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Friday, January 18, 2013

20/21 months old

-weigh 30lbs
-wear 24 month pants, 2T/3T tops, 8.5/9 shoes and a size 6 diaper
-Vocabulary is expanding everyday
-Take 1 nap a day and sleep 11-12 hours a night
-Learning to use the potty. You say peepee a lot. haha
-Enjoys school
-Let us know when you want something by saying eh, eh, eh and pointing. This is mostly done to the light switches and Christmas lights
-You say "no" with so much enthusiasm and it really comes from deep down
-We have started to discipline and it cracks us up. This should be a post in itself
-We do spank and you actually spank yourself
-We have to watch where we put things. Namely food close to the edge of a counters
-You still take your paci
-Every morning after you wake up we bring you to our bed for cuddles before we get up for the day. It's some of my favorite moments we've shared
-You ask for mommy A LOT. I eat it up!
-Laundry is still THE thing to do in our house
-You throw tantrums occasionally. Mostly when we don't let you do laundry. Sissy will help your habit out a whole lot
-You've taken an interest in books, but not so much for us to sit down and read them to you. You much prefer to flip the pages yourself.
-You are still signing and I'm so happy I taught you!

December, naturally, was a busy month. I had typed your 20 month post but never published. here I am  combining 2 months.

-At 21 months your "stats" are all still the same.
-You had your second ear infection, but you are feeling tons better.
-You are adding new words every day and we really never know when you are going to repeat a word that we say. It's so cute when you unexpectedly say a new word.
-You are so busy these days.
-Still love you some laundry. Wearing me out brother...and your grandmas!
-We are still pottying here and there, but I'm definitely not pushing it.
-It's hard to believe the months are passing as fast we they do.

-This is the last month as a single child and I'm trying so very hard to cherish every last bit of it.

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