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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovey-dovey all the time.

Our second Valentine's Day together. First official v-day with a title. This time last year, Ryan and I weren't even boyfriend/girlfriend. We were just happily dating. Fast forward 12 months...and we are 4 weeks from entering a marriage. It's completely amazing how far we've come. I would normally expect all kinds of showering and love on this day. Not with Ryan. I guess I've entered that "married mode" the one where you don't expect such gift on Valentine's day/birthdays/anniversaries. I guess also, that sounds foolish because I did get a present, as did Ryan. Only mine came weeks ago and Ryan's last week. I got Muck boots and he got a swamp seat for hunting. It is impossible for us to hold out until the actual day that the gift exchange is supposed to happen. So that we are at least getting something, we always rely on cards the day of. It's our thing, and I'm about 99% positive we'll continue this for years and years.

Our "love story" is my favorite. It's simple. I like simple. I feel like I've told this story a million times, so what's a million and one? Ryan and I were introduced in the summer or 2008 randomly one night at Galla Creek. I was out with the girls having fun, but it was time to leave so as we were piling into the car trying to prolong leaving, I randomly met Ryan Davis. Simple handshake, nice to meet you, see ya later. That was it. Later, I facebooked him. (What else would I do?) We had already taken our relationship to the next level-- it was already official. We were friends. I actually remember him adding me which is funny, because he had some picture out on the river, having a good time so I totally creeped on him. In a relationship. Hmm, okay nevermind there. That was in the spring and here is was summertime and I officially got introduced and so after facebooking him again and noticing the same relationship status I went on about my life. On to November 19th, my birthday, the day that would forever change my life. I went to Galla Creek, of all places, to celebrate me turning 23 once again. This time without my girls and just couple of guy friends. Within minutes of arriving, I had birthday jager bombs places before me. Eek, not really want I had in mind, but I had to be polite! Ha! Well, I sat down with a mutual friend of ours and the rest is pretty much history. That night was honestly on of the best nights of my live. I met my future husband and it was without a doubt a strong, mutual feeling. We established OUR song, Footloose, instantly. Karaoke will always hold a special place in my heart. Also, for the record, anyone that loves Conway Twitty the way I do is destined to be mine! Ryan filled those shoes. So, the night of my birthday I turned another year older and met the man that I was to marry. 7 months after knowing each other we became engaged and 16 months plus 1 day we will be saying "I do." We have the greatest love story in my opinion. I love him, he loves me, and together we can conquer anything. So, if asked if I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with my love I would simply say: If waking up with someone pinching and poking your ribcage intentionally at 8:00 in the morning, an entire hour before we have to get up for church, saying he just wants to say "hi" to his Valentine, then yes. If asking if I'd like him to make me my beloved blueberry muffins, then yes. If going to church, hearing the sermon (of course about love) knowing I've made the right decision about my lifelong partner, then yes. If coming home and spending our day cleaning the house, doing laundry, watching the boring Olympics, at the last minute deciding to go watch a movie at the theater for a second day in a row, mailing our wedding invitations, and doing our weekly grocery shopping, then yes. I had a fabulous Valentine's Day and I cannot wait for the many more ahead of us.

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