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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Names

Yes, I am already divulging the name of our future child for multiple reasons:

1. We've known since before we were married what we were going to name our first boy and our first girl. Yes, this lady is a crazy planner about everything. This, by the way, is how I had my wedding planned in a month and sat around for 8 waiting for it to get here.

2. People are already asking and we are telling. And, I secretly love when people tell me they knew I'd have good names. It makes me feel like good mommy material already.

3. I like referring to it as (blank) or (blank), but mostly (blank) because it's going to be a little girl.

4. Everyone, I think, wants to share what their baby's name is. It's one of those we're busting at the seams because of it.

However, the biggest reason I am willing to give away the name of our perfect little bundle inside of me is...

5. I'm no longer afraid of "Baby Name Stealers." Yes, I will admit it. Before I became pregnant I was very particular about who I shared my baby names with. Why you ask? Simple- I wanted the credit for the awesome names I would generate. I didn't want anyone stealing the name, claiming them as their own creation. Now? With a baby on the way? I want the credit first. I want my baby to have a name and I want it to be referred to by its name as much as possible even before we know the gender. It's our decision and we're happy with it. Plus, we already practice with it...

So, drumroll please...

It is:

Talulah Pearl vs. Wyatt Hudson

Sigh. of. relief. I feel so much better sharing it with the "world" now. Funny how that works. So yes, Talulah Pearl and Wyatt Hudson.

Talulah (Ta-loo-la) yes, I've already been asked how to pronounce it through a text message. I am Choctaw Indian. Half to be exact. When watching Tori and Dean one night and she referenced her children's book and the little girl's name was Talulah we were both like ooh, I like that name so it instantly went on our favorites list and quickly became the name once we found out it originated from the Choctaw language and means "running/leaping water." See, it was destiny!

Pearl was Ryan's grandma's middle name and before I even met Ryan I knew that would either be my girl's first or middle name. There was no doubt. When making the list of first names if it didn't go with Pearl in any way it was immediately dunzo. Destiny again.

Wyatt is an older name which we love. Wyatt just sort of happened. We knew immediately it would be the name of our first son.

Hudson was a name I had heard and instantly fell in love with it. I tried for Hudson as a first name but daddy was very particular about having a little Wyatt Hudson instead. I naturally agreed because I love both names a ton.

I have a confession: when we found out we were pregnant we had twin boy names and twin girl names picked out as well. Needless to say we have 4 names that we are going to for sure be using on our 2 children.

Well, there they are. Talulah Pearl Davis and Wyatt Hudson Davis. Beautiful names, to us of course! Whatever God has blessed us with will be a-okay with it's just the waiting game!

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  1. Love the names! Tallulah is Demi Moore's daughters name! HA... I see you with a boy though! Can't wait to find out what you are having. It will be here before you know it!


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