I remember asking for prayer requests, those I pray for daily, and prayers for myself. 

Then, about mile 6 I remembered a wonderful little thing called Pandora and turned that on. Nothing like some Tom Petty, Lil Jon, Eric Church, and Blink-182 to remind you that you actually do enjoy a little time just you, the outdoors, and some music. 

The course is beautiful. Up and down, up and down with a rolling creek running alongside you. Let me just say now that I love Arkansas. 

Headed up...
Headed down...

Ahhh, beautiful weather!!

And please note the time here:
The race started at 8 on the dot. Thanks for the words of encouragement Bunney!

Like I said, the course was challenging. There were a few flat stretches but for the most part just climbs. It's in the middle of nowhere too with few runners. 

I recommend it to anyone who wants a challenging 13.1 to check off. I think we will do it next year. Emma placed first in her age group! I placed last. There were 4 in mine and even less on Emma's. See, few runners. 

Nonetheless, we earned our bling and are now on the prowl for our next one. 

Sweet number 5, I'm coming for you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I was curious when a 501 number popped up on my phone today. I answered thinking it was a telemarketer, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard Baptist and Marketing Director in the same sentence. 

Imagine even more surprise when campaign, commercial, and conference call were also mentioned a few sentences later. ( Also note the alliteration.) 

I agreed to all on behalf of our family. 

I still am surprised that Ryan's "story" is just that. A story. His story. Our story. Even more, I'm still surprised that it is something people still want to share. 

That we ended up on something like this: 
Hello, heart month!

Throughout our time in the hospital we always heard how "amazing" and "incredible" it was that he survived. That random people who worked in that hospital, and we later encounter in some fashion, knew about Ryan and were shocked to see him alive. It truly never gets old. 

It also never lessens the blow because those emotions are still so fresh, even 9 months later.  

I cry happy tears thinking that he's here today. I cry tears of sorrow thinking of how life could have been.

To this day, I still get asked how he is doing. I still get teary and emotional when I talk more in depth about it all and that, I'm sure, is when people regret asking me in the first place. 

I'm excited about the #keeponamazing campaign at Baptist. I'm hopeful I say the right things, keep it together, and they decide to move forward using Ryan's story. Because, after all, I agree that it is pretty incredible. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

RussVegas Half Marathon

I never thought I would be a runner. I ran a few miles here and there. By a few I mean I ran about a mile and called it good. I would even bump it up by a mile and really think I was rockin' and rollin'. Then, I ran a 5k. Then a few more. And finally, in December of 2013 I talked myself in to signing up for a half marathon. 

And I didn't look back. 

I even got lucky enough to get Emma to say yes and embark on the journey with me. 

We have logged countless miles and I am so thankful for our friendship. 

She finished her first half yesterday with a time of 2:18! It was awesome!

This was my 3rd and I set a personal record at the same time. 

It was a lot of fun but there are also things I always forget until I am actually doing the race. I will share with you because I know you are dying to know. 

1. The butterflies you have waiting in that corral are enough to make you think you have to poop. Is that just me? It's a horrible feeling. Then the paranoia sets in of maybe this isn't nervousness but a real poop. Then, before you know it your speed walking across that start line and you say a little prayer that it IS nerves. 

2. You train running intervals. Guys- people do this. They intentionally run a race this way. Me and Emma are those people. We are faster this way. I shaved 5 minutes off last year's finishing time running intervals. We run for 2 minutes walk for 1, run for 2 walk for 1 until we cross that finish line. So the people who start walking 2 minutes into the race doesn't mean we are slower than you. Or less experiences. Or tried. Or overshot it. It means we run differently than you. So don't say, "you're doing good girls" in a sympathetic tone  or "it's okay to walk if you need to". We know. We know what we are doing and we are confident in how it gets us across that finish line with a 10:25 minute average pace. 

We are interveral runners. We've got this. And we may even beat a few of you. 

3. There comes a moment when your legs go numb and you're just running. This happens between mile 3 and 4 for me. Every single long run. 

4. There also comes a time when I get a pain that's not so much a pain as it is a nuisance. This happened right around mile 6 and my side hurt. I ignored it and it eventually went away. 

5. And the time you want to say screw it and hop off the course. I was feeling done around mile 8. It wasn't fun anymore and knowing the course like the back of my hand I knew I still had so far to go. 

6. I honestly forgot how hard miles 11-13.1 are. To be blunt, they sucked big time. Like I could feel us slowing down a little bit and I looked back and could finally SEE the 2:20 pacer. And to beat 2:23 was my ultimate goal so there was absolutely no way I was letting him pass us. 

7. Then there is THE hill. The overpass on Phoenix that also starts mile 12. It's brutal. But, not for us!! We trained on that overpass for 4 months. We ran it at least twice a weeks sometime 3. This is were we had an advantage. We kicked it up a notch and ran like it was part of or normal training run. 

8. Having people on the course who know you is the best feeling ever. Having people say your NAME is that little boost of confidence you need. I swear it makes a difference. Thank goodness for people on that last mile. 

9. Crossing the finish line is a lot more exciting when you PR. It's a fact. 

10. Lastly, I am grumpy, pissy, hungry, and feeling like I could poop myself at any second after the race. I am not in the best of moods. I am tired. I just want a cheeseburger but not at 10 in the morning. I am happy, but irritable. 

So much goes into a half marathon. 

They are truly a challenge, but also are becoming "just" a half marathon. Which is shocking to say and I feel like a jack wagon because I know people who would love to "just" run a mile. 

I was there once so I'm kinda allowed to say that. 

I look forward to my next half. I'm not sure I'll be shooting for a PR, but I am shooting to add a little more bling. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I chose AdvoCare

I knew Haley sold it. I saw that it worked.  I mean she was a walking billboard for it. I had used the products Spark and Rehydrate but that was the extent of my AdvoCare usage. 

Haley tried to get me to, but I always said no and just continued to get my Spark from her. 

Honestly, I didn't want to lose weight because I didn't really need to and I didn't want to give up sweets. 

There. There's the bombshell. 

I didn't want to give up sweets. 

I'm as honest as the days are long. Ryan says it makes me rude and whatnot, but that's me. I am a no nonsense person and I'm okay with that. 

I'm also a skeptic. 

Even though I saw my best friend have nothing but results. And I took products myself and they did exactly what they told me they would. 

So this winter a friend and I were working out and he mentioned losing weight. I popped off, you should try AdvoCare. 

Um, what? 

I think I was as surprised as anyone that it popped out of my mouth so confidently. 

I told him about it. He looked into it and bought a challenge. 

It was that easy. It was also a regretful moment seeing that could have been my sale had I been a distributor. Ha! 
So he bought the challenge and another for someone else to do with him because it is easier (and more fun) to do it with others. 

That other person backed out last minute. 

So, the Sunday before he was to start I volunteered as tribute.

He was likely as shocked as I was, but I wanted him to do well and I honestly knew he need that extra encouragement. 

So we did it. Together. I was only a few days into my cleanse and I signed up to be a distributor.

I saw the difference. I felt the difference and I decided I ultimately wanted to do one thing. Help people feel better about themselves by getting healthy. Or giving them energy. Or maximizing their workouts. Yes, the business part is fun and I'm still learning but it's a new endeavor I am excited about it! (Read: I have a bachelors in Economics and Finance. That's my jam.) 

I see the results my friends are having and I'm like a mother hen beaming with pride when I check in and they tell me how good they feel or the pounds they've lost. 

That alone makes it worth it to me. 

So if you are curious about AdvoCare and the posts I make, just ask. Asking never hurt anyone. And ultimately, I want to help you. 

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