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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun

June is quickly coming to an end and I feel like we have been going non-stop!
Claire is becoming SO much fun and interacting a lot with big brother! She is also getting big enough now that she can stop living in onesies and we have started putting her in outfits!
It amazes me how many clothes she has. I've started washing them and stacking them in the closet in a "worn" pile so that I know she will wear every outfit at least once. Ha!
Wyatt just insisted that sister "play" in the box with him.

Claire has yet to go swimming yet since her bedtime was so early. Now that she stays up a little longer she got to actually enjoy the pool with us a few days ago!

Ryan's not very big on swimming so this was the first time he got in the pool this year too. Wyatt was pretty stoked. We decided to let him jump on the diving board and thought we would have to do a  little encouraging but he bailed off there before I could have even tried to stop him. He did about ten times in a row and was so worn out. We've about decided to run over to mom and dad's every evening just so that Wyatt will go to bed by 8:30 again.

Don't you just love Ryan's face?

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