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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cowboy baby

Go on and tell me you don't think this baby is the cutest thing eva!

I knew you couldn't do it.
Wyatt has such a tender little heart. He had to give his pony lovins.
Also, I like to start him out the kitchen...helping momma put away the dishes.

Okay so maybe the whole putting away dishes wasn't very fun because he high-tailed it to his room.

Oh who am I kidding. I haven't cooked all month I don't think. I am absolutely "ashamed." Somehow we have lucked out into people cooking for us or going out to eat.  Ryan would argue that "lucking out on someone cooking for us" is not the equivalent to calling up my mother and asking what's for supper. I seriously think I have cooked 10 times this month and that is truly pushing it. I get an F in the cooking department and honestly I have no shame. (Shh!) In my mind it's summer and I hate cooking in the summer. It's hot. It makes my kitchen hot. And I despise being hot in the house. I am doomed for the summer. Maybe I can stretch the no cooking streak until September? Would that be acceptable or no? I guess I'm not in the market for a separation so I guess I better get cooking. Starting tomorrow. June 1 sounds like a good day to start. I guess my fruit suppers (read goldfish and Sunchips) are coming to an end. I'm putting on a despicable amount of weight thanks to eating out PMS bloat and cravings. Going to straighten up, but like I've said...starting tomorrow. We're taking Wyatt to his first rodeo in Ft. Smith tonight and naturally I cannot cook supper on the road. 

Giddy up!

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