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Sunday, October 3, 2010

12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: +2

Maternity clothes? No, but once I eat I have to bust out the pony tail holder or have unbottoned pants

Sleep: The Snoogle is my best friend.

Best moment this week: Having someone tell me they noticed my little bump.

Movement: Nada.

Gender: No clue. We are still thinking a girl though.

Labor Signs: Thankfully, no still.

Belly Button in or out? In!!

What I miss: Breathing easily after a meal.

Weekly Wisdom: Exercise is the one thing that gets me out of blah mood.

Milestones: Feeling and seeing a little bump finally starting.

This weekend was full of birthday festivities...
This is the cake I got for Ryan's cookout at his Dad's. He loved it, for sure and so did everyone.

We also went to Hog Wild and participated in some fun for Mr. Ridge who turned 3! 3 already!! I remember going to the hospital early in the morning soon after he was born which seemed like only a little while ago. Crazy how fast he grows up and I'm positive ours will grow up even faster than I've seen Ridge.

His cute little cake. He was even sweet enough to hand out little candy favors to everyone individually. It was precious.

Me and the big 3 year old!
Ryan and I have wanted to go play mini-golf (and real golf) for a long time, but never got over there to actually do it. Today, was the perfect opportunity. Hubby had the lead...

But momma gave him a run for his money...

Until we hit the hole that turned Ryan's game upside down. Taking 6 times to get across the water and always digging the ball out of the water he was in for trouble. This, sadly, is the only way the we tied in the end.
I did have a giggle fest witnessing this though.

We had a fun weekend that went by really fast. We (I) got some good shopping done in Conway this afternoon. My wardrobe feels a little more ready for fall now. It's funny picking out clothes because we both ponder whether or not I'm going to fit it and for how long. I love it and this growing belly!

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