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Thursday, January 31, 2013

She's here!

Claire Elizabeth Davis
1-31-13 @ 5:21pm
8lb 5oz
20 in

We are so in love!

Baby time!

We are having a baby today!

I got checked at my appointment and he said I was 4-5 cm dilated. Woo! He then asked if I wanted to have a baby today and I said yep! We are at the hospital, hooked up, and ready to get the show on the road.

Please say a prayer for us!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bumpdate #2- week 38

Week 38
Total weight gain: 28 lbs. I'm getting pretty massive, pretty quick.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes..and if I could live in pajama pants and oversized tshirts I totally would.

Sleep: I'm sleeping okay. It's pretty painful downstairs turning over. It totally sucks. Thank goodness it wasn't like this with Wyatt.
Best moment this week: I got checked last Friday (one day before I was 38 weeks) and I was 3-4cm and 50% effaced.

Movement: She is barely moving. I really hate it and I shake my belly to get her to move just to know she's okay.
Gender: It's a girl! Claire Elizabeth!

Labor Signs: I'm having sporadic contractions which totally stinks. I had them for an hour Sunday morning but then they started fading. It hurts so bad down there. Getting up and down hurts. Walking hurts. Everything just hurts.

Belly Button in or out? In, but it's really getting smooth.

Cravings: I still like food, but I feel absolutely crummy after I eat.
What I miss: Working out and being skinny.

Milestones: My bag is now packed. We. Are. Ready.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Her bag's packed...

Well, we have Claire's bag packed, ready for the moment when I claim "It's time!"
Honestly though, it's just not going to happen. I am pretty positive that I will have to be induced. Been there, done that so I guess it's okay. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I am dilated 3-4 cm and 50% effaced. He doesn't seem to think I will make it to my next appointment, but I beg to differ. I'm pretty positive I will. From that appointment we will set my induction date for early the following week. Nonetheless, I know that we have about 10 days to go. Woo!

Here's two pictures from her room. We kept it pretty simple.  Funny how you realize that you don't have to go overboard with the second baby.

And yah, they're iPhone pics...I am such a slacker!
Time to get back to sitting around hoping I go into labor.
It's a full moon this weekend...fingers crossed!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bumpdate #2- week 37

Week 37: Full Term!

This picture is technically 37 weeks, 5 days. Apparently it's hard to remember to take a picture on Saturdays...when I'm in makeup and fixed hair. Sigh.
Total weight gain: 26-27lbs. Weighing myself every morning again and it's always somewhere between these two.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes..and if I could live in pajama pants and oversized tshirts I totally would.

Sleep: So-so. I have nights when I am an insomniac...nights I sleep good...nights I pee 43 times. Thank goodness for naps.
Best moment this week: Getting checked on last Thursday and learning I'm dilated 1-2!

Movement: Yep... she absolutely scared the crap out of Ryan one day last week when she moved around and something mega was popping out of my stomach.
Gender: It's a girl! Claire Elizabeth!

Labor Signs: I've been having BH for a while, probably more than a month, and real contractions since New Years Eve. I had tons of pressure in my bottom and it just hurts to sit down. Fun stuff!

Belly Button in or out? In, but it's really getting smooth.

Cravings: Anything sweet and fried pickles with ranch.
What I miss: Working out and being skinny.

Milestones: Her room is finished.

Let's play catch up!

I wish that this consisted of a "She's here!" annoucement, but that is definitely not the case. I'm still baking her to perfection and I am seriously over it on.

We had to purchase a new Scout for Wyatt when he got sick and threw up all over it. Best $22 we've spent. There was no way we were cleaning that up. Wal Mart was out so we had to wait until KMart opened the next morning. Luckily, he got sick during the night and didn't miss Scout. He was so eager to get Scout out of the box. I'm pretty sure he knew that Scout was new...and smelled clean. Ha.

We heard an uh-oh from the back seat Sunday after church. This is what we discovered.

He loved playing with "noons" from Sissy's shower. He carried those suckers around all afternoon.

And I die at the cuteness. I didn't want Wyatt's to be "girly" so I opted for a Razorback-y color scheme. I also wanted Claire to wear her outfit more than once so I went ahead and got her a 3 month onesie. Wyatt will definitely be wearing his as he meets his sister for the first time. Claire, not so much, but I'm okay with that!
Wyatt got his second haircut today. He looks so handsome and "ready" to meet his sister. ( I will be so happy when his hair fills out on the sides of his head.) I always miss his hair once it's cut, but I know it will grow back and quickly. He is too precious either way.

That's just a little bit of what we have been up to. We are preparing for Claire to join our family. We should know tomorrow when her birthday will be. Should. I'm really opting for a January birthday though, which would mean I go into labor naturally. And seriously, I don't see that happening...Grrr.

Friday, January 18, 2013

20/21 months old

-weigh 30lbs
-wear 24 month pants, 2T/3T tops, 8.5/9 shoes and a size 6 diaper
-Vocabulary is expanding everyday
-Take 1 nap a day and sleep 11-12 hours a night
-Learning to use the potty. You say peepee a lot. haha
-Enjoys school
-Let us know when you want something by saying eh, eh, eh and pointing. This is mostly done to the light switches and Christmas lights
-You say "no" with so much enthusiasm and it really comes from deep down
-We have started to discipline and it cracks us up. This should be a post in itself
-We do spank and you actually spank yourself
-We have to watch where we put things. Namely food close to the edge of a counters
-You still take your paci
-Every morning after you wake up we bring you to our bed for cuddles before we get up for the day. It's some of my favorite moments we've shared
-You ask for mommy A LOT. I eat it up!
-Laundry is still THE thing to do in our house
-You throw tantrums occasionally. Mostly when we don't let you do laundry. Sissy will help your habit out a whole lot
-You've taken an interest in books, but not so much for us to sit down and read them to you. You much prefer to flip the pages yourself.
-You are still signing and I'm so happy I taught you!

December, naturally, was a busy month. I had typed your 20 month post but never published. here I am  combining 2 months.

-At 21 months your "stats" are all still the same.
-You had your second ear infection, but you are feeling tons better.
-You are adding new words every day and we really never know when you are going to repeat a word that we say. It's so cute when you unexpectedly say a new word.
-You are so busy these days.
-Still love you some laundry. Wearing me out brother...and your grandmas!
-We are still pottying here and there, but I'm definitely not pushing it.
-It's hard to believe the months are passing as fast we they do.

-This is the last month as a single child and I'm trying so very hard to cherish every last bit of it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bumpdate #2- weeks 32, 33, 34, & 35

Week 32, 33, and 34 there is no picture of the baby bump... I am seriously slacking in the area and I shouldn't be because sister is definitely growing!

Week 35:
Week 36: no picture

I will be 37 weeks this Saturday so I'm planning to finish out strong! Ha!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday Laughs

1. I gave Wyatt a cookie and he dropped some big crumbs on the floor he said uh-oh, went to get the broom and then started sweeping them up. I helped with the dust pan, but I am going to have such a big helper when Claire arrives!

2. We were at some friend's house when they were showing Wyatt the "puppies." They told the dogs to sit and lay down as Wyatt proceeded to follow the commands as well. It was too funny seeing him lay down next a big German Shepherd.

3. If you ask Wyatt if he has stinky in his pants and you go to check and he doesn't he loudly exclaims nope!

4. He woke up sick Wednesday morning and was pitiful. By Thursday morning he still was sick and Ryan and I went to check on him. I left the room to go get something for Wyatt and in the most pitiful crying voice he said mommm meeee! Yah, I love having a momma's boy!

5. I love the new words Wyatt tries to say and that you never know what word he will try to repeat. This week my favorite word he tried was "supper." I think Mimi ate it up too when we had "supper" with them and he shared his latest word.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Becoming a mother of 2

I am very quickly approaching the status of being a mom of "two under two."

In approximately 35 days give or take, my life is going to change very dramatically yet again.

My heart is going to double in love.

My bank account is going to be cut in half.

But more importantly, my heart is going to double in love.

To be honest, I cannot fathom loving another child as much as I do Wyatt.

In fact, it terrifies me.

However, I know that while I cannot even imagine this, I know that it's going to happen very naturally. God has so perfectly chosen this little girl for our family and I know that the love that comes with her is going to be amazing. My heart is ready for another baby. It's ready to burst just seeing Wyatt interact with her, to learn her name, to give her kisses, to hold her, to protect her, to be there for her.

Kids are amazing. They truly are. They can bring you the greatest joy and bring you to tears without even trying. Trust me, I've shed plenty of tears within the last weeks over Wyatt...over his "only child" status. I know that he will never know life without a sibling and for that I am thankful. I know that he is going to fall into this big brother role effortlessly and I continually pray that it's an easy adjustment for him. I ask, if you think about it, to say a little prayer for him too.

What's so funny about this pregnancy is that I'm constantly asked if this is my last baby. I always reply with a "it's not off the table." Truthfully, it's not. We may or may not decide to expand our family yet again, but right now I want to soak up my little boy and my little girl that I've yet to even meet. I want to cherish the time with my two babies as much as I cherish (am cherishing) my time with Wyatt before a third baby is in question. (So I guess give me about 6 or 7 months after I have Claire- ha!)

I would be lying if I said I didn't have fears about being a mother of two. How to split my time. How to feel like I've still got it all together. How to make sure things get done around the house when I sometimes struggle now with one. How to make sure Wyatt still feels important when I have a newborn that truly needs me. How do I not see Wyatt as completely grown up and so big once Claire gets home. A thousand questions run through my mind. Yet, I know that people do this all the time. Heck, my mom did it nearly 30 years ago with me and my brother who just like my babies will be 22 months apart.

I am so, so lucky to have a mother and mother-in-law who are very willing to help us out when/if we need it. During these last couple of weeks, I know that I'm naturally going to get more and more tired. More so than I already am. This is when I know I can call my mom without hesitation and ask for a couple hours of rest and she'll be there to pick up Wyatt. Those first few days after I have Claire I know I will need my mom more than anything. She will probably get tired of me. Not Wyatt or Claire but definitely me. Ha!

So yes, while I am very, very excited about having another baby and I am nervous. I know what to expect in a way, but also I don't. Claire is a totally different person than Wyatt and while I hope she is an easy baby like Wyatt was I'm definitely ready for the challenge if not. She is going to be such a wonderful addition to our family. I am looking forward to holding her, kissing on her, but most importantly, introducing her to her big brother.

If any mothers of two babies have any advice send it my way!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt's latest thing is to remove his shoes while in the car. He gets ticked when he can't get his shoes off. This day, he managed to get the shoe  and sock off. He then proceeded to suck on his toe.
2. He stole sissy's baby. We were leaving and I asked him which baby he wanted to take. Scout goes on just about every car ride, but he refused to give up both of them.
3. I mentioned Scout went on almost all road trips. He doesn't always ride the correct way, but nonetheless he rides.
4. It was quiet in the house and so I went to check on Wyatt. I found him with his toy box empty. At least I lucked out and he picked them all up...and then did it again with me sitting there.
5. The washer and dryer beep when the cycle is over. The oven beeps when it's preheated. Wyatt knows the difference too. When the washer or dryer goes of he immediately says "Uh-oh!" and runs to the laundry room. When it's the oven he immediately exclaims "Cookie!"

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where is my mind?

Please tell me you read that title and immediately thought of the Pixies? And now you're singing it in that tune? Don't know what I'm talking about? YouTube it. I'll wait.

Good song right?

Yah, the cool kids (me) like it.

Well, we're all friends here...

Yesterday I woke up for my normal potty break at 3 AM and low and behold I was naked. Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal if I had fell asleep naked, but in fact I was in my
jammies (tshirt) when I last recall those last couple of seconds. Somewhere between 11 pm and 3 am I decided a strip show was necessary. Cannot for the life of me ever remember waking up to take off my shirt. I guess it wouldn't be so weird if I wasn't pregnant because removing a shirt would be a lot more simple. Yet, I have a huge belly and anything I do now days requires real effort and an oxygen mask. Okay, maybe not the latter, but definitely effort. I would have had to
literally sit up in bed, remove my shirt, lay back down, get comfortable again, and then fall back asleep. Removing the shirt laying down would have most certainly caused a charlie horse in the calf or foot and all pregnant women know those are just the devil and can wake you up quicker than any contraction. Or is that just me? Anyway, after I peed, redressed, (yah now I find it strange I didn't dress then potty either...), I tapped Ryan on the shoulder and told him I woke up naked and questioned if he had tried to rape me. Nothing makes sense at 3 am. He said no, thought I was crazy, rolled over and went back to sleep. I have a fear that I will truly be in labor and he is going to completely blow me off. Maybe I should fake it one night just to see? You know like a test drive? No, you're right...probably not a good idea.

Let's just hope this isn't a nightly thing.

I am losing my mind.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013!

Happy new year!!
I hope that you had a good time ringing in the new year! We definitely did!
We, of course, attended the Ducks Unlimited Banquet. Ryan was this year's chairman and I think he did such a good job. Not that I am biased or anything! For real though, they did really good last night and brought in lots of people and money for the ducks! I was very proud of him even though I was pretty much dateless for the evening. Ha! Thank goodness for my parents and friends there to entertain me!
I took a better picture of mom and dad, but this one was more fun because of what mom had done. As dad said, "I've still got it!"
Last year we brought this little puppy home for a very pretty penny.
Yes, Wyatt has a DU tricycle. 
And now he has a DU bicycle.
Mimi and Pawpaw go a little nuts when it comes to their grandbaby. But, it's for the ducks!! (Just glad it wasn't another pretty penny coming from out pocket. Ha!) Thanks Mimi and Pawpaw!
The best part of the evening is of course the raffle. I won a pistol case, hat, duck call, and dvd. I was pretty bummed to say the least. However, the last raffle was the dinner gun and it was a Browning Silver 12 gauge. Want to to guess whose lucky number got drawn for it?
This girl's!
I was so excited! Winning guns is by far the best thing eva.
We ended up in bed a little before 3 after we went for an early morning breakfast. I was convinced I was going to go into labor because my pelvic pain was so bad I could barely get into the vehicle and I had the worst contraction yet during the banquet. That, on top of charlie horses in my foot that woke me up every hour I am painfully exhausted.
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