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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Claire 2 months

Sweet Claire is 2 months old today!
-You weigh probably 11 or so pounds. I am a terrible weight guesser, but we will know Friday at your 2 month appointment.
-You are eating 3-4 ounces every 3 hours.
-You are on your very predictable 3 hour schedule. Eat, Wake, Sleep. I love this because I always konw what you need.
-You are in a size 1 diaper, size 3 month clothes, and 3-6 month jammies!
-You are cooing and smiling during your wake time
-Rolling belly to back
-Don't mind tummy time
-Don't really care for your bouncy. You would much rather be up on our shoulder looking out when you are held
-You are a pretty easy baby. You're slightly high maintence.
-You sleep swaddled for naps and bedtime
-You are only waking once during the night and that's usually anywhere between 2-4. You wake for the day anywhere between 7-8.
These two months have flown by! I love every minute of having a sweet baby girl!
Look how big she has already gotten!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 8

Is that a widow's peak like your momma?!

Pretty baby!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you don't want to read about our laundry shenanigans I suggest you stop reading now.

I never thought my near 2 yr old's world would revolve around laundry. Never. Whenever we have people over he instantly wants to take the to the laundry. Which, at times, makes me have a slight panic attack hoping no underwear is visible. I try all day to occupy him. Puzzles, games, coloring, ANYTHING to get his mind off CLOTHES! as he says. Sometimes the washer gets unlevel and you best believe that little UL that takes places of how many minutes are left will not go unnoticed by Wyatt Hudson. To easily entertain him for 20 minutes while I feed his sister, I let him take the clothes our of the dryer and put them in a basket. In the dryer. Out of the dryer. Would occupy him all day I let him. Today, he knocked a sock under the dryer and started trying to reach for it. He called for my help so I swiped my hand under there and what do you know the first thing that came out was the last paci we hadn't see in weeks. I scooped that thing up faster that you can imagine and no, it didn't go unnoticed by Wyatt. He picked up the 2 socks we had found but kept asking where it go? and trying to look under the dryer. Oh mercy. That success that I had literally just wrote about was almost out the door.

And, because it was down right hilarious I have to share this. Wyatt has never climbed in the dryer. Which to me is shocking. He was doing his clothes and I heard him crying hard so I came in to find the poor guy stuck in there and trying get out but couldn't get over the lip of the dryer. I died laughing after I got him out. Okay, okay I was laughing during because I actually saw him slip in there while on the rescue. He was pretty ticked at the dryer because laundry was done for a few hours. Oh that little boy! 

No more paci on our lives

Okay, so no more paci in his life. We've still go little Miss taking one, but I can say that Wyatt is officially done with the paci just 2.5 weeks before his 2nd birthday!

It has been 8 days and I think it's getting easier to get him to bed. We knew that would be the biggest challenge, but I got him to sleep in 10 minutes last night. I'm so proud of him and feel like he is growing up so fast. I also feel like our next hurdle is potty-training and that my friends is straight up intimidating!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence

Linky link time!

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...Dessert after my snacks instead of just after lunch and dinner.
2. On my Prom night....I most vividly remember the point where the guys line up on one side and the girls on the other and the guys come get the garter by way of dancing. (Why are 17 yr olds wearing garters?!) My date had some rad dance moves coming across the dance floor. Seriously.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...At least one thing that causes the husband to silently cuss me while unloading the bags. While standing in the checkout line I think of the reason "why" so I feel prepared in defending said item.
4. Family functions typically...Involve me trying to figure out who these people are.
5. I think my blog readers...Question why they are reading what they're reading.
6. I'd much rather be...getting fat instead of working to stay thin.
7. I have an obsession with...snapchat currently.
8. My work friends....Probably wished I wasn't so blunt, but probably wish they could let things roll of their back as easily as I do.
9. When I created my Facebook account....I kept it from my then boyfriend who didn't have one since you had to be in college. His friend busted me out one night mentioning us being "friends." I then had to go home and update my relationship status letting people know I was off the market. Worst day ever.
10. My least favorite word is...Moist, C-U-Next-Thursday, and anal.
11. I really don't remember...much of what happened my last semester of college. Thank goodness I was a camera whore and have lots of treasures from that time in my life because it was fun.
12. Justin Bieber....Would scream rape within the first 15 minutes we were alone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Night out

Last night was my first night away from Claire. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first time I left Wyatt simply because I knew she was in such good hands with her Mimi and Pawpaw! I got a little sad driving them over there and sad right before we left. Wyatt did good going to bed for Pawpaw without his paci while Claire only woke up once during the night, which was expected!
It was nice getting to dress up and feel pretty. Ha!

Ryan and I went to hear some bands play. Literally just hearing the bands since talking to our friends was near impossible. A LOT of yelling went on since it was so hard to hear. Us girls actually communicated via pen and paper. Haley held onto those 2 sheets and they were down right hilarious and borderline inappropriate! Okay a lot inappropriate.

It was so much fun getting out with friends! Oh, and of course getting to dance!

With a couple of the band members that basically stole my hearing.

And yes...Haley and I (along with our poor husbands) made it to the 40 and danced to our hearts desire.

I've seriously got to retire from the 40. So far it's the 40-2, Sarah-0.

I still have a hideous toenail from a year ago and this time I ate it. For real...and no one even saw it!! Someone had spilled their drink right before you get on the dance floor and as soon as my high heel hit it, I hit the floor. This is what I woke up to.

Oh, it was such a fun night!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Say what?

I just couldn't wait for Wyatt to start talking. When he -finally- started babbling I was so excited! He was a "late" babbler I would say. I actually sat in his face one night "ba ba ba ba-ing" until he finally repeated me. I won't ever forget that night. I was proud! Since that he was a "talker" and now he is using his little voice all.the.time.

Here are some of my favorites...

Clow... clothes
Nim nim... vitamin
Eat eat... He can't just say it once
Cole... cold
Poon... spoon.
Yeh yoh... jello (he learned from Mimi ha!)
Sheshe... dishes
Thope... soap
Bloblo... bubble

As he adds cute new words in his own dialect I hope to write them down!

Keeping up with Claire: Week 7

This week you had your first "bad" day. You absolutely refused to nap more than 30-45 minutes. It made for a VERY long day, but you slept like an angel that night. You are becoming so alert and giving lots of smiles!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4am Wakeup Call

Claire slept through the night two nights in a row last week. It made this momma and daddy oh so happy. Then, she started waking up at 4 am like clockwork.

She still continues to do this.

I want her to sleep through the night so bad. Those two nights of her sleeping from 10-7 were awesome, I can't deny that. But, I have to remember she is on her own time AND sleeping from 10-4 isn't bad at all. We don't hear a peep from her and it truly is like clockwork that she starts to fuss and wants to eat at that time.

My internal clock has already adjusted to this too. The night before last when she woke up at 5 instead of 4, my eyes popped open at 4, waiting.

The good things about the 4 o'clock wake up call is that we switch who gets the feeding. One night it's me, the next night it's Ryan. Luckily, she sucks down the bottle and you're up and down in 30 minutes or less.

Unfortunately for me, it takes me a good hour to fall back asleep. Apparently I can run pretty well on 6 hours of sleep. I don't think Ryan has this problem.

While this initially annoyed me, I now embrace it. It's just a matter of time before she sleeps through the night (I hope). It's a matter of time before these days of the house being completely quite and the only sound I hear are the little sounds of her eating, half asleep. I decided to make the most of this fleeting time. I pray over her for those few minutes she is in my arms and there are no distractions. I pray for her future, her friends, her spouse, that she comes to love the Lord, that she can put all her trust in Him.

This has truly made the wake up call a lot less painful and a whole lot easier on me.

(Not a 4am picture, but definitely what I'm blessed with getting to look at.)
But, I'm only human and on those mornings that it's Ryan's turn you best believe I am kicking him out of bed quicker than you can imagine!

June 3, 2012

Another post I found in my drafts... loved re-reading this!

I've had perma-grin for most of the day. This particular Sunday is a day I truly will never forget.

Today, we found out we are expecting our second child!!

The day started out normally, just figuring out the logistics of where were we were going to church today since I had a wedding on Magazine to attend so we opted for church in Havana with Ryan's dad. While getting ready I told Ryan we needed to stop and get a pregnancy test to "feed my addiction." Hello, my name is Sarah, and I take monthly pregnancy tests. He kinda of laughed at me, but I told him I was serious that I took a test every month since we had started trying. It helped me ease the anticipation I guess. We stopped by Wal-Mart in Dardanelle and then stopped by mom and dad's on the way so I could "use the bathroom." This wasn't the first time I had done this so I'm sure my parents thought nothing of it. When I took the test I immediately saw the postitive sign and I immediately teared up and thanked God for this blessing. I rushed to the car with the test in my purse and we said bye to my parents. Ryan had hung out in the car with the baby and mom and dad came outside to see him. As soon as we said bye and before we even got the windows started rolling up I shrieked, literally shrieked-- I'M PREGNANT! Ryan didn't believe me so I whipped out my test and proved it to him. We weren't seconds from the house and Ryan asked if we should tell our parents today. I, of course,was going to bust at the seams so we turned around and pulled into the drive. Dad was outside and mom was just about at the door so Ryan waved her out to the vehicle and as she was walking up I said that the real reason I came over was to take a test and it was positive! They were so excited!! I think in shock as well. Once we hugged and got our congratulations in we loaded up since we still had to make it to church. On the way we called Ryan's mom and told her. I think she was shocked as well. After church we had lunch and ended up telling Steve and Talina who were so excited too!

It's hard to believe that Ryan and I are going to be parents again. It's even more hard to believe that Wyatt is going to be a big brother!

I feel so blessed to have another little baby growing inside of me. I continue to thank God for choosing Ryan and I as his or her parents. 

So far, I don't feel any differently...just on cloud 9 as I've kept telling Ryan all day. 

School picture

Wyatt's first school picture from the fall. So cute!

Laundry basket

I found this in my drafts. I love it.
I adore this picture of Wyatt so much!!

23 months old

At 23 months you...
-weigh 32 lbs
-are wearing: 3T shirts, 24mo/2T pants, 9 shoe, 6 diaper
-are using more and more words everyday
-have all 16 teeth
- are completely obsessed with your daddy
-love Sissy
-are  becoming slightly more stubborn
-love school
-have gotten a fair number of spankings for bad behavior- biting, hitting, screaming at us, and hurting Sissy
-you love to do all your chores- laundry, dishes, feeding Bobby, picking up toys, etc.
-you sleep for 12 hours still with a 3 hour nap
-love to be outdoors
-everything sweet to you is a cookie! And that's just how you say it
-you are using your potty but it's very random and usually just once a day

St. Pattie's Day weekend

Oh Mercy...Why is it that Mondays come so quick?

We had another good weekend. It was really busy.

We had birthday parties, fabulous weather, church, yucky weather, and bam! Before I knew it my weekend ended.

Wyatt went to a classmates birthday party Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Little sis came along for the party, but she mostly snoozed. Wyatt cracks me up playing with other kids. It just  makes my heart so full. He was a brave little guy crawling up the big slide all by himself. He convinced daddy to go carry him up there the first few times, but then I made him do it by himself. That sounds so mean, but I knew he could do it. I tried to get Ryan to show him how, but Wyatt wasn't having it. Finally he listened to me and figured out he had to crawl up thing instead of walking upright. Once he figured it out he no longer needed our help just a little encouragement.

We had beautiful weather Saturday too! It made me so ready for Spring when I can just sit outside and let Wyatt be a boy. He got lots of playing done outside and was such a big help to his daddy while they made a burn pile and mowed the grass.

We intended to get a lot more done, but with two babies it's proving to be a little harder.

Sunday we headed to church. I just know that one day we will actually be on time. It doesn't matter how early we get up... we are never on time and it drives me bonkers! I told Ryan on the way that we will probably never be on time again. Well, at least in about 14 years when Wyatt starts driving.

After church we fed the babies, put them down for naps, and watched a movie. We then got around and headed to Yell county to visit family. We didn't get home until nearly 8 so getting the house cleaned like we had intended didn't happen again.

Since it's Spring Break for Wyatt and he doesn't have school tomorrow he is going to spend the night with his Nana tonight. Me and the hubs are cleaning the house and going to try and figure out what to do with the outrageous amount of toys we are hoarding since the realtors come out tomorrow. Yuck...on to the process of having the house up for sale. Again. This time with two kids. Wah, wah!

3 year anniversary

3 years ago today I married my best friend!
He continues to be my very best friend. We share everything...good things, bad things, things we probably shouldn't.
My life is 100 times better because Ryan is my husband. Things aren't always peachy keene. No, no. We have our fair share of ups and down, but thank God there are more ups than downs. We knew within a very short time (a couple months) that we would get married. We did the whole "when we get married" bit before we were even technically boyfriend/girlfried. We just knew. Three years and two beautiful babies later, we still know. There is no one I'd rather be sharing my life with than him.
I love the love that he has for me. He tolerates me even when he wants to punch me in the face.
I love the love that he has for our babies.

We don't have big plans for this evening. I awaiting his arrival home from Missouri. Yah, didn't even get to wake up with my husband on our anniversary, but I will be going to bed with him. Don't even go all R rated on me either. Ha! I plan to make him engage in some pillow talk about how much he loves me.
Happy Anniversary, Bunney!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 6

Sister slept through the night for the first time last night!
Yay for her!
She slept from 10-7. It was a good night, but I'm not holding my breath. Pretty sure it was a fluke. However, I know that we are on the right track!
She does this a lot...Poor brother. I can't keep my eye on him 24/7 so therefore she gets upset more often than she probably should. She is beginning to watch Wyatt and track his voice. We have discovered that little Miss does not like to have a wet diaper. At all. She gets so fussy when she is wet. We go through more diapers than the average 6 week old I'm pretty sure.
It is so hard to believe that my little love is 6 weeks old!

Monday, March 11, 2013

This little piggy

It's no secret I love nail polish. That and perfume are probably my two favorite gifts. When I came across Piggy Paint I was ecstatic. Non-toxic, Low Odor, and Eco-Friendly? Sold!

Now Claire will be just like momma! And probably never know what color a real fingernail is. Ha!

Weekend recap

It's Monday and the day is going good. I've got two sleeping babies...nothing gets me more excited than nap time! Ha!
We had such a good weekend. I always get sad when good weekends come to an end.
Friday night we went to baby weigh in and Claire weighed 9lbs 14.5oz.
Saturday started out like any normal morning. Oh wait. Just kidding. My dear Haley decided to text me at 7:30 in the morning. About the 40.
And if you are wondering what I have to see put to use it's the cage and poles.
The next text is something along the lines of are we going followed by a heck yes from Haley. Oh dear.
Later that afternoon us girls got together and watched Marcie tie the knot. It was a sweet wedding and the preacher really made me think about my marriage and my babies. I did shed some tears...picturing your own babies one day having their big day is beyond emotional.
It was fun getting to chat with my girls for 2 hours. I'm 99% positive we ran a couple off from the table we were sharing with them too. Ha!
Saturday night we went to Mimi and Pawpaw's for dinner.

We took Wyatt to feed one of the baby cows that dad is bottle feeding.
I feel like Wyatt got a little taste of country life. Thank goodness!

I burnt my neck with a curling iron like I was in the 6th grade and just learning how to curl my hair. Today, I look like I have two hickeys on my neck.Curling iron burn on the left, birth mark on the right. Shameful.

Wyatt went to kiss Sissy and ended up biting down and dragging his teeth across her forhead.

And that's where he scratched her between her eyes. Poor thing.
Sunday, Claire went to church for the first time!
They're just so sweet and Claire is already getting sooo big!
Ryan and I took the babies to Mimi's and we went to watch The Great and Powerful Oz. It was soo good!!
The day ended with me going to the gym and the grocery store...I forgot how much of a love/hate relationship I have with the gym.
Looking forward to Friday already!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keeping Up with Claire: Week 5

Oh sister. Tummy time is getting so much harder since this is all that you like to do now...

I constantly have to flip you back over so we can work on your neck muscles even though you do really good with it.
This week, you also battled your first ailment...thrush. YUCK. I noticed it last Friday, what I thought was milk, but it just kept getting worse so Tuesday I called the doctors office and they called you in some medicine and it is already so much better. Thank goodness. It's nasty business that's for sure. You're still sweet as ever!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Magic Monday

If you think I don't know that it's actually "Manic Monday" you are wrong. I just like to say Magic Monday because that's what Ryan (ever so seriously) referred to it as once.
Lately, we have celebrated Miss Emma's first birthday.
Me and my mommy!
Speaking of love...this little guy loves him some cupcakes!
This is one of my favorite pictures of me EVER:
Claire likes to be swaddled...I cracked up at myself after I stepped back from wrapping up my burrito. Not my best wrap I'll admit.

Wyatt's big into giving knuckles. So much so if he gives one person knuckles everyone in the room has to get them. Even his sissy.
We have some of the best neighbors. Miss Brenda came over and got Wyatt to get gather some eggs. She was so sweet to take this picture for us! Does he not look so happy

It's a fact that I love Claire's hair. I couldn't help but comb it last night...
I feel like she is already embarrassed of me for doing this.
Wyatt loves to feed Bobby. He also chooses not to listen to me when I tell him 20 times to leave it alone while I am feeding Claire.
This is what happens.
It won't be the first or last time, trust me.
Here's to a good week.
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