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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weeks vs. Days

It is finally February. I can officially say that my wedding is next month. Next rewarding to know that I've came all this way and all that stands between me and a couple "I do's" are 6 little weeks. I'm into counting weeks now. Why you may ask? The numbers are much smaller and sound about a million times better. 6 weeks vs 45 days. Is there really a comparison? Just's soon to be a little ole one. Hurry up please, March!

I have my wedding shower this Sunday. I am beyond excited to get some cake! Cake is always better when it's for a shower, birthday, anniversary, etc. Never is it as good when it's a "just because" cake. I am a very blessed girl to have amazing friends that are hosting the showers. They are truly the types of friends that not everyone can claim they have. Me...lucky? Beyond it. Also this Sunday, Superbowl time!! Wedding shower and Superbowl party... I have officially managed to participate in one of the most masculine and feminine events all in one afternoon. Pure excitment!! I am going to have a great weekend ahead of me.

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