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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend...

I fell in love all over again with the weather. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Luckily, I have a husband who shares that love with me.

We, mostly on Sunday, said, “I love this weather!” about 20 times throughout the day. We slept with the air off and the windows open and half way through the night I had to put some pants on. I believe Fall is here to stay. (I hope.)

I attended Ryan’s 10 year high school reunion. Was it fun? Honestly? No, not really for me. For Ryan? He had a great time seeing all his old classmates and catching up and that’s what mattered. I just sat there watching all the girls swarm around a table full of old pictures having a hen party. I just smiled and laughed occasionally thinking that in just a few more years that is going to be me and all my girlies doing the exact same thing, but probably a lot, lot louder. Ryan was class president. I know he wants me to share that piece of trivia, so there it is! I realize that next reunion, I am going to have to polish up on my football stats in order to join the husband’s table, who also just sat there while their wives clucked away. Ryan did his best, I think, to make me feel as un-awkward as possible. I was fine though, really. I’ve mastered holding my own in an awkward situations…one for example, where your husband goes back and forth between guys and girls groups and chit-chatting. I was sociable when need be and endured the two hours. Granted, had I ate an actual good lunch I would have been in a much chipper mood. But mashed potatoes and gravy and a roll were all I ate. Eek. Maybe next time there will be a better food selection and not a picky baby in my tummy.

Ryan and I saw first hand at the football game Friday night what our lives were really going to be like. Ryan’s classmates all had children. Well, not all. There were I think 3 couples that didn’t. Everyone else? Two or three. This was going to be us…chasing kids around, me yelling Ryan and him instantly knowing to start looking for a kid. I do have to say, and this is rather lame, but I’m glad we’re on the children bandwagon. Next reunion, we’ll have our own two running around acting foolish. Can’t wait!

The Razorbacks lost. Bummer. But, I will say that it’s okay that they barely lost to the number 1 team in the country. I’d much rather see that than a complete blowout. I am happy that they only dropped to number 15.

Sunday was consumed with the NFL. It always seems to be and I’m gradually becoming more and more okay with that. I check “our” FFL stats with Ryan…I also am the predictions reader for the FFL. Ryan lets me know when they are in and then I read them to him. I’m dorky and I should probably develop my own team.

My momma is the best…mashed potatoes and brown gravy and broccoli and cheese casserole for “baby” on Sunday night dinner was delicious. Yes, there was roast as well, but I devoured the casserole. I asked mom to make a specific meal…mashed pots, brown gravy, broc and cheese casserole, rolls and a meat of her choice since I wouldn’t eat it and she said, “anything for the baby!” See. Already spoiled and still in the womb.

I am beginning to notice that my energy it starting to return! I can actually stay up past 10 with no problem! However, my husband has been wanting to go to bed early lately and I honestly can’t object. While I can stay awake longer now, doesn’t mean I always want to. My goal for the week is to get back in the gym! YES!

I was told I didn’t even look pregnant. I smiled, and said, yah I know. What I wanted to say was, “My tummy used to be flat and now I have a pot-belly. I have to jimmy my pants with a ponytail holder looped three times because they are just small enough to where they barely fit me buttoned normally. Whereas I don’t look pregnant I definitely am and will be more than willing to show you how my “bump” has changed.” Ha, then reality sets back in and I’m happy I am gaining weight normally…actually not at all yet. I’m just silly and like watching my little tummy get bigger. So does the husband…he’s a regular patter now days…and I can just hear it in his voice the excitement when people ask about me and he says, “She’s getting her a little pot-belly now, but feeling good!”

I hope people are correct with they all say, I think you’ll have a basketball for a belly and that’s it.

My husband was a good husband and started cleaning house first and immediately started helping.

I got to sleep in until 9:00 both days! I was really shooting for 10 on Saturday, but couldn’t make it that far.

Ryan is sometimes too good to me. Buying me a Snoogle for his birthday? Checking it daily for its arrival? Yes, that is my dear husband! Lubb him dearly!!

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  1. Girl, I still sleep with my Snoogle. It was my LIFESAVER! I slept soooooo good the whole pregnancy b/c of it!


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