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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump Day

It’s no secret that I love Wednesdays. While most people are simply relieved that they have reached that mid-week point, I on the other hand am anxious to hop out of bed on Wednesday mornings. In case you didn’t realize, it’s my Friday. And everybody loves Fridays!

Tomorrow we are leaving for St. Louis…with baby in tow. Are we crazy? It’s possible.

We are going to two Braves/Cardinals games while we are there and we are hoping that Wyatt continues to be the precious well-behaved baby that he is. Lucky for us he is a walker so it should be a lot easier to entertain him…we just let him walk. Ahh, how simple life must be.

We also plan to take him to the zoo, do some shopping, and lots of yummy eating. Cheesecake Factory anyone? Oh, and Charlie Gitto’s!

It’s still entertaining to me that we decided to take the baby with us on this adventure. His first Major League Baseball game- so fun!!

Say a little prayer for safe travels if you don’t mind. (And the sanity of mommy and daddy and a 6 hour road trip!) I am just hoping that my love bug that doesn’t watch any TV will settle in nicely with a couple DVDs I’ve got him. Pu-lease! 

Off to pack for 3 people for 4 days! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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