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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Night out

Last night was my first night away from Claire. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first time I left Wyatt simply because I knew she was in such good hands with her Mimi and Pawpaw! I got a little sad driving them over there and sad right before we left. Wyatt did good going to bed for Pawpaw without his paci while Claire only woke up once during the night, which was expected!
It was nice getting to dress up and feel pretty. Ha!

Ryan and I went to hear some bands play. Literally just hearing the bands since talking to our friends was near impossible. A LOT of yelling went on since it was so hard to hear. Us girls actually communicated via pen and paper. Haley held onto those 2 sheets and they were down right hilarious and borderline inappropriate! Okay a lot inappropriate.

It was so much fun getting out with friends! Oh, and of course getting to dance!

With a couple of the band members that basically stole my hearing.

And yes...Haley and I (along with our poor husbands) made it to the 40 and danced to our hearts desire.

I've seriously got to retire from the 40. So far it's the 40-2, Sarah-0.

I still have a hideous toenail from a year ago and this time I ate it. For real...and no one even saw it!! Someone had spilled their drink right before you get on the dance floor and as soon as my high heel hit it, I hit the floor. This is what I woke up to.

Oh, it was such a fun night!!

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  1. Always fun to leave the kids behind and be adults having fun!


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