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Sunday, October 31, 2010

16 weeks 2 days

Here we are at 16 weeks, 2 days!!

I look soo much bigger with my clothes on! More pregnant-y! I love it!

How far along? 16 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: 5 total

Maternity clothes? Nope! Just rocking my ponytail holders daily.

Sleep: Getting slightly uncomfortable when my Snoogle falls off the bed half way through the night.

Best moment this week: Felt the baby move this past Monday.

Movement: Yes! But only once! It felt like 5 little butterflies moving at once.

Gender: Still thinking girl!

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no still.

Belly Button in or out? In...go ahead and stay that way. Thanks.

Cravings: None.

What I miss: Desserts!!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm not feeling very insightful this week...

Milestones: Baby moving, but I'm ready to feel it again!

I am feeling a little old today---Halloween is one of my favorite holidays thanks to the dressing up aspect. However, this year was entirely different. We didn't do a thing. Saturday, instead of putting my slutty outfit on (Yes, I am one of those girls that gets away with it on Halloween!) partying with my besties, I spent the day cleaning out extra bedrooms making room for our new addition next Spring. After that, which literally wore me plum out, I vegged out in the recliner while my hubby went and shot a deer. Today, we dropped our deer off for processing, went to church, ate lunch with the father-in-law, watched football, walked, fed the horses, watched some more football, and ate dinner at my parents. Woo. Big weekend I tell ya. Yet, even though it has to be a completely boring weekend to most people, it was exactly what I wanted to be doing. I am more than thrilled to be getting stuff ready for our baby. I am stoked that in 19 days we find out what we are having!!! Hurry up, please!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deer hunting 101

Ryan and I went deer hunting this morning. It was my first deer hunting adventure and I survived it. I am quite a trooper I must say. At 16 weeks pregnant I drug myself out of bed at 6:00 and got my hunting gear on. Ryan laughed at me for having my pants pulled up over my belly button, but in my defense it was the only way the crotch wasn't dragging the ground. I do believe this is when Ryan realized I need my own pants that fit me and actually stated, "I guess we need to get you some pants." He then proceeded to ask if I was going to need a belt when I replied, "No, I figure I can just tighten the straps on the side." Nifty little boogers they were. My growing belly was the perfect size for those pants. We loaded up the backpack with snacks in case a hunger attack hit me (it didn't) and set out for the deer blind.

Here is my favorite hunting buddy:

Us in the blind:
My view for 2 hours:


Now, this being my first deer hunting trip I of course learned a few things. Let me share.
1. When you are getting out of the truck, getting ready to walk to your blind or deer stand, don't shut the door normally. You know, with a little force...instead, close the door ever so lightly as to not startle any deer that may be near. Oops. As soon as I shut my door (without thinking apparently) I just happened to look at Ryan and the look on his face told me what I had done. I opened the back door and said, "I wasn't supposed to do that, huh?" He just smiled and said no, but it's okay. Of course it's okay. There was never a doubt in my mind that it wasn't...Shh.
2. Get ready to walk a good distance. This I was okay with actually. I knew that we would have to walk some distance and I'm still in relatively good shape (thank you 3 miles per day that I am still maintaining!). However, be prepared to trample through hilly terrain which includes branches, mounds, hills, valleys, etc. I was doing okay not only with my bulky clothes but the backpack as well. I'm not sure my dear husband really thought this one out entirely for he ended up carrying the bag and his bow on the way back to the truck. I think he felt a little sorry for me once we got in the blind and I was breathing a little harder than normal. I reassured him I was fine and that bulky clothes, a bag, and the extra blood that is pumping through my body for the baby, was nothing I couldn't handle.
3. Be prepared. This means, bring a beanie for your ears. At 27 degrees I could have lasted a lot longer if I was with this important piece of gear. Oh, that a bigger bladder. Which takes me to point number 4.
4. Going while you are pregnant may not have been the brightest idea, but only in the sense that I have to pee at least every two hours. By 9:00 I was about to bust and we decided to load up and head home.
5. It can get very, very boring. I knew that deer hunting was different. I mean, you have to wait unti the deer come to you and where Ryan hunts there is a ton of land. This can make for a long boring time. Luckily, this time my husband was in great company. We laughed, talked, gave sugars, and sat in silence. I didn't realize how much of nothing is going on while deer hunting until today.
6. Be aware that you have the chance of seeing a little deer die. Sad!! I told Ryan that he wasn't going to be shooting any deer with me there. But, in reality, if the opportunity had come, I really wouldn't have minded.
7. Have things to entertain you. For me? It was Ryan's range finder. For those who don't know, it's a little binnocular thing that tells you how far something is. Yes, I measured the truck's distance, a few trees, the bushes, the grass line, and tried to do Ryan that was sitting right next to me. He simply, said I was too close. Crap. This will entertain you for probably a total of 10 minutes, so come was my iPhone and for Ryan a game of Bubble Breaker. (No wonder he always has the high scores and always does better than me! He has logged hours and hours of play sitting in those woods!)
8. Deer are the cutest little creatures!! We saw 6 does and 1 buck and it was awesome! They reminded me of little (big) Marleys how they walked around, bounded, played, and just moved in general. They were so pretty to watch and it will make you wonder how someone can kill them! I've been duck hunting before and even told Ryan today that I don't mind killing ducks but I think deer would hurt my heart.
9. Don't over-analyze the killing of a deer. Just accept it. Don't, like I did, argue the fact that they do suffer...
10. Treasure the time you are spending with your spouse. That one is self-explainatory.
I had a great time hunting with Bunney!!! I can't wait until we go again.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Favorite Number? in weeks.

My favorite number growing up and to this day has always been 15. Don't ask me why because I simply couldn't tell was just one of those things that has evolved and stuck with me. Growing up playing sports I was always number 15. This past Friday marked our 15 week pregnancy mark!! I can't believe that we are this far along. We had an appointment on Wednesday and heard that precious little heartbeat again. I just love hearing it! We will go back on November 19th to find out if we will have a little Sarah or a little Ryan running around our house! That is also my 25th birthday!!! And, birthdays are my absolute favorite celebration!! We knew that our next 4 week appointment would fall the week of my birthday so we we went to schedule one we hoped that the Dr. would be in on that Friday and would have an opening and luckily he did! So, hopefully baby Davis won't take after either of his/her parents and won't be stubborn!! Here is my little belly at 15 weeks:

How far along? 15 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: +3 total

Maternity clothes? No, but once I eat I have to bust out the pony tail holder or have unbottoned pants

Sleep: The Snoogle is my best friend.

Best moment this week: Scheduling the gender reveal u/s for my birthday.

Movement: I thought I felt a little movement on Friday night, but quickly decided it was not.

Gender: Still thinking a girl and becoming more and more okay with it!

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no still.

Belly Button in or out? In! But, it is beginning to stretch out a bit. Gross.

Cravings: None...just a fan of cheese.

What I miss: Breathing easily after a meal and long breaks between potty time.

Weekly Wisdom: No matter your pre-baby size document that growth!! Everytime I add new pictures we look at my "4 week" picture and ooh and aww.

Milestones: Looking pregnant and not chubby!

Friday night we went to Fayetteville to stay with some friends since we were going to the Hogs game on Saturday. After eating in Ft. Smith and arriving close to 9 I instantly crashed once we arrived. Once I showered and actually got into bed I suddenly realized that my husband was right. it pains me to admit that! He suggested I bring the Snoogle and I simply said no, it'll be okay. WRONG. I didn't realize that I was the dependent on it. I know I'm not that big, but for my normal size, but belly is huge...and heavy when I lay on my side. Like I told Ryan, it feels like a 10 lb weight is holding my tummy down. This, my friends, is why I must have my Snoogle. It is the perfect support for me and I know it will continue to be as I grow. I had three pillows propped up around me and tossed and turned all night. I was not a happy camper, but I didn't really complain about it. It was my own fault for not listening. Oh well. Lesson learned: Always bring the Snoogle on overnight trips from now on.

We had fun at the game despite the 2 rain delays. I've never been to a game where there was rain delays, but I can tell you they are no where near as enjoyable as when you are watching a game at home. News flash: you don't get to start watching a new game that the tv stations decides to start broadcasting or even flip to something of your choice. Also, you can't do little things around your house until your game comes back on. What do you do? (Luckily we have indoor seating so we didn't have to evacuate the stands twice...) You sit there, you visit, you stand a little, you get some food, you visit a little more, you hover around the tvs with everyone else, you people watch, and if you are pregnant you get extremely grumpy because you know this is only prolonging the fact that you won't get supper for that much longer. Sigh... I was only mean to Ryan once during all this... I know it wasn't his fault, but I had to take it out on someone for a second. Thank goodness he is a trooper and really does love me! So, I got over my pity-party and continued to cheer on the Hogs until the end. This is when disaster occurred. It would be our luck that once the game finished the gates decided to open and the rain started falling. Violently. Okay, maybe it wasn't really that bad, but when you are being spoiled sitting inside the duration on the game and being perfectly dry and knowing that you have to walk a ways to get to your vehicle it seems terrible. Thank goodness we were able to buy $12 ponchos, or trashbags with Razorbacks on them, to save the day. We got a good laugh and it was memorable for us to be splashing through the water all the way back to the car. We finally got to eat dinner and we loved that the Papasan's chose BBQ! Our fave! It was extremely good and we started our way back home. Long, long day and we were so happy to be home, but we loved the little trip. Today, we had an absolute lazy Sunday---the best!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October is...

I love the month of October for numerous reasons...

I always look forward to getting my Fall decorations out. I'm not entirely sure if it's because I enjoy them as much as I should or whether it's that Christmas is that much closer. I got my decorations out at the beginning of the month. I bought this wreath for our door and I love it because it is so woodsy.

My absolute favorite part of Fall decor is mums! Last year Ryan bought me three but this year I settled for well as my pumpkins. Farmer Dan can always expect us to be visiting during the beginning of cooler weather to pick a few of these ups. But, he will probably start seeing us a lot more now that I have found a great love in their apples!

October reminds me of a lot of things: cool crisp weather, candy (which I don't eat anymore), pumpkins, mums, scarecrows, leaves, cool nights with the windows open, and little black cats. Or, in our case, gray. Meet Bobby...our newest outside addition.

Yes, I got the typical curled back kitty that you normally see near Halloween. This past Thursday my boss was taking 5 little babies to the pound. Sad, sad discovery for me. I'm a sucker for animals and my husband is fully aware of it. When they are going to the pound I'm even more sensitive. I'm a fan of no-kill facilities and I understand that not all animals can be saved. Ryan promised me I could have an outside cat when we moved to Dardanelle and built our house. I was holding on to that because I really wanted an outside cat for the simple fact that we would need a mouser. Ryan agreed and that's all I needed. I could not let all the little babies be sentenced to murder so I adopted one and brought it home. He is our little baby. Ryan is not a fan of cats. So he thought...Bobby is gradually growing on him as he is me. I know that he has been given a much better home. Luckily he has never known anything other than being outside so I think it's been an easy transition for him. He's a doll!

Even Marley likes him!

Last night we went to Little Rock for dinner and to buy some baby outfits for friends. Red Lobster was where this little momma wanted to eat so we did...while I enjoyed the numerous facial expressions that my hubs made while cracking his crab legs.

After dinner we went to the mall where we bought some cute little outfits. I'm so ready to found out if we will be buying girly or boyish stuff. I've held off buying anything for the baby yet. Except for my diaper bag, of course. The only thing really baby related is the Bella Band that I've had to buy to start holding up my pants. The baby is a growing as is mommy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Atlanta Braves

Everyone does it...when you begin dating someone new you get to know their likes and dislikes. It's all about compatibility, or at least to me it is. I feel better knowing that I have the same or at least similar interests as my potential mate. Ryan and I have entirely too much in common I'm sure. The first night we met we sang karaoke together---Conway Twitty's I'd Love to Lay You Down and Kenny Loggins' Footloose. Now, I can assure you that there are few people that will actually sing these two songs let alone enjoy them. Ryan and I were destined to be together...this could be the reason that ever since that night we were inseparable.

While getting to know my now husband, I learned that we had yet another thing in common:

We both had a favorite MLB team and it would be the Atlanta Braves. (Destiny again.) My parents were and are avid Braves fan. For as long as I can remember my childhood was spent hearing my dad cheering on (or yelling at) the Braves. I've spent many times in front of a tv with my mom, dad, and brother watching baseball cheering on our team. I can remember my brother getting a satin Braves jacket and wanting probably more than I should. Since he was growing a lot I got that jacket handed down to me a lot quicker than I thought I would. I do believe it is still hanging up in the upstairs closet to this day. (I'm sure my parents have full intentions of passing it down to their grandchild for they know they are going to be cheering for Atlanta.)

Yes, this is the jacket...

I've seen the Braves play in St. Louis and in Atlanta. If you ask me where the best pizza I have ever had in my life I will tell you it was at an Atlanta Braves baseball game. There was something about it that obviously stuck with me for 10+ years.

Ryan and I both love the Braves. Granted, his love for them is a lot stronger and I simply believe that comes with the fact that his is a male. It's in his genes. We've watched the Braves all season long. This is Bobby's last season and while that is excruciatingly sad, we know that Braves baseball will go on and we will continue to watch them. When we aren't able to watch them on tv we always have the laptop set up next to us watching the "game" online. Ryan gets into it a little more than I do, but nonetheless, we watch it.

And when we win? We are notorious for these after each "W" we get.

Our famous air high-fives.

Once I've become pregnant I am in bed early...well, I was until about 2 weeks ago when I really started getting my energy back. Now I can actually see 10, 11 o'clock much more easily. Last night was Game 2 of the playoffs. We started Game 1, but I wimped out and went to bed missing the last know...the one where we lost. When Ryan came to bed that night I asked if we had won. I was bummed that we hadn't. Being Bobby Cox's last season I want him to go all out and win it all. He has to go out with a bang! Last night however during the second game I was a trooper with my hubby and watched the Braves win Game 2! Tomorrow we head back to Atlanta to hopefully get the next two wins. So at 12:30 we were giving each other our high five, now ready for bed, but only after we watch some ESPN.

I love the Braves. They are my team. They have always been my team...ask my mother and father who was "my boyfriend" during my elementary school years? Javier Lopez. Yup, the catcher was my main man. I will never forget that.

Now? Now the Braves are our team. Even our dog's...see him sporting the Atlanta collar? He got it at the beginning of this season and see how well we've done? We've made it to the playoffs and will hopefully win the World Series. Either way, the Davis family (and Milam) will always love the Braves!

When our little one joins our family in the Spring, we know he/she will have an Atlanta Braves outfit just waiting on them for the summer and fall. We look forward to the day when we will get to take them to watch the Braves and be waving our tomahawks proudly!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: +2

Maternity clothes? No, but once I eat I have to bust out the pony tail holder or have unbottoned pants

Sleep: The Snoogle is my best friend.

Best moment this week: Having someone tell me they noticed my little bump.

Movement: Nada.

Gender: No clue. We are still thinking a girl though.

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no still.

Belly Button in or out? In!!

What I miss: Breathing easily after a meal.

Weekly Wisdom: Exercise is the one thing that gets me out of blah mood.

Milestones: Feeling and seeing a little bump finally starting.

This weekend was full of birthday festivities...
This is the cake I got for Ryan's cookout at his Dad's. He loved it, for sure and so did everyone.

We also went to Hog Wild and participated in some fun for Mr. Ridge who turned 3! 3 already!! I remember going to the hospital early in the morning soon after he was born which seemed like only a little while ago. Crazy how fast he grows up and I'm positive ours will grow up even faster than I've seen Ridge.

His cute little cake. He was even sweet enough to hand out little candy favors to everyone individually. It was precious.

Me and the big 3 year old!
Ryan and I have wanted to go play mini-golf (and real golf) for a long time, but never got over there to actually do it. Today, was the perfect opportunity. Hubby had the lead...

But momma gave him a run for his money...

Until we hit the hole that turned Ryan's game upside down. Taking 6 times to get across the water and always digging the ball out of the water he was in for trouble. This, sadly, is the only way the we tied in the end.
I did have a giggle fest witnessing this though.

We had a fun weekend that went by really fast. We (I) got some good shopping done in Conway this afternoon. My wardrobe feels a little more ready for fall now. It's funny picking out clothes because we both ponder whether or not I'm going to fit it and for how long. I love it and this growing belly!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy hunting!

In case you have been living under a rock (or there are no hunters in your family), today is opening day of bow season. Fun stuff I tell ya! I assisted the hubby in hanging his deer stand on Wednesday. Okay, okay. To be honest, I handed him the steps, then retreived the deer stand, then amused myself with pictures and reminding my husband not to fall because our child needed a daddy. Oh, and was constantly joking about all the huge bucks I was seeing. Here is how our evening was spent:

Step one: Get the steps driven into the tree making a step ladder up until you reach your destination.

Step two: Bring along your wife so she can go get the deer stand (that you mistakenly forgot in the truck) and have her hand it to you.

Step three: Keep quiet as not to startle all the deer around us. We musn't spook them two days before bow season...Also, the wife watches nervously.

Step four: Hanging the deer stand. Which, is also known as balancing yourself.

Ryan got this new deer stand last's a lot more complicated that his other one. I think at least...we will see if he does too.
Little momma wore these shoes to help out...I was trying to blend. Yah. Right. There is nothing more "woodsy" than Toms.

And Step five, the final step: Bribary.

Ryan will start his hunting adventure for this season tomorrow morning. I wish him the best of luck...I'm not expecting a buck this year, unless it's a monster. Our theory: let them grow, mature, and be that monster buck next year. Um, that and the fact that there are waaay to many does out on the land.
Love you Bunney and happy hunting to you!
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