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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to get an Oreo by 8am

This morning Wyatt came up to me, grabbed the front of his diaper, and say "pee pee." I asked if he needed to go pee pee and he turned and headed for the toilet. Big potty...not his little rinky dinky training toilet. I set him up on the toilet, we talked about going pee pee and I told him I was going to step away and if he was done to tell me. A few minutes passed and I asked if he was done a couple of times and both times he told me no. I said alright and continued to curl my hair. Next thing I know I hear him peeing, look at him, and he is just glowing. I praised him and he then pointed to the toilet paper so I gave him some. Then, he "wiped", signed done, and I got him done. He then flushed the toilet and I gave him a high five. He was so proud of himself!! There was no denying it. He then got rewarded with his favorite- COOKIE! I was so, so proud of him for actually telling me he needed to potty and then actually doing it! Oreos before 8 am are one thing I won't mind if this habit continues.

He also got lucky because Mimi made him some JELLO!!! If you knew Wyatt you would know he loves him so jello...not mine, Mimi's. Stinker!

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