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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Good Life

There are a ton of things that I think “I take for granted.” I use the phrase very, very loosely, and truth be told I should probably think of something better to say but that just describes how I feel much more accurately.

This morning, Ryan left earlier than usual for work leaving me with the dreaded tasks that I have so easily become accustomed to not doing anymore. First off, I had to take little ole Marley outside to potty…in the freezing cold. While try to scramble around and get ready for work, the little baby just kept looking at me wondering when I was going to take him, just hoping that I would remember to since Daddy had already left us. Ryan is the #1 dog-taker-outer. There is no question about that. Maybe it’s because Daddy lets him run around like a crazy fool, trusting that he won’t run off or anything. Maybe I am just a mean Mommy who keeps him on the leash, alongside the road, making him “behave.” When I take Marley out, we get business done quick. When Daddy takes Marley out, we run around the yard, getting “exercise,” just having a ton of fun. Well this morning was one of the depressing mornings for Marles…he had to behave and take care of business. I always feel so accomplished because we are normally out there for no more than 3-4 minutes while they seem to take forever. Anyhow, this morning we head out to potty and another wave of “Ugh, I really have to do that too?” hit me. I was going to have to constantly check the clock, stop fixing my hair, and go start my car and get it warm. Ryan has masterfully crafted the art of taking Marley out and starting my car on the way every morning. Oh how I love him. We have a fair trade off every morning I think. It is most imperative that I sleep with a fan on. I am the first one to get up in the mornings and so I periodically check on the boys still in bed. It is my duty, as the early morning riser, to turn off the fan when it’s really time for Ryan to get up and out of bed. It’s seriously like a flashback to childhood when your parents start trying to wake you up about a half hour before you really need to be awake to ensure you’ll get to your destination in a timely manner. This is us, but as (almost) husband and wife. The good part? I will be excellent at it by the time we have kids that need to get to school on time. I would also have to be the one to make sure all the doors are shut and to double check the Chi was turned off. Ryan sure is a proud man knowing that I can turn off my Chi without him there. No matter how many times I tell him, it’ll be okay if I forgot to turn it off as long as it isn’t touching anything. He doesn’t seem to think so and refuses to believe it.

On to another matter…I missed my fiancé since he wasn’t there to talk to in the morning. It really dawned on me while brushing my teeth and I glanced down and noticed I was wearing HIS Cabela house shoes. A quick smile came across my face, wishing he could see me in all my glory, wearing his house shoes yet again. I am such a good moccasin stealer, that Ryan made sure I got my own at Christmas. We have matching Cabela moccasins. We are out of control. Ryan can’t seem to get use to the idea that I like his more than mine. Not because they’re better and they definitely don’t fit me at all, but because they’re his. His t-shirts are better to sleep in too, not my own. If Ryan can’t find his moccasins in the closet, where they always should be, he can almost always find then on my side of the bed. They’re just better there…it’s not my fault that his shoes are destined to be there in the morning. I have absolutely no problem slipping off his and into mine halfway through getting ready each morning. I am nice enough and willing enough to give them to him once he finally asks if he can have them. Oh the sacrifices we make. I love our life. Our simple, crazy, we’re probably making people sick how much we love each other life and I would never change it. Not for anything. So bold of a statement, that I will even sacrifice a few mornings a year to take the baby out to potty.

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