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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cowboy baby

Go on and tell me you don't think this baby is the cutest thing eva!

I knew you couldn't do it.
Wyatt has such a tender little heart. He had to give his pony lovins.
Also, I like to start him out the kitchen...helping momma put away the dishes.

Okay so maybe the whole putting away dishes wasn't very fun because he high-tailed it to his room.

Oh who am I kidding. I haven't cooked all month I don't think. I am absolutely "ashamed." Somehow we have lucked out into people cooking for us or going out to eat.  Ryan would argue that "lucking out on someone cooking for us" is not the equivalent to calling up my mother and asking what's for supper. I seriously think I have cooked 10 times this month and that is truly pushing it. I get an F in the cooking department and honestly I have no shame. (Shh!) In my mind it's summer and I hate cooking in the summer. It's hot. It makes my kitchen hot. And I despise being hot in the house. I am doomed for the summer. Maybe I can stretch the no cooking streak until September? Would that be acceptable or no? I guess I'm not in the market for a separation so I guess I better get cooking. Starting tomorrow. June 1 sounds like a good day to start. I guess my fruit suppers (read goldfish and Sunchips) are coming to an end. I'm putting on a despicable amount of weight thanks to eating out PMS bloat and cravings. Going to straighten up, but like I've said...starting tomorrow. We're taking Wyatt to his first rodeo in Ft. Smith tonight and naturally I cannot cook supper on the road. 

Giddy up!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Wyatt was a little gem and slept in until 9:30 this morning. After we had muffins, we got around to head to Mimi and Pawpaw's. Little did I know I would have such an amazing helper.
It's like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back with house work. 

Wyatt spent some time in the pool, but it didn't last very long. It's still just a teeny bit chilly for the baby, but I enjoyed some swimming once my dear, loving husband threw me in the water.

We also got some yummy peach cobbler.

Lucky for us mom and dad were frying some fish in dad's new fryer. Him and Ryan were like to kids getting it set up and ready.

YUM. I do love me some fish, hush puppies, and fries. I'll have to agree with Ryan when he says it was probably the best fish mom and dad have made. 

Wyatt has gotten to be such a stinker! He absolutely cracks us up with all the faces he throws at us.

Dad had some cobbler and offered Wyatt some. He took a bite, but didn't go back for seconds which is unheard of. Once dad went and got some ice cream he tried offering Wyatt a bite again, but he wouldn't dare go near the spoon. Finally he got close enough to try it and when he quickly realized it wasn't cobbler and ice cream instead he was such a little bird.

Life would be so boring without that baby.

While Memorial Day is in fact the "unofficial" kickoff for summer, it's much more than that. I am very thankful for those who have and currently are serving for my freedom. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday as well!

Crooked Creek

Friday evening we headed to the Crooked Creek to do some floating! This is the first time we've been on the creek in a really long time. I think it was 2 years ago on the same creek in fact. I got pregnant a few months later and last year we had a newborn so it just wasn't in the cards. Oh, not to mention there was zero water since it was a million degrees all summer.
Allison, Haley, and myself...We loved being reunited!
We had a friendly fishing competition going on between us and can you guess who won?
Bingo if you guessed me! I'm telling you I am quite the fisherlady!

Ryan and I even got a double once! Woo!

I also tried out a kayak. I did like it, but truth be told I am pretty lazy when it comes to floating. I only paddle when need be and that usually isn't very often. I've got me a pretty good driver. 

We had a lot of fun with friends on the creek. It was so nice getting to camp and be outdoors.What a nice kick off to Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doesn't everybody do this?

Wyatt and I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies this afternoon:
It was after we had conquered 3 miles with Susan and Emma.
Wyatt approved of them.
I immediately questioned my decision to make the cookies in the first place. I mean, you just workout and the first thing you feel compelled to do when you get home is bake? Something is seriously off here. At least I was smart enough to only leave us a dozen before we took Mimi some!

1 Little Monkey

He loves sliding off the bed.

This whole "no fear" stage is seriously going to give me gray hair. Lots of it.

Another reason I love babies...

They can bring smiles to you without even trying.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Typical Tuesday

I feel as though I am falling off my blogging wagon. I just don’t have all that much going on. Correction: I have a lot going on, I mean we do have a 13 month old running around the house getting into any and everything, we just aren’t doing a whole lot during the week I guess you could say.
Yes, those are the whisks for an electric mixer that he snatched out of the drawer.

We get home, do dinner, do playtime, do bathtime, do bedtime, do cleanup time, do bedtime for us.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
However, I can tell you a few of cute things my littlest love has done in the past week.
I told you he is into everything.

Numero uno: He blows his nose. Seriously, so cute! When you put a tissue to his nose he actually blows. I cannot express to you how much easier this has made our life!
Numero dos: If you tell him to sit he does.  I think it is hilarious and so cute at the same time. I think it’s the way he sits down from a standing position. It’s almost like a plop. I need to get a video of it.
Numero tres: He decided to throw away his daddy’s wallet today. Ryan couldn’t find it anywhere- jeans, cars, work, around the house. If only he had thought to look in the trash can in our bathroom. Guess that means we are going to have to start checking for “dumping” grounds.
Three things filled with cuteness. I guess I just had to share. It’s nearly the end of May, can you believe that? Me either…I’m still wondering where February went.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

13 months old

Wyatt’s 13 month post:
-Weighs 27.2 lbs
-Wears size 5 diapers
-Shoes size: 6.5 tennis shoes and 7 sandals
-He has started dancing, especially when you say “Shake it!”
-When you ask him “Where’s your belly button?” He will lift up his shirt and find it and then laugh every time.
-Follows simple commands such as go get such and such and bring it here.
-Throws the occasional tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. These do nothing but make me laugh.
-Has 6 teeth- 4 on top, 2 on bottom.
-Loves to eat just about anything. Still not a fan of potatoes. Loves his milk and his water.
- Waves bye-bye to us which is nothing new, but now he has began to really register what “bye-bye” means.
- Loves to give Marley love.

-Could be outside 24/7.
-Enjoyed his first Major League Baseball game and was such a trooper!
-Runs like a crazy person up and down the halls.
-Has the biggest, heartiest laugh.
-Loves to take a bath and usually resembles something of a baby seal.
-Has learned to look between his legs and it's just about my favorite thing he does right now. My mom says that her mom used to tell her that means they are looking for a sibling. Hey Wyatt! We are too! 

- Loves playing in his tent.
-Is a bucking bronco whenever you change his poopy diaper and it is definitely not one of my favorite things.
-Says Mama and Dada along with the occasional babbling. He isn’t big on talking.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend in STL

Last Thursday we loaded up the vehicle for a trip to STL. By loaded up, I simply mean that we crammed food, snacks, luggage, and a baby into the Edge and headed north.
 We decided to make the trip a little easier on Wyatt so we split up the first day. We drove to Republic, MO about a 3.5 hour drive and had dinner with some people that Ryan does business with.
We had dinner with them and their two kids, Cash and Tinley. Cash who is nearly 3 did such a great job entertaining Wyatt at dinner. They sat across from one another and just mimicked each other the entire time. The Garner’s were quite amused with just how much our little guy can put away when it comes to food! After dinner we headed to Bass Pro Shops so that Wyatt could burn off some energy. Chasing around him and Cash was quite an adventure for the daddies. Lindsey and I just walked around talking about motherhood and I got to get some sweet baby holding in! Holding Tinley while chasing after Wyatt gave me a glimpse into life with 2 kiddos. Whew- I can definitely see I would have my work cut out for me.
Once we left Bass Pro we retreated to our hotel and finally got the baby down to sleep about 11. ELEVEN. His bedtime is anywhere from 7-9 depending on naps and to even see 11:00 was a shock. I finally got him chilled out enough to fall asleep and we didn’t hear from him until 6:30 that next morning.  Early riser on vacation he appears to be.
After we got around and back on the road for a 3 hour drive, I picked up my book again. Wait- let me backtrack for a second… Have you ever been carsick before? Well I most certainly had not. Never. I can ride through the most winding roads and not even be phased by it. I can read it a car without a care in the world. This time, however, going up towards Branson I was reading the book I had picked up, The Lucky One, and all of a sudden it hit me. I was nauseous. I immediately felt like I was about 9 weeks pregnant thinking I was dying and the mere thought of anything made me queasy. I put my book down and told Ryan I seriously didn’t feel good and that’s when he informed me I must be carsick. Me, being the know-it all that I am, insisted that was not the case and it may be something else. Unfortunately he was right because as soon as we got out of the mountains and out of the car I was 100% back to normal. It was by far the most yucky I have felt in a very, very long time. Back to the story though…I was reading my book and as I was reading a character in the book Nana, just happened to love the Atlanta Braves. I thought it was such a coincidence that we were headed to watch the Braves games because we too love the Braves.

We arrived in STL around lunch time and immediately headed to Saint Louis Galleria for none other than The Cheesecake Factory! So, so yummy! I enjoyed a 4 cheese pasta and Ryan got some tuna. We ended with a bang having a Reese Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Fudge Cake. Ohh my word. So good. So fattening. So terrible for us! So worth it!

After eating we did some shopping and then headed to the hotel to hopefully get the baby to take a nap before the game since it started at 7:15. Yes, baby’s bedtime. Eeek! After trying and trying to get him to lay down and him refusing for about an hour. I finally fed him some more, gave him some milk, and he passed smooth out. A momma knows when her baby is tired and it would be so helpful if they would just go with it, wouldn’t it?! After taking about an hour and a half nap we got him up and dressed for the game.

He did so, so good at the game. Even then people around us complimented us on how well he was behaving!

When he would get tired of our seats I would take him and let him walk around the stadium. This worked out perfectly for us!  He was such a great baby and we were so thankful. It was 10:00 when the 9th inning rolled around and we knew we had to call it quits for the night even though the game was tied up! It wasn’t until around 11 that the game was over and the Braves had won! THANK GOODNESS we didn’t stay any longer than that! Our hotel was downtown close to the stadium, but I still get weird about being out so late especially with a baby no matter how many sports fans were walking next to us. Maybe it’s my small town ways! Ha!

Chipper got a standing O his first time at bat.

Can you tell we have a tired baby?

Saturday we got up, got around, and took Wyatt to the STL zoo. If you haven’t been to this zoo you seriously need to! It was beautiful!  Every exhibit was so clean, the animals didn’t appear depressed, and the best part was the exhibit closely resembled that of their natural habitat! I was so thankful for that. I honestly believe that Little Rock should be shut down and then animals released to a sanctuary because it is nothing more than a joke. So sad for the animals there. We said I don’t know how many times how great the zoo was and how beautiful (and HUGE) it was! We plan to go back soon when Wyatt can appreciate it more!

This little duck ate 3 french fries right out of my hand. First time for that and probably the last. 

After the zoo we came home so Wyatt could get a nap. He was getting cranky after about 5 hours of no nap. He fell asleep in the car and when we got to the hotel and I got him out he stayed asleep-something he never does. I laid him down on the bed and he snoozed for 3.5 hours before we had to wake him up and get him dressed for the game.
The second game was just as great as the first- we won! And, we had a very well behaved baby who did wonderfully again. We got more compliments on our sweet, easy-going baby and even got back by 9:30. Ryan was claiming he was dying of hunger so we called up a local pizza place and had them deliver pizza to us once Wyatt was bathed and in bed. Pizza was delicious and I felt like a 17 year old staying up late, eating pizza in bed except this time I was with my husband and it was 10:30.

Sunday, we got ready to leave after we fed the baby. We made it all the way to Branson before we ate at Fuddrucker’s for lunch. Wyatt did so awesome with the road trip. We could not have been more proud of him. We made it home right at 5:00. Since I had finished my book, I was bound and determined that I was going to the movies to see The Lucky One. Neither grandmas could watch the baby so I declared that I was going alone. Ryan was somewhat shocked and kept asking if that’s really what I was doing. I pinky promised that I was in fact going to the movies alone…something I had never done before…and he shouldn’t feel bad that I was going alone. I think I needed a mental vacation actually. 4 days straight with a baby and husband is physically and mentally exhausting and no one can deny that. The movie was just okay. I didn’t like the things that they changed and could have actually gone without watching it, but it is what it is.
It was also my 2nd Mother’s Day! I got a sweet card and another tumbler to add to my growing collection and I also got to clean up a boo-boo that Wyatt got as soon as we got home. I wish I had a pretty posed picture of me and my little boy, but sometimes real life is what you get…scraped knees and all!

Hope all you mothers out there had a great day. My sweet momma left me a sweet card in the mailbox, so I was very thankful for that. Ryan and I have great mothers and we are so very blessed to have such good relationships with them!
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