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Monday, June 3, 2013

Let's talk about Wyatt!

Wyatt is so fun at this age. Sure, he has his moments…not listening, telling us he doesn’t want to do something, repeating “Huh?” 1,000 times a day, throwing fits, asking “Wha dat?” more times than I can count, but overall he is such a joy. He has began to form little sentences and they are so precious. “Sissy up?” is typically the first thing he asked when he gets up. He also knows that when Sissy cries she is a. hungry and b. sleepy. Normally it’s sleepy, so when she starts crying he will either say “nap” or “nite nite” to her. I love it. He always asks to “play” which means you have to go outside…playing doesn’t mean inside at all. He is adjusting to his new house and no longers asks for “woom” (room) but he is still asking for “home.” He will get there. We have transitioned him to a toddler bed and so far so good! He has spent 3 night in it so far. The first night he didn’t go to bed until 10:30. He was just so unsure of it. The second night he went down easy, but snuck into our room about 3. He slept with us for about an hour and we took him back to bed where he stayed. Last night we put him to bed about 9 and at 10:30 he came into our room and said “Hi!” He got taken back to bed where we didn’t see him again until 7 this morning.
He likes to be independent and doesn’t want you helping a lot of the time. He hates when he can’t get shoes on by himself and has started to ask for “help” when he’s nearing the breaking point.
He has lots of chores…feeding “puppy” (Marley), feeding “Kiki” (Kitty cat/Bobby), clothes still, washing windows, “dishes”, and mom says he likes to vacuum.
He is getting so fast running around and like all two year old he is BUSY. Very, very busy.
We are doing really good at potty training! We are going through a lot less diapers!! Thank goodness! We’ve learned that as soon as he says “tee tee” you take him to the potty no matter what and about 85% of the time he is successful in the first attempt. You may take 3 or 4 trips, but eventually he will go. We are so proud of him for this!
It’s hard to believe he is as big as he is, but my goodness he is just so much fun!


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