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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 12

Baby girl is 12 weeks old!
She is battling her first ear infection. (What?!)
It breaks my heart because I have a serious feeling we are going to have an ear baby. UGH!!! I pray that we don't, but to have her first ear infection at not even 3 months can't be good. She had a terrible couple of days, but today she was so much better! Thank the Lord for modern medicine.
...and don't mind the boy jammies and boy Boppy... that's second baby syndrome at its finest.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to get an Oreo by 8am

This morning Wyatt came up to me, grabbed the front of his diaper, and say "pee pee." I asked if he needed to go pee pee and he turned and headed for the toilet. Big potty...not his little rinky dinky training toilet. I set him up on the toilet, we talked about going pee pee and I told him I was going to step away and if he was done to tell me. A few minutes passed and I asked if he was done a couple of times and both times he told me no. I said alright and continued to curl my hair. Next thing I know I hear him peeing, look at him, and he is just glowing. I praised him and he then pointed to the toilet paper so I gave him some. Then, he "wiped", signed done, and I got him done. He then flushed the toilet and I gave him a high five. He was so proud of himself!! There was no denying it. He then got rewarded with his favorite- COOKIE! I was so, so proud of him for actually telling me he needed to potty and then actually doing it! Oreos before 8 am are one thing I won't mind if this habit continues.

He also got lucky because Mimi made him some JELLO!!! If you knew Wyatt you would know he loves him so jello...not mine, Mimi's. Stinker!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Nitty Gritty part 2

Well, I am 11 weeks into being a mother of 2 kids. While my first "Nitty Gritty" post shared how hard I thought being a mother of 2 under was this post is to declare that the clouds have parted, the birds are singing, and life seems to be easy again. Sure, it's busier and we are slightly more tired but overall life just seems normal again.

I think we have adjusted to life with two little people. Correction: I know we have adjusted to life with two little people.

And you know what?

It's fun! So, so much fun!

I (we) are feeling so lucky because Claire is being a little rockstar and consistently sleeping 8-10 hours at night! She even threw in a 12 hour stretch in there earlier this week! She goes to bed at 6:30-7 and while that seems way to early, that's what she prefers. It would be like pulling teeth to try and get her to stay up any earlier so we just go with it! We don't hear from her until sometime after just never really know when it's going to be...sometimes 4, sometimes 6, sometimes 7! This morning it was 5:30. I can totally work with this...especially because I have a good husband who gets up for this feeding.

My heart is so happy with what God has blessed me with. I love being a mom to two kids. I love how busy the days are. Claire has started showing us more and more of her personality and she is just the sweetest little thing. What's crazy to me is how much I wanted two boys. I wanted (I thought) to be a boys mom because little girls slightly terrified me. But, what I know now is that God knew exactly what my heart needed. I needed a little boy to steal my heart first and then for a little girl to come along with the promise of always being my little princess. My heart just grows bigger and bigger each day I get to be with them.

I started back to work Monday doing my part-time hours like I had before. I'm working Monday-Wednesday and it went well. I, of course, missed them so much, but it was good for me to be away from them. To get a "breather" if you will before jumping back into "full-time" mommy mode the remainder of the week. This is the best balance I believe and I feel so fortunate that I am able to do this.

So to all you mommies who are awaiting the second baby (or even planning a second) it is hard at first, but I promise you it does get easier day by day. Just push through, keep praying for sanity, and know that just like with the first, it all pays off in the end.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 11

I can definitely tell that your hair is growing! Woo! It seems you haven't lost very much expect for the little patch in the back. I have you sleep on a satin blanket. Ha!

I can also tell that your sweet little cheeks are plumping us nicely! You are become more of a "baby-baby" and it is so fun!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to work...

Today my maternity leave ended. Boo! I handled it really well. No tears were shed so I consider that a win. I sure did miss my babies though. They were in good hands and I'm definitely looking forward to Wednesday!

I had to wake up at 6...I haven't intentionally woke up at 6 in I don't know how long. Since we were having the appraisal done on our house I had to take Claire to my MIL where Wyatt already was since he stayed the night after a fish fry yesterday. I had Claire there by 7:30 and I got to work at 8. After a lunch date with Ryan I tackled the last half of work, we went and got the babies and brought them home. After eating and baths we got them both to bed and I went to workout. Now, we are relaxing watching Dallas.Whew! Long day it seems, but this is my new normal!. Like I said, looking forward to Wednesday!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A blessing and a curse

I remember Wyatt was the exact same way...both a blessing and a curse when it came to nap time.

Claire is just like Wyatt when it comes to nap time. She doesn't prefer to be rocked. Oh no. She just assume when she lets out that first yawn and the uncontrollable arm flailing starts to happen that you just swaddle her up, lay her down, and leave her alone. You might have to occasionally pop into her room and stick the paci in her mouth within the first 5 minutes or so but other than that she will go right to sleep. It is awesome and I love that both my kids put themselves to sleep...except when we are anywhere but a place that we CAN just lay them down. Like for instance, church. Which is why I am currently typing this in the car while I wait for Ryan and Wyatt to get out.

Claire was ready for a nap. Her normal 2 hour nap was interrupted 30 minutes into it because we had to get her up, dressed, and in the car. She made it fine for the next 45 minutes or so but then became super fussy (read:screaming)and just wanted to be laid down to be able to sleep. So, naturally, I loaded her up and drove her around because I don't like hearing a screaming baby much less making everyone else hear that. She finally fell asleep about 15 minutes into the car drive. I wish my little one could easily be comforted and fall asleep in my arms. Sometimes. Like in public. But, truthfully I'd opt to have a baby just like Claire who puts her self to sleep. Because normally we are at home anyways. Goodness. I guess I need to plan more accordingly to where we feed her as soon as we get to church. That seems logical right? Right. However, I let my babies choose their wake up time and forcing Claire to wake up on a Sunday morning at 7 just doesn't seem worth it to me...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party

This morning we had Wyatt's second birthday party.

I actually should have titled this "Cupcake Catastrophe" because that's exactly what it almost was.

I was supposed to pick up cupcakes from a local lady at 8:30. I sent Ryan to get them and by 8:45 after many attempted calls she finally answered her phone. I wasn't very pleasant I don't think, but I don't think I needed to be. I mean, I had paid her and we had made plans and believe it or not she totally forgot about my order of 3 dozen cupcakes...seriously. I was very unhappy and very stressed out. I mean I did have 15 kiddos who had to have cupcakes and the party was an hour away. AHHH!
After rejecting her offer of  a refund and a gift certificate she said she'd start making them right away and have them there a little after 10...and she did...and they were completely free...and they were still warm...and they were really good...and did I mention free...(but not worth the stress of it all). She had them there shortly after 10 and I was so very thankful. She was quite apologetic and I know it's human error, but lawd!

Anyway, Wyatt had a wonderful birthday party!! Lots of little friends showed up and they played HARD!

Tom E. Tiger was the perfect place to have his party!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday, Wyatt!

My sweet little (big) boy is 2 years old today!!

I know I will likely say this every year, but it blows my mind that I have been a mom for 2 years. Not to mention to such a sweet, loving, silly little boy like Wyatt. I know the Lord knew what he was doing we he gifted us with Wyatt. He keeps us on on our toes, makes us laugh, and even makes us want to pull our hair out at times.

Being a parent has without a doubt been the most challenging thing I have ever experienced. It's filled with lots and lots of highs and the occasional lows (read: teething, sickies, and tantrums). There are times that I think that I am completely screwing up his life and time that I am completely rocking it and preparing him for nothing but success.

I love having a two year old. He does things that are absolutely hilarious and it just seems that every day is more fun than the last.

I look forward to spending the day with Wyatt once he gets out of school today and celebrating him tomorrow with family and friends!
Oh, and eating on this that I made you!

Happy birthday, Wyatt!! You are so very special to us and we love you so much!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 10

10 weeks old!! Crazy! You can't have a lot of play time without nearly being crushed by your big brother. You've also began to get slightly irritable whenever you are eating and Wyatt's hovering over you. Poor thing.

I realized I didn't post about your 2 month appointment. You were 11.2lbs and 22.5in long. You didn't like the shots and slept most of the day. Poor little guy. I felt bad for you, but it's all for the good.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

SOLD! ... under contract

Well, kinda. Ryan always corrects me when I say, "I still can't believe we sold our house so quick!" with a "It's not sold yet." True story, I suppose.

However, despite the fact that it hasn't technically sold yet I still get so excited that it was only for sale for 2 weeks before we received (and accepted) an offer! Their financing was approved so now we just want for the process to move along. Luckily, this is my line of work so I know what to expect and how long it normally takes. We are looking forward to the middle of May with nothing but good news. I hope we get to stick to our closing date we've set! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers!


We've also found us a house!! So exciting and I look forward to sharing more about it!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April iPhone Picture Dump #1

We took Sissy on a walk. He had to be in control.

Sidewalk chalk!

Pawpaw's girl!
Uncle Jay wore him smooth out.
Just chillin' in Sissy's chair.

Keeping up with Claire: Week 9

She prefers to be held up on your shoulder looking out.  She gladly shares her disdain if you opt not to hold her this way.

It hurts my back. Ha!

iPhone Picture Dump from March

There is nothing I love more than sleeping babies. For real. Mothers understand.

I took a picture of Wyatt because the way he had "Momo" cracked me up. The first picture he was super ticked looking. I took a second and this is what I got...
And then a third:

I loved that Wyatt went and grabbed a book for him and Claire to read.
Just a little outdoor time!
My little loves:
Told you I love pictures of sleeping babies...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a nice Easter this year, our first with Claire!
The Easter bunny came to see the babies and Wyatt was most interested in his Peeps.
We got ready for church and my babies looks soooo precious! I about died over Claire's cuteness in her bonnet! And little boy is looking less and less like a toddler and so much more like a boy.
Church was good! We actually got there on time and Wyatt went to children's church for the first time! I am so excited that he's (almost) 2 now and can go. I may get to pay attention during the sermon now! Ryan stayed with him for his first time, but he said we should be able to drop him off and him not be missing us. I hope! They made this and I'll probably keep it forever!
After church we went to eat at SKK a new restuarant in town. I won't be returning. Ryan likely will. Ew.
After naps we hunted Easter eggs!
Wyatt wasn't really interested in putting the eggs in his basket. He was much more interested in picking them up by way of his truck.
He is so goofy.
It was a great day with beautiful weather!
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