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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Good Life

There are a ton of things that I think “I take for granted.” I use the phrase very, very loosely, and truth be told I should probably think of something better to say but that just describes how I feel much more accurately.

This morning, Ryan left earlier than usual for work leaving me with the dreaded tasks that I have so easily become accustomed to not doing anymore. First off, I had to take little ole Marley outside to potty…in the freezing cold. While try to scramble around and get ready for work, the little baby just kept looking at me wondering when I was going to take him, just hoping that I would remember to since Daddy had already left us. Ryan is the #1 dog-taker-outer. There is no question about that. Maybe it’s because Daddy lets him run around like a crazy fool, trusting that he won’t run off or anything. Maybe I am just a mean Mommy who keeps him on the leash, alongside the road, making him “behave.” When I take Marley out, we get business done quick. When Daddy takes Marley out, we run around the yard, getting “exercise,” just having a ton of fun. Well this morning was one of the depressing mornings for Marles…he had to behave and take care of business. I always feel so accomplished because we are normally out there for no more than 3-4 minutes while they seem to take forever. Anyhow, this morning we head out to potty and another wave of “Ugh, I really have to do that too?” hit me. I was going to have to constantly check the clock, stop fixing my hair, and go start my car and get it warm. Ryan has masterfully crafted the art of taking Marley out and starting my car on the way every morning. Oh how I love him. We have a fair trade off every morning I think. It is most imperative that I sleep with a fan on. I am the first one to get up in the mornings and so I periodically check on the boys still in bed. It is my duty, as the early morning riser, to turn off the fan when it’s really time for Ryan to get up and out of bed. It’s seriously like a flashback to childhood when your parents start trying to wake you up about a half hour before you really need to be awake to ensure you’ll get to your destination in a timely manner. This is us, but as (almost) husband and wife. The good part? I will be excellent at it by the time we have kids that need to get to school on time. I would also have to be the one to make sure all the doors are shut and to double check the Chi was turned off. Ryan sure is a proud man knowing that I can turn off my Chi without him there. No matter how many times I tell him, it’ll be okay if I forgot to turn it off as long as it isn’t touching anything. He doesn’t seem to think so and refuses to believe it.

On to another matter…I missed my fiancĂ© since he wasn’t there to talk to in the morning. It really dawned on me while brushing my teeth and I glanced down and noticed I was wearing HIS Cabela house shoes. A quick smile came across my face, wishing he could see me in all my glory, wearing his house shoes yet again. I am such a good moccasin stealer, that Ryan made sure I got my own at Christmas. We have matching Cabela moccasins. We are out of control. Ryan can’t seem to get use to the idea that I like his more than mine. Not because they’re better and they definitely don’t fit me at all, but because they’re his. His t-shirts are better to sleep in too, not my own. If Ryan can’t find his moccasins in the closet, where they always should be, he can almost always find then on my side of the bed. They’re just better there…it’s not my fault that his shoes are destined to be there in the morning. I have absolutely no problem slipping off his and into mine halfway through getting ready each morning. I am nice enough and willing enough to give them to him once he finally asks if he can have them. Oh the sacrifices we make. I love our life. Our simple, crazy, we’re probably making people sick how much we love each other life and I would never change it. Not for anything. So bold of a statement, that I will even sacrifice a few mornings a year to take the baby out to potty.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovey-dovey all the time.

Our second Valentine's Day together. First official v-day with a title. This time last year, Ryan and I weren't even boyfriend/girlfriend. We were just happily dating. Fast forward 12 months...and we are 4 weeks from entering a marriage. It's completely amazing how far we've come. I would normally expect all kinds of showering and love on this day. Not with Ryan. I guess I've entered that "married mode" the one where you don't expect such gift on Valentine's day/birthdays/anniversaries. I guess also, that sounds foolish because I did get a present, as did Ryan. Only mine came weeks ago and Ryan's last week. I got Muck boots and he got a swamp seat for hunting. It is impossible for us to hold out until the actual day that the gift exchange is supposed to happen. So that we are at least getting something, we always rely on cards the day of. It's our thing, and I'm about 99% positive we'll continue this for years and years.

Our "love story" is my favorite. It's simple. I like simple. I feel like I've told this story a million times, so what's a million and one? Ryan and I were introduced in the summer or 2008 randomly one night at Galla Creek. I was out with the girls having fun, but it was time to leave so as we were piling into the car trying to prolong leaving, I randomly met Ryan Davis. Simple handshake, nice to meet you, see ya later. That was it. Later, I facebooked him. (What else would I do?) We had already taken our relationship to the next level-- it was already official. We were friends. I actually remember him adding me which is funny, because he had some picture out on the river, having a good time so I totally creeped on him. In a relationship. Hmm, okay nevermind there. That was in the spring and here is was summertime and I officially got introduced and so after facebooking him again and noticing the same relationship status I went on about my life. On to November 19th, my birthday, the day that would forever change my life. I went to Galla Creek, of all places, to celebrate me turning 23 once again. This time without my girls and just couple of guy friends. Within minutes of arriving, I had birthday jager bombs places before me. Eek, not really want I had in mind, but I had to be polite! Ha! Well, I sat down with a mutual friend of ours and the rest is pretty much history. That night was honestly on of the best nights of my live. I met my future husband and it was without a doubt a strong, mutual feeling. We established OUR song, Footloose, instantly. Karaoke will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, for the record, anyone that loves Conway Twitty the way I do is destined to be mine! Ryan filled those shoes. So, the night of my birthday I turned another year older and met the man that I was to marry. 7 months after knowing each other we became engaged and 16 months plus 1 day we will be saying "I do." We have the greatest love story in my opinion. I love him, he loves me, and together we can conquer anything. So, if asked if I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with my love I would simply say: If waking up with someone pinching and poking your ribcage intentionally at 8:00 in the morning, an entire hour before we have to get up for church, saying he just wants to say "hi" to his Valentine, then yes. If asking if I'd like him to make me my beloved blueberry muffins, then yes. If going to church, hearing the sermon (of course about love) knowing I've made the right decision about my lifelong partner, then yes. If coming home and spending our day cleaning the house, doing laundry, watching the boring Olympics, at the last minute deciding to go watch a movie at the theater for a second day in a row, mailing our wedding invitations, and doing our weekly grocery shopping, then yes. I had a fabulous Valentine's Day and I cannot wait for the many more ahead of us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Almost the weekend.

It’s hard for me to believe that it is Thursday already. Really, where did the week go? This past weekend was a big one for me. It was quite an eventful one. We all ventured to Little Rock to eat for my brother’s 26th birthday. Good times with the family, as always. Saturday, I met with the florist again…it occurred to me that I am going to miss wedding planning. I only have 37 days left until I marry the most wonderful person in the world. I also got baptized on Saturday afternoon. I was beyond excited about it. My life, I now know is forever changed. We went on a double date Saturday night to a movie with Erin and Derek who I haven’t seen in forever! I miss my best friends! Luckily, on Sunday after church, we had our wedding shower and I got to see them all AND it was amazing. We have so many people that are supportive and happy for us that it’s seems ridiculous to get down in the dumps about one person who isn’t. I actually feel sorry for them, but that’s for another day when I am feeling like venting on negative things. This is a happy post. A happy post about my soon to be marriage!! I am going to be a wife. I love the thought more than anything. I get to call him my husband. All these little words that seem so irrelevant to someone who isn’t engaged/married, but seem the world to someone who is. I get to be a part of an elite group of people. We both do. The “married people.” And soon, we’ll be the old married couple with kids. Oh how I cannot wait. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Ryan and I will be married for years and years and years. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this is what God intended for the both of us. I don’t have a doubt that I know absolutely nothing about being married…how can I? How can I possibly know what it entails when I haven’t actually experienced it? No one can tell you what it is like either. No one can even begin to explain to you the hardships you are going to face and the absolute joy it is going to bring you. Each marriage is different. Everyone should realize that. I have things that I can expect and things that I intend to do during the duration of our marriage, but to actually know anything and everything about it is foolish. This is one of the things we are so excited about. Building our marriage up into something that we as a couple want it to be. Luckily, we aren’t having to wait much longer for it all to happen!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weeks vs. Days

It is finally February. I can officially say that my wedding is next month. Next rewarding to know that I've came all this way and all that stands between me and a couple "I do's" are 6 little weeks. I'm into counting weeks now. Why you may ask? The numbers are much smaller and sound about a million times better. 6 weeks vs 45 days. Is there really a comparison? Just's soon to be a little ole one. Hurry up please, March!

I have my wedding shower this Sunday. I am beyond excited to get some cake! Cake is always better when it's for a shower, birthday, anniversary, etc. Never is it as good when it's a "just because" cake. I am a very blessed girl to have amazing friends that are hosting the showers. They are truly the types of friends that not everyone can claim they have. Me...lucky? Beyond it. Also this Sunday, Superbowl time!! Wedding shower and Superbowl party... I have officially managed to participate in one of the most masculine and feminine events all in one afternoon. Pure excitment!! I am going to have a great weekend ahead of me.
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