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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy hunting!

In case you have been living under a rock (or there are no hunters in your family), today is opening day of bow season. Fun stuff I tell ya! I assisted the hubby in hanging his deer stand on Wednesday. Okay, okay. To be honest, I handed him the steps, then retreived the deer stand, then amused myself with pictures and reminding my husband not to fall because our child needed a daddy. Oh, and was constantly joking about all the huge bucks I was seeing. Here is how our evening was spent:

Step one: Get the steps driven into the tree making a step ladder up until you reach your destination.

Step two: Bring along your wife so she can go get the deer stand (that you mistakenly forgot in the truck) and have her hand it to you.

Step three: Keep quiet as not to startle all the deer around us. We musn't spook them two days before bow season...Also, the wife watches nervously.

Step four: Hanging the deer stand. Which, is also known as balancing yourself.

Ryan got this new deer stand last's a lot more complicated that his other one. I think at least...we will see if he does too.
Little momma wore these shoes to help out...I was trying to blend. Yah. Right. There is nothing more "woodsy" than Toms.

And Step five, the final step: Bribary.

Ryan will start his hunting adventure for this season tomorrow morning. I wish him the best of luck...I'm not expecting a buck this year, unless it's a monster. Our theory: let them grow, mature, and be that monster buck next year. Um, that and the fact that there are waaay to many does out on the land.
Love you Bunney and happy hunting to you!

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