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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun

June is quickly coming to an end and I feel like we have been going non-stop!
Claire is becoming SO much fun and interacting a lot with big brother! She is also getting big enough now that she can stop living in onesies and we have started putting her in outfits!
It amazes me how many clothes she has. I've started washing them and stacking them in the closet in a "worn" pile so that I know she will wear every outfit at least once. Ha!
Wyatt just insisted that sister "play" in the box with him.

Claire has yet to go swimming yet since her bedtime was so early. Now that she stays up a little longer she got to actually enjoy the pool with us a few days ago!

Ryan's not very big on swimming so this was the first time he got in the pool this year too. Wyatt was pretty stoked. We decided to let him jump on the diving board and thought we would have to do a  little encouraging but he bailed off there before I could have even tried to stop him. He did about ten times in a row and was so worn out. We've about decided to run over to mom and dad's every evening just so that Wyatt will go to bed by 8:30 again.

Don't you just love Ryan's face?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Peaches for me

Claire has started eating real food. We started about a week after her 4 month birthday with just cereal and she despised it. I assumed she just wasn't ready for spoon feeding so we stopped for a week and then tried again. Wasn't happening again. I decided to buy baby food and she did just fine! She likes to eat like her momma, just something with flavor!

Keeping up with Claire: Week 19 & 20

Week 19:
Week 20:
Little Miss Beauty Pageant ha!

Everything is just so funny at this stage to her!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The time I cried over cereal

There is a strong love/hate relationship thing that's currently going on inside of me. My first born is growing up on me. Becoming all independent like he is preparing for his first semester at college.

My heart bursts with joy when I see him doing stuff...big boy stuff. But, it also burns just a little.

Tonight, Wyatt went out on the lake with Daddy and friends. When they returned Wyatt was hungry and wanted cereal so I poured him a bowl, added some milk, threw in a spoon, and he went to work devouring it. He looked SO big eating his cereal. I just watched him as my eyes filled with tears and I just sat wondering where my baby went. For real, tears while I watched him EAT A BOWL OF CEREAL. It was Lucky Charms and as soon as all the marshmallows were gone he set down his spoon and turned the bowl up to drink the milk. I was suddenly witnessing a full blown "kid" and not a toddler anymore. How did this happen?? Ryan and I laughed so hard we cried.

I kinda, sorta want my sweet little baby boy back...

Monday, June 17, 2013

First swim!

Ryan was going to be back late Thursday evening so I loaded up the babies and took them to Mimi's so Wyatt could burn off  some energy. We decided to swim in the "ploo" as Wyatt calls it and we had so much fun! Wyatt was such a momma's boy and I ate it right up! He would ease down the stairs next to Pawpaw and then step off and float towards me. I would then push him back to the steps, he'd climb then, step out of the pool, cry Mommmmeeeee! and then I'd tell him to come here and he'd repeat his routine. I couldn't count the number of times he did this. He really began to enjoy it!
When we got home I gave him a bath, dressed him, and then we cuddled in the chair for about 20 minutes. He just let me love on him and he let me hold him like a baby until I took him to bed. It was so sweet!! I cherish those sweet little moments!
The next morning he was still all about mommy! He even sat in my lap the entire time I did my makeup. . .
It didn't take long though for him to remember that Daddy is still all that and a bag of chips.

The toddler bed

The toddler bed is still going good! Wyatt's new room is baseball themed and so we found him this little pillow. The first night he insisited he sleep with it. We didn't object!

I went to check on him one morning and found him like this. You'd think his little head would be turned to the left like the rest of his body is turned, but sure enough that little face was facing the right. Such a goofy little guy!

Sleeping babies are some of my favorite babies...

My 2 sweet babies

A photo dump of two of the greatest things my hubs has given me so far!

Check out Wyatt's face...
He was so tickled with himself that he knocked Sissy over.

I can't get enough of Claire's face here!

God sure blessed me with these two littles.

Meeting his new home

Just for documentation sake, here is Wyatt meeting his new home.

He seemed a little lost and unsure, but he warmed up pretty quick!

Annual camping trip

About to enjoy his first smore!

He thought Pawpaw needed it more than he did.
We had a lot of fun with both our babies and mom and dad!

Living at Mimi and Pawpaw's

During the entire moving transition we were so blessed to be able to live with my parents. I certainly enjoyed being back at home and was so thankful that my parents let us stay with them. It was nice having extra sets of hands and someone to watch the kids while we got our new house ready.
I think Wyatt loved living with Mimi and Pawpaw!! Here he is chillin' in the sunroom with Callie.

Mimi was super sad when we moved out. Ha! We were spending our first night in our new house the Friday of the week we spent slaving in it. That morning I was about to leave after breakfast and asked Wyatt if he was excited to be spending the night in his new house. "WWHHHHATTTT?" Mimi asked. I said yah, we are staying at the house tonight. She.was.devasted. She said she was going to miss her babies and she probably has!
We thank you again and again for letting us live with you!!M

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k

Today, Erin and I loaded up bright and early to head to Little Rock for the Color Me Rad 5k. It was SO much fun and I am so glad that we decided to do it!

I think we signed up in April and I had full intentions of "training" a little so that I wouldn't feel like I was dying. Then, we got an offer on our house and the packing started, and so working out took a backseat. Actually, it didn't do anything, but I didn't care. We were in the third wave and as soon as we started I flipped the stopwatch on my iPhone on just to see what kind of time I would make. When I crossed the finish line (full of color!) I stopped the stop watch and I finished in 31:50. Better than the last 5k I ran. Woo!

Us girls nice and clean!

Waiting at the start line!

I finished about 5 minutes after Jon-Nathan and Steve. They booked it. Ha!

Erin and Brandy finished in about 40 minutes. As Erin said, "she would have finished faster, but Brandy didn't want to run."
I love my best friend!!

This was by far the absolute most fun I've had running!

We've already decided that we will be running again next year and this time I'm bringing Bunney!
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