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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A blessing and a curse

I remember Wyatt was the exact same way...both a blessing and a curse when it came to nap time.

Claire is just like Wyatt when it comes to nap time. She doesn't prefer to be rocked. Oh no. She just assume when she lets out that first yawn and the uncontrollable arm flailing starts to happen that you just swaddle her up, lay her down, and leave her alone. You might have to occasionally pop into her room and stick the paci in her mouth within the first 5 minutes or so but other than that she will go right to sleep. It is awesome and I love that both my kids put themselves to sleep...except when we are anywhere but a place that we CAN just lay them down. Like for instance, church. Which is why I am currently typing this in the car while I wait for Ryan and Wyatt to get out.

Claire was ready for a nap. Her normal 2 hour nap was interrupted 30 minutes into it because we had to get her up, dressed, and in the car. She made it fine for the next 45 minutes or so but then became super fussy (read:screaming)and just wanted to be laid down to be able to sleep. So, naturally, I loaded her up and drove her around because I don't like hearing a screaming baby much less making everyone else hear that. She finally fell asleep about 15 minutes into the car drive. I wish my little one could easily be comforted and fall asleep in my arms. Sometimes. Like in public. But, truthfully I'd opt to have a baby just like Claire who puts her self to sleep. Because normally we are at home anyways. Goodness. I guess I need to plan more accordingly to where we feed her as soon as we get to church. That seems logical right? Right. However, I let my babies choose their wake up time and forcing Claire to wake up on a Sunday morning at 7 just doesn't seem worth it to me...

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