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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snoogle Verdict

Ryan is such a good husband. I like to tell him this as often as I see possible for I strongly believe that it leads him to continue to be that good husband. He is going to be an exceptional daddy as well. There is pretty much no question about it.

For his birthday he bought me a Snoogle. Curious as to what a Snoogle is?

Behold, the one of the greatest inventions ever.

(Picture me, not near as pregnant, and not in silky jammies)

I have always been annoying to bunk with…according to me and not my husband. He doesn’t seem to mind my constant need to sleep extremely close to him, with usually, at minimum, my feet touching his legs. If I happen to wake up in the night, which is the norm now days, I always scoot a little closer to him. Usually, my back is pressed right up against him. He doesn’t mind it one bit…so he says.

For Ryan’s birthday he bought me a present. See how much he loves me. I had already been told that I had to invest in a Snoogle but had never told Ryan about it. When Ryan went to pick something up from our insurance company he was told that he absolutely had to get me one. I had intended on getting me one already, when I was further along in my pregnancy, but Ryan had other intentions. As is the norm, once Ryan had decided to buy me one he called and told me he was looking at a present for me. Immediately I started in with the do I wear it? What is it used for? Is it for me or the baby? Will I use it a lot? How will I use it? Why am I getting it? Do I really need it? Etc. Etc. Like the genius (and idiot) that I am I successfully guessed what my present was going to be. Surprises are not a thing in the Davis household. Never have been and probably never will be. Our poor kids will never have a surprise birthday party unless their grandparents plan and host the entire thing and never even mention it to us. (Hint, hint---just kidding!) Now the waiting game for my beloved pillow to arrive.

It felt like Christmas pulling up to the house and it sitting on the porch just waiting to be opened. I immediately got it inside, unwrapped, and placed on my bed. I changed into some comfies and proceeded to try out every position on the instructions. All of them were amazing. I was so thrilled with my pillow that I almost laid there curled up in it until Ryan got home...Instead, I decided against it for I wanted to “show” him the Snoogle when he got home rather than him coming home and seeing me passed out in it. Within seconds of his arrival I made him “try out” the Snoogle. He said I acted like a little kid at Christmas and he could really tell that I was excited about it. About a pillow? Yes, guilty. I’m not sure if it’s the way it curls around you so perfectly or the fact that I’m pregnant and it’s mostly for the comfort of me and our growing child. I like to think it’s the latter. The sad part about all my excitement is that Ryan said he felt as though he was getting tossed to the curb. Ouch. Poor thing…

So I tested out my pillow last night. I curled up with it while Ryan watched tv in bed. (Side note: One of the benefits to my being pregnant is Ryan actually gets to watch the tube in the bedroom since I can’t stay awake with the lights off and in our super-comfy bed. Bonus for him!) I was immediately out and into dream land. I would wake up like I do every night and be reminded of the pure bliss that was wrapped around me. I tried out a ton of positions with this gem. This morning after the first alarm I did however abandon ship and curled up to my husband, because NOTHING is better than curling up to him. AND---I made sure to tell him that…even though he still felt worthless. So, the Snoogle is going to be fantastic, especially when I am much more pregnant. I still squirm a lot now because my stomach is still relatively flat so it made it more of a task to switch positions. But, I know when I am farther along it is going to be ideal. So, dear hubby, thank you again and again for being so sweet and so considerate. And, ps…I still feel like there is an anaconda in the bed. I love you!

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