This is our's crazy, it's hectic, but most of all it's fun!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 weeks

Here's Wyatt at 7 weeks!

Nothing major to report...still sleeping 8-9 hours a night-eating 5.5 oz every 3 hour and 6 at bed time-getting so strong with your neck and arms-rolling over every day-and growing too fast for mommy's liking!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

First off, we would like to thank all the people who have/are serving our country. It definitely takes a certain person who is brave enough to do so and a person who is willing to do so should never be overlooked or forgotten.

This was Wyatt's first Memorial Day! On most Memorial Day weekends we are on a creek. This is the first time we haven't been and we will openly admit that we felt a little bit sorry for ourselves. Granted, we very well could have loaded up the canoe and tent and headed for the creek because we have parents that are very willing to keep Wyatt, but opted not to.

On Saturday we woke up and did a whole lot of nothing. Okay, so maybe I did a whole lot of nothing. Ryan and his step-dad put a new front door on the house. I just sat around and took care of a fussy baby. I felt bad for Wyatt since it was his first real "bad" day. I never gave it much thought, but I guess it does  make sense that babies, as well as big people, have their own bad days. This was his first. If he wasn't being held there was no hope for the little guy. Needless to say his got lots of cuddle time. Later in the day I got so bored that I decided to make some homemade chocolate chip cookies. (I'm really doing terrible at getting back into shape. I did, for the record, get up and run that morning though.)

 Sunday was my MIL's birthday so we headed out to their house after church for a cookout. We of course took some pictures and watched our little man roll over plenty of times! We also left the baby with them for a few hours while we went to the movies with friends.
 When we got home we ended up putting our flags out on the mailbox. We are in fact starting our little guy off right and encouraging him to be patriotic. It's our duty.

 Today, we went to mom and dad's for a little pool time! Mommy caught some rays while Mimi took care of Wyatt. We were planning on letting him "swim," but the pool was a little too chilly still so we will have to wait a few more weeks. We are still planning on having a little water baby!
So that was our 3 day weekend. I'm ready for another, but I know that the next time we have one I will be starting back to work. July 5th will be here before I know it. Boo!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Husbands are good for...

Not digging up the Mother's Day lily from last year when redoing the flower bed so I could enjoy this:
 Pulling weeds:
 Feeding a very content 11 lb baby during the evenings:

But mostly...kicking my butt out of bed at 6:45 to go run.
Morning run? Check. Realizing how truly out of shape I am? Double check. Ugh.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I went for my 6 week check up today...all is well and we are ready to start trying for baby #2!!!

Okay, okay... I am totally joking about baby numero dos. We aren't quite to that point yet, but we have unofficially decided to start trying shortly after Wyatt turns 1...and that? That is going to be here before we know it.

I weighed in 1 lb below my pre-baby weight. Woo! Crappy part? While I am enjoying that number on the scale I am, what I tell my husband, a flabby mess. Yuck.

Every day it is the same thing..."Monday I am going to start running again." Monday rolls around and I don't.

I hate to admit it, but I've become lazy...a lazy slob who sits around with my little love eating frozen grasshoppers during the day and cheesecakes by night.

I think in the back of my mind I continued to put off real exercising because to me a number was a big deal...and managing to maintain a weight that I was happy with made it that much easier to be a lazy person.

That's over and done with now. Tomorrow I am going to get up and go 6:30 in the morning. (Yes, my alarm has gone off every morning at 6:30 since Monday. At least I had good intentions every day.)

I am very ready to be running again. I hate feeling out of shape. We will see how it goes...I know sitting around getting no cardio is terrible for me, so hopefully tomorrow I will be back on the running bandwagon.

At least I have a husband who tells me I still look good and not flabby. That's what matters, right?

I do believe a shopping trip is in order for new running clothes. Ha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet me in...

St. Louis
The hubs and I are going to St. Louis in September to watch the Braves play. I am beyond excited! I know that we are going to have so much fun. The only sad part is it will be our first getaway after having a baby, but yet he won't be joining us. It will be good for us though and that's what's important. Plus, I'm sure Wyatt will have a dandy time at his grandparent's house (as will Marley)! Yes, we still have a little pooch named Marley who has sadly taken a backseat to his younger brother. At least to me...Daddy is pretty good about showing Marles love each evening.

Ryan ordered us our shirts...I think he may be a little bit more excited than I am. Truth be told: he wanted matching shirts, but couldn't find any. Cute, right? (I've taught him well. I'm so lucky to have a hubs who is "in" with the whole matchy-matchy mess that I adore.) And, what could be better than watching his all time favorite baseball team? Um, watching it with his wife! Duh!

Not to mention...The Cheesecake Factory is there. Bonus!

Should be a great long weekend for us and right around Bunney's birthday. Nashville for George Strait last year, St. Louis for the Braves this year...he better be planning something fab-u-lous for mine!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 weeks and rolling over

Wyatt is 6 weeks old today!!

At 6 weeks:
-Eating 5 oz every 3-4 hours
-Sleeping 6-8 hours a night
-Staying awake a lot more and nap for about an hour after we play
-You hate to be soon as we take the bottle away you do the most pitiful wail and cry and cry. We have to sush you very loudly to calm  down and then you'll burp. Feeding you in public will be a nightmare.
-Talking and smiling and it melts my heart!
-Are becoming more fun each day and not to mention stronger
-Biggest thing? You rolled over last night!!

One day shy of 6 weeks you rolled over belly to back and mommy got it on video!! We are so proud of you and what a strong little boy you are!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a short one to say the least. We didn't get to hang with Daddy very much since he was playing in a golf tournament, but we still had fun.

Friday night we got to meet little baby Cru. He was so sweet and tiny! I can't believe Wyatt is already 10.2 lbs. Chunky baby boy, but I love it. He looked like a monster compared to 6 lb Cru! They will for sure be future Atlanta Braves, we all have no doubts!

Saturday Ryan headed out for the golf tournament and I headed over to my parents to drop off the baby so I could go enjoy a movie and dinner with my girls. We watched Bridesmaids and it was downright the point that I actually cried. I definitely recommend watching it. Afterwards we went and ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday. (Confession: After the movie we drove back to Dardanelle, checked on my little man, and drove back across Russellville to eat. Yeah, I'm a little lame. But I have a fabulous bff that didn't mind a bit!) Girl time was just what I needed...dinner was great and so were my "adult" beverages I had. I was home by know since the end of the world was about to happen...just in time to cuddle with my love. I visited with my parents a little more and then headed home.

Sunday was spent at my parent's house again until Ryan finished up the tournament.

The best thing about the Billy D Tournament each year? I get one of these... (or my hubby does, but we both know it's mine. In fact, he called to ask if I wanted a red or yellow one. Little did I know his "red" was really a burnt orange and so now I feel like a Texas fan. Gag.) Even though I usually only wear a hat while floating the river, I still like to stake claims on these.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Single Mom

Every time I watch 16 and Pregnant I am instantly grateful for the wonderful husband that I have helping me raise our son. I could not imagine those first few weeks trying to do everything on my own and not having the support in decisions I make.

 Last night was my first night alone with Wyatt. I am thankful that Ryan is only away from home a couple nights out of the month because if it was anymore than that I would seriously go insane.

Daddy time is when Ryan gets home and takes's when him and the little guy get to bond and I only intervene when necessary. Last night, I found out what it was like to take care of a baby 24+ hours without any help. It wasn't hard by any means because we are blessed with a great baby who sleeps 6-8 hours at night and is hardly fussy during the day. Just knowing what it was like never being able to hand the baby off for a little "me" time (even if it was 30 minutes and not during nap time) had the potential to be challenging.

I would hate knowing that while I was about to have a baby the fact that his/her daddy may not be present is heartbreaking. I thank God each and everyday for the little miracle he has trusted me and Ryan with and also for Ryan himself. I know that I couldn't do it without him, nor would I ever want to.

On a random side note, last night I wanted another baby so stinkin' bad. Actually, I think it was more that I wanted to be pregnant again. I loved being pregnant and the end product is unlike anything you could imagine. I've pretty much decided a second baby will come sooner than later...and sooner may be about 2 years, but still.

Little man turned 5 weeks old yesterday.

-Wears size 1 diapers
-Eats 4.5-5 oz every 3-4 hours
-Go to bed anywhere between 10-11 and the past two nights woke up about 5 for a feeding, but go right back to sleep.
-Are becoming more and more alert
- Follow me with yours eyes when I walk past you
-Are discovering your little voice
-Are smiling more
-In 0-3 month clothes
-Enjoying bath time more and more

Saturday, May 14, 2011

1 Month

This past Thursday you turned a month old. Boo! Last night we went to get you weighed and you weighed in at 9 lbs 15.8 oz. Almost a 10 lb baby! Chunky butt, we love you so much...even if you are looking like daddy more and more everyday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The past month

One day shy of baby's one month

I have discovered quite a few things in the past month. Things that definitely remind me that I am in fact a mother.

I have always been very routine. I like it that way. I like knowing that my days are predictable. Since having Wyatt I fill like a hot mess in more ways than one.

Pre-baby, I would take a shower every night. Post-baby, I feel lucky if I get a shower. It's usually still in the evening but I would never imagine what a luxury it is. I like to wait until Ryan is home and on "baby duty." My normal shower which was 15 minutes is now streched to about 25. Seriously, it's like a mini-vacation. I never really cared to be "dirty" if I was doing dirty or outdoorsy stuff. If, however, I was getting dirty and it wasn't a planned event I would immediately feel the need to shower. Now? Now I could care less. Case in point- yesterday Wyatt spit up a lot while I was burping him. Like, all down my shirt, down my bra, even soaking into my shorts. It was gross, yes. I just wiped it up, put him down, changed clothes, put on a new bra, and we went about feeding again. This was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon...I didn't shower until after 9. I know, I know...I'm absolutely disgusting.

My baby can have a slight bit of spit up on him and I feel the need to redress him immediately while I can and have wore the same shirt two days in a row during feedings/changings/burpings so you know there had to be some goods on there. See, still gross.

As of two nights ago, I finally didn't sweat through my jammies. No one told me that I would sweat through clothes while sleeping once I had a baby. I mean, I knew my hormones would be insane, but really...yuck. I should just say that I have washed lots and lots of my jammies in the past month.

My poor husband...he thinks I have been so crazy and while he would never admit it to my face, he has most definitely told people that I was. Yesterday I told Ryan that I am 3/4 of the way to feeling normal again. I really have 1/4 of the way to go, but I think that in about 2 more weeks I will be good to know, when I have my 6 week checkup. Ha!

I haven't cooked but once since having Wyatt and (head hung in shame) it was just spaghetti, but I felt like such a warrior for making that. I have got to get back in the groove of cooking on a daily basis. In fact, I am going to cook pork tenderloin tonight. Wish me luck...this is if little man decides to let me. (Is it bad that I feel okay having a baby to blame on my lack of cooking? No? Okay, didn't think so.) Side note: I did make me blueberry muffins this morning. That is a bit of progress I like to think.

While I am still adjusting to life with a baby, it has been the most stressful, exciting, and shortest month of my life.  I look forward to seeing what the second month brings!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 weeks

4 weeks old already?  We have pictures just about's mostly because mommy is so are you apparently.

I honestly can't believe you are 4 weeks old already. Where does the time go?

At 4 weeks you are eating 4-4.5 oz every 3-4 hours. Today, however, I gave you an extra ounce because you seemed hungry still. It was exactly what you needed. You eat and have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and half of wake time and then you nap. You sleep in your crib during naps and at night. Before last night you slept all night for 4 nights...last night, however, wasn't such a good one. It's okay though, it was good while it lasted.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

On April 12, 2011 at 5:08pm I joined an elite club... I, officially, became a mother to the most handsome little boy I've ever laid eyes on.
 Wyatt brings not only myself, but his daddy as well, so much happiness. I am forever thankful for the blessings that God has bestowed upon my little family so far.
Being that it was my day, Ryan was going to wake up early and surprise me by making me my beloved blueberry muffins. However, our little toot decided that he would take an hour and ten minutes to drink a measly 4 ozs. Seriously? After not eating for nearly 6 hours you think he would suck that bottle down, but instead he took his sweet time.

We had decided to take Wyatt to church for the first time today. I was a nervous wreck, but like always, Ryan assured me it was going to be okay. Which it was! Wyatt didn't make a peep the entire time we were there. I, along with many other moms, got to stand and be recognized. No lie, I seriously felt special.

After a successful morning at church (and plently of people telling us what a dandy we have) we headed over to mom's to spend time with her and eat...we also had a lot of pictures taken!


Since I got my blog book earlier in the week I didn't expect anything the actual day of. However, I got a card from Ryan and a card from Wyatt and Marley. Also, I got two more of the cups that I am slightly obsessed with. Really, there is nothing more spectacular than these cups! Kudos to my hubby for getting me them!
 I had the best first Mother's Day ever. I am so lucky to have a good, loving husband who puts up with me during all my crazy moments and a son who is everything to me. And, because I am such a doting mother... We have had 4 straight nights of sleep! Yay! Little man has slept through the night all 4 nights and I am hoping tonight is #5! Even if it isn't, I'm pretty proud of him anyway!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A fluke?

We had our best night ever at the Davis household last night.

After being fed, I got Wyatt asleep by 10:30, put him in his crib, said a little prayer that he'd stay asleep, and prepared for bed myself. Ryan had already fallen asleep on the couch so I just turn off the lights, let him be, and crawled into bed by 11.

I awoke suddenly a little confused and immediately looked at the clock thinking it would be no later than 12 because I didn't figure Wyatt would have slept long at all without a peep especially at night. The shock on my face when I saw 2 something was probably priceless. I hopped out of bed and hurried to his room where the little toot was sleeping so soundly. Hmm...back to bed I went to get in those extra minutes of sleep in because I would have bet money he was about to wake up for good. I fell right back asleep and later heard the crying...which I figured was 15 maybe 20 minutes later. Nope- try 2 more hours. Wyatt had slept from 10:30-4 without waking up. This can't be normal and I was a little uneasy thinking he had gone that long without eating...but, I'm a believer in babies will wake when they need to eat so who knows...? I made a bottle, woke up Ryan, gave him strict instructions to feed baby, burp, swaddle, rock, and when he is good and asleep stick him back in his crib. Within 30 minutes or so Ryan was in bed with me and we slept without interruption until 7 this morning.

Good job Wyatt. If only this was our routine every night we would be doing fabulous at almost 4 weeks.

However, I know it's just a fluke. This can't possibly happen every night, but I most certainly welcome it again...even tonight if that's a possibility.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby's first date night

My baby is growing up...he had his first date night at 3.5 weeks. We can say it was a success! In about 25 years, when we really let him start dating he is going to have a beautiful girlfriend named Mia. I know she doesn't look very amused by little Wyatt but give her a little time. He's still a cry baby, but he will grow out of it!
Looking sooo much like his daddy!

What you can't see is Wyatt has his hand around Mia's waist. We will have to have a talk about this!

Sweet, sweet babies!
Mia's mommy and daddy brought us dinner tonight...a pasta dish, salad, and possum pie. It was delish and we really enjoyed talking about the babies. It's so much fun having friends that have a kid so close in age with Wyatt.

We are very, very thankful that they took time to prepare us a meal, bring it to us, and spend time enjoying it with us! The kid's first "dinner date" (Italian- it's all about being romantic!) was fun and we look forward to many more dates with Mia and her parents.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 weeks

Last night my dear husband was especially nice to me. He told me that he would watch the baby all night long. We have a routine that we have each night with Wyatt. Shifts I should say. From 10-2ish Daddy is on baby duty. Every feeding/diaper change/wake time/getting baby back to sleep is taken care of by Ryan while Mommy gets a solid 4-5 hours of sleep. From that 2ish on it's Mommy's job since I can usually catch a nap with Wyatt sometime throughout the day. It's working fairly well... Last night however was a dream come true. I went to bed about 10:30 and slept all the way until 7. Oh. My. Word. I woke up a brand new person. Serioulsy. It is insane how "normal" and "refreshed" I feel today. Ryan is feeling pretty good today as well I should say because he also got a sufficient amount of sleep.

Ryan is notorious for feeding Wyatt and then letting him fall asleep on his chest in the recliner. He then falls asleep himself, ensuring a good amount of sleep at night. Mommy on the other hand can't sleep in the recliner, much less with a baby on top of her and is trying very hard to get Wyatt asleep in his crib each night. I'm pretty successful most nights, now if we can get daddy on the "put baby in his crib when he falls asleep" train we will be doing alright! I shouldn't complain won't be long before Wyatt doesn't want to be cuddled up to us so we should enjoy it while we can.

Today, our big boy is 3 weeks old. Wyatt takes a bottle (3-3.5 ozs) every 3 hours. He still sleeps a vast majority of the day which allows me plenty of time to clean, do laundry, get some P90X in (which I started today), and catch up on DVR'ed movies.  We nicknamed him Cornflake because that's what his stinkies smell like. Cute, right? Ha! We aren't so much a fan of bath time, but  he does enjoy the hair washing part of it. Your little grins in your sleep are my favorite! That and your little reflex that has you throw your hands up in your sleep. Ah, I will miss that so much!

Here are pictures from 3 weeks:

Today we had an afternoon stroll with brother Marley! It was fabulous to get out of the house and get some fresh air!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day came early

This Sunday will mark a monumental day for me. I will be celebrating my first "real" Mother's Day. I got a present last year, an Easter Lily that we planted because I am a mommy to Marley, but this year it's for real and it's all thanks to my little piggy Wyatt. I am so excited. We are also going to tackle church for the first time as well!

Ryan and I are terrible at gift-giving. By this I mean we always give presents early. It is so hard for us to wait until the day of and I'm not quite sure why but I am definitely a fan!

Today, I got my present. He had my blog posts from 2010 made into a book. He used this website and it is awesome! I absolutely adore it! I started blogging to document my feelings about leading up to our wedding (hence the name) and then as a way of remembering all the fun things we did and what life had in store for us. I always knew I would want to remember our day-to-day lives, but now that I have it in a book and it can go on my bookshelf and at any moment I can go there and reminisce about our story.

Here is the cover of my book:

The dedication:
I love the "Contents" page:
How it looks with no pictures in the post:

With pictures:
 So there is my present---Bunney did a great job! I'm looking forward to lunch and a movie Saturday afternoon with him. He's taking me "out" for Mother's Day sans-baby. Isn't that a little strange that the only way I am getting to actually celebrate this day is because of the one boy I am getting a "break" from? I should go down in the books as a bad mother for that, but at least I will be spending my actual "day" with him. And, it's healthy for mommy and daddy to have a little time away from baby. Right? Right.
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