This is our's crazy, it's hectic, but most of all it's fun!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snoogle Verdict

Ryan is such a good husband. I like to tell him this as often as I see possible for I strongly believe that it leads him to continue to be that good husband. He is going to be an exceptional daddy as well. There is pretty much no question about it.

For his birthday he bought me a Snoogle. Curious as to what a Snoogle is?

Behold, the one of the greatest inventions ever.

(Picture me, not near as pregnant, and not in silky jammies)

I have always been annoying to bunk with…according to me and not my husband. He doesn’t seem to mind my constant need to sleep extremely close to him, with usually, at minimum, my feet touching his legs. If I happen to wake up in the night, which is the norm now days, I always scoot a little closer to him. Usually, my back is pressed right up against him. He doesn’t mind it one bit…so he says.

For Ryan’s birthday he bought me a present. See how much he loves me. I had already been told that I had to invest in a Snoogle but had never told Ryan about it. When Ryan went to pick something up from our insurance company he was told that he absolutely had to get me one. I had intended on getting me one already, when I was further along in my pregnancy, but Ryan had other intentions. As is the norm, once Ryan had decided to buy me one he called and told me he was looking at a present for me. Immediately I started in with the do I wear it? What is it used for? Is it for me or the baby? Will I use it a lot? How will I use it? Why am I getting it? Do I really need it? Etc. Etc. Like the genius (and idiot) that I am I successfully guessed what my present was going to be. Surprises are not a thing in the Davis household. Never have been and probably never will be. Our poor kids will never have a surprise birthday party unless their grandparents plan and host the entire thing and never even mention it to us. (Hint, hint---just kidding!) Now the waiting game for my beloved pillow to arrive.

It felt like Christmas pulling up to the house and it sitting on the porch just waiting to be opened. I immediately got it inside, unwrapped, and placed on my bed. I changed into some comfies and proceeded to try out every position on the instructions. All of them were amazing. I was so thrilled with my pillow that I almost laid there curled up in it until Ryan got home...Instead, I decided against it for I wanted to “show” him the Snoogle when he got home rather than him coming home and seeing me passed out in it. Within seconds of his arrival I made him “try out” the Snoogle. He said I acted like a little kid at Christmas and he could really tell that I was excited about it. About a pillow? Yes, guilty. I’m not sure if it’s the way it curls around you so perfectly or the fact that I’m pregnant and it’s mostly for the comfort of me and our growing child. I like to think it’s the latter. The sad part about all my excitement is that Ryan said he felt as though he was getting tossed to the curb. Ouch. Poor thing…

So I tested out my pillow last night. I curled up with it while Ryan watched tv in bed. (Side note: One of the benefits to my being pregnant is Ryan actually gets to watch the tube in the bedroom since I can’t stay awake with the lights off and in our super-comfy bed. Bonus for him!) I was immediately out and into dream land. I would wake up like I do every night and be reminded of the pure bliss that was wrapped around me. I tried out a ton of positions with this gem. This morning after the first alarm I did however abandon ship and curled up to my husband, because NOTHING is better than curling up to him. AND---I made sure to tell him that…even though he still felt worthless. So, the Snoogle is going to be fantastic, especially when I am much more pregnant. I still squirm a lot now because my stomach is still relatively flat so it made it more of a task to switch positions. But, I know when I am farther along it is going to be ideal. So, dear hubby, thank you again and again for being so sweet and so considerate. And, ps…I still feel like there is an anaconda in the bed. I love you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend...

I fell in love all over again with the weather. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Luckily, I have a husband who shares that love with me.

We, mostly on Sunday, said, “I love this weather!” about 20 times throughout the day. We slept with the air off and the windows open and half way through the night I had to put some pants on. I believe Fall is here to stay. (I hope.)

I attended Ryan’s 10 year high school reunion. Was it fun? Honestly? No, not really for me. For Ryan? He had a great time seeing all his old classmates and catching up and that’s what mattered. I just sat there watching all the girls swarm around a table full of old pictures having a hen party. I just smiled and laughed occasionally thinking that in just a few more years that is going to be me and all my girlies doing the exact same thing, but probably a lot, lot louder. Ryan was class president. I know he wants me to share that piece of trivia, so there it is! I realize that next reunion, I am going to have to polish up on my football stats in order to join the husband’s table, who also just sat there while their wives clucked away. Ryan did his best, I think, to make me feel as un-awkward as possible. I was fine though, really. I’ve mastered holding my own in an awkward situations…one for example, where your husband goes back and forth between guys and girls groups and chit-chatting. I was sociable when need be and endured the two hours. Granted, had I ate an actual good lunch I would have been in a much chipper mood. But mashed potatoes and gravy and a roll were all I ate. Eek. Maybe next time there will be a better food selection and not a picky baby in my tummy.

Ryan and I saw first hand at the football game Friday night what our lives were really going to be like. Ryan’s classmates all had children. Well, not all. There were I think 3 couples that didn’t. Everyone else? Two or three. This was going to be us…chasing kids around, me yelling Ryan and him instantly knowing to start looking for a kid. I do have to say, and this is rather lame, but I’m glad we’re on the children bandwagon. Next reunion, we’ll have our own two running around acting foolish. Can’t wait!

The Razorbacks lost. Bummer. But, I will say that it’s okay that they barely lost to the number 1 team in the country. I’d much rather see that than a complete blowout. I am happy that they only dropped to number 15.

Sunday was consumed with the NFL. It always seems to be and I’m gradually becoming more and more okay with that. I check “our” FFL stats with Ryan…I also am the predictions reader for the FFL. Ryan lets me know when they are in and then I read them to him. I’m dorky and I should probably develop my own team.

My momma is the best…mashed potatoes and brown gravy and broccoli and cheese casserole for “baby” on Sunday night dinner was delicious. Yes, there was roast as well, but I devoured the casserole. I asked mom to make a specific meal…mashed pots, brown gravy, broc and cheese casserole, rolls and a meat of her choice since I wouldn’t eat it and she said, “anything for the baby!” See. Already spoiled and still in the womb.

I am beginning to notice that my energy it starting to return! I can actually stay up past 10 with no problem! However, my husband has been wanting to go to bed early lately and I honestly can’t object. While I can stay awake longer now, doesn’t mean I always want to. My goal for the week is to get back in the gym! YES!

I was told I didn’t even look pregnant. I smiled, and said, yah I know. What I wanted to say was, “My tummy used to be flat and now I have a pot-belly. I have to jimmy my pants with a ponytail holder looped three times because they are just small enough to where they barely fit me buttoned normally. Whereas I don’t look pregnant I definitely am and will be more than willing to show you how my “bump” has changed.” Ha, then reality sets back in and I’m happy I am gaining weight normally…actually not at all yet. I’m just silly and like watching my little tummy get bigger. So does the husband…he’s a regular patter now days…and I can just hear it in his voice the excitement when people ask about me and he says, “She’s getting her a little pot-belly now, but feeling good!”

I hope people are correct with they all say, I think you’ll have a basketball for a belly and that’s it.

My husband was a good husband and started cleaning house first and immediately started helping.

I got to sleep in until 9:00 both days! I was really shooting for 10 on Saturday, but couldn’t make it that far.

Ryan is sometimes too good to me. Buying me a Snoogle for his birthday? Checking it daily for its arrival? Yes, that is my dear husband! Lubb him dearly!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Names

Yes, I am already divulging the name of our future child for multiple reasons:

1. We've known since before we were married what we were going to name our first boy and our first girl. Yes, this lady is a crazy planner about everything. This, by the way, is how I had my wedding planned in a month and sat around for 8 waiting for it to get here.

2. People are already asking and we are telling. And, I secretly love when people tell me they knew I'd have good names. It makes me feel like good mommy material already.

3. I like referring to it as (blank) or (blank), but mostly (blank) because it's going to be a little girl.

4. Everyone, I think, wants to share what their baby's name is. It's one of those we're busting at the seams because of it.

However, the biggest reason I am willing to give away the name of our perfect little bundle inside of me is...

5. I'm no longer afraid of "Baby Name Stealers." Yes, I will admit it. Before I became pregnant I was very particular about who I shared my baby names with. Why you ask? Simple- I wanted the credit for the awesome names I would generate. I didn't want anyone stealing the name, claiming them as their own creation. Now? With a baby on the way? I want the credit first. I want my baby to have a name and I want it to be referred to by its name as much as possible even before we know the gender. It's our decision and we're happy with it. Plus, we already practice with it...

So, drumroll please...

It is:

Talulah Pearl vs. Wyatt Hudson

Sigh. of. relief. I feel so much better sharing it with the "world" now. Funny how that works. So yes, Talulah Pearl and Wyatt Hudson.

Talulah (Ta-loo-la) yes, I've already been asked how to pronounce it through a text message. I am Choctaw Indian. Half to be exact. When watching Tori and Dean one night and she referenced her children's book and the little girl's name was Talulah we were both like ooh, I like that name so it instantly went on our favorites list and quickly became the name once we found out it originated from the Choctaw language and means "running/leaping water." See, it was destiny!

Pearl was Ryan's grandma's middle name and before I even met Ryan I knew that would either be my girl's first or middle name. There was no doubt. When making the list of first names if it didn't go with Pearl in any way it was immediately dunzo. Destiny again.

Wyatt is an older name which we love. Wyatt just sort of happened. We knew immediately it would be the name of our first son.

Hudson was a name I had heard and instantly fell in love with it. I tried for Hudson as a first name but daddy was very particular about having a little Wyatt Hudson instead. I naturally agreed because I love both names a ton.

I have a confession: when we found out we were pregnant we had twin boy names and twin girl names picked out as well. Needless to say we have 4 names that we are going to for sure be using on our 2 children.

Well, there they are. Talulah Pearl Davis and Wyatt Hudson Davis. Beautiful names, to us of course! Whatever God has blessed us with will be a-okay with it's just the waiting game!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First ultrasound

Little arm.
Favorite picture---it's true, I already love baby feet!

Introducing, Baby Davis!

How far along? 10 weeks, 4 days but today they said I was measuring 5 days ahead.

Total weight gain: Zero

Maternity clothes? No, but the ponytail holder is helping a considerable amount when wearing jeans.

Sleep: I sleep wonderfully each night aside from getting up twice to potty.

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat--168 and getting our first u/s. Seeing the baby flip flop all around was a-mazing!

Movement: Nothing that I can feel, but I saw plenty of it today during the u/s!

Gender: We are expecting to see it the week of my birthday-- week of November 20th, which is awesome because Ryan got to hear the heartbeat and see it for the first time for his and we will find out the gender for mine!

Labor Signs: Umm? No. That would be very, very bad.

Belly Button in or out? In!!

What I miss: Desserts. I will love when (if) I get my taste buds for sweets back!

Weekly Wisdom: Knowing that it's in God's hands makes it a whole lot easier not to stress.

Milestones: Hearing that beautiful whoosh-whoosh!

So, we finally got to see our beautiful baby today and hear that heartbeat I have been stressing on and off about hearing. I am so in love with this little baby and like I told Ryan, could talk about it all day everyday. It became so real once you hear your baby's heart beating away and seeing him/her flip around in your tummy. I was a teary-eyed laughing blob on the table looking up at our child. I am pretty pumped to actually get to do this little survey weekly as well... I've been telling myself that I was going to wait until the first u/s to do so and today it was finally time! Yay! We know a few things... 1. We have a super active baby. 2. It's going to be the absolute apple of our eye. 3. Every sick feeling I've had so far has been sooo worth it.

Baby Davis,

You are an absolute dream come true. Mommy and Daddy love you more than we could ever image loving something. We look forward to the day when we get to actually feel what an active baby you appear to be. You are going to be one spoiled rotten baby...thanks to all your grandparents. We pray you continue to grow strong and healthy and cook away inside Mommy's tummy. Remember, 9 months until perfection! :)

Mommy and Daddy

Monday, September 20, 2010

Case of the Mondays

Mondays come so stinkin’ quickly it’s a little bit depressing. Even though we had a nice, long, lazy weekend it still seemed to fly by.

Friday night, this little lady was craving some Italian. Which by the way, is nothing new for I feel like I could eat Italian every day of the week. My dear hubs isn’t really a fan of these beloved dishes so he usually just bears to eat it with me. That’s love, right? Sacrificing dinner and eating a salad in order for little momma to be happy? Yes, I do think so. Ryan had eaten pizza for lunch and wasn’t really hungry at dinner time so he said it wasn’t a big deal. We had a nice little dinner where I thought I would never get enough bread, ranch, and marinara sauce, but somehow I managed. Once we left the restaurant, I asked to go look for deer at the land where Ryan hunts. Ryan said we could but were going to go home first. Once home, we cuddled up and that was all she wrote.

On Saturday morning we headed to Danville for a funeral. Never fun, but afterwards we went to Papaw’s to watch the first half of the Razorback game. We had to go to Sonic first to get a Diet Dr. Pepper, which has recently become one of my obsessions. No more Diet Pepsi for me…only Diet Dr. Pepper. I visit Sonic probably a little bit more than I should in order to get this beloved drink. Luckily, I practice self-control and don’t get anything to eat with it. Saturday was a little different. Ryan ordered a combo and I just ordered a small Frenchy fry. Which to this pregnant lady seems to be about 5 fries and that’s it. We went to Papaw’s and Ryan started eating his extra long cheese coney (gag) and I ate my five fries…plus Ryan’s order as well. So, all together I ate about a medium order of fries and I was good to go. And bless Ryan for saying it was perfectly fine that I ate his share as well. After an XL coney did he really need the Frenchy fries as well? Probably not, but neither did I! We finished the second half at home and settled in for an afternoon full of college football games. I love Saturdays. I love college football! It’s so much more entertaining than NFL. You know, the people who won’t show up to practices because they feel they aren’t making enough money. Really? You are being so stingy you should be ashamed. Your parents should be ashamed. That’s why I hate the NFL. Yes, I am all about making money for your talent, but when you want to be a cry baby and think you’re entitled to something more, you’re greedy and a lame-o in my book. College is a million times better! However, my Sunday’s are filled with professional football as well and I will always pick a team to be cheering for. Saturday night we had dinner at Pudgy Pig. I got my usual sandwich, but opted not to get fries, but instead potato salad. See, working hard to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain! Ha, I did at the last second order a side of Texas toast and the man looked at me like I was crazy. Ryan’s response, “She can’t help it, she’s pregnant.” His first declaration and justification for my behavior. I love it. Once we left, Ryan “surprised” me by saying we were going to look for deer. I just love this activity. It’s relaxing and being the animal lover that I am, I love seeing all the deer we normally see. We rode around the acreage for about 45 minutes just listening to good ole country music, with an almost full moon, just me and my love. It is perfect. Ryan kept saying, “Sorry we’re not seeing very much Bunney,” (and “Are you feeling okay?”) but I didn’t care. I was happy just being out there with him and seeing the 20 or so deer that we did see. Which, the deer love some Reba like me. That’s what we have concluded. Oh, that and the fact that riding around out in fields immediately after I eat is not as comfortable as I would like. Either way it was so much fun. Ryan even has high hopes that I’ll be killing a deer this year. Yah. Right. I’ll gladly scope out deer, sit in a tree stand, help load a dead deer, but absolutely will not shoot one. The hubs justification for me shooting one? Just think of it as over-population and they are inbreeding. Um, nice try. Maybe my perspective will change once Ryan is taking our daughter out hunting in the future. Ha!

I had a lovely first at church Sunday morning. When I’m sitting down I have a nice little pot belly. One I’m not really used to, but one I just adore. Ryan looked down and just patted it. Melted my heart. I actually felt like a little pregnant lady at the moment. We are going to the doctor tomorrow for our first ultrasound. I pray and pray that we hear the heartbeat and the signs of a healthy little baby growing inside me. I know it’s all in God’s hands so I try not to worry too much. Ryan and I both feel like it’s going to be a girl. And yes, to tell the truth, I hope for a little boy. But, He knows what’s in store and we can only be thankful for the blessing he is giving us. Be a him or her, I just want a healthy baby!

And--happy 6 month anniversary to Bunney! They have been wonderful!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "Belly"

I hope that I am getting a "baby bump" rather than just getting fat. While over the weekend, I feel like I suddenly got "fat." Awkward feeling for a girl whose norm is to be smaller and somewhat flatter. The beauty of pregnancy is that I am sacrificing my body in order to make a human...and that? That is absolutely awesome.

4 weeks---the day we found out. Of course I had to document the "start" goal for post-baby. haha

8 weeks

9.5 weeks---I feel I actually am getting a little belly...and brave enough to take a picture post-shower, pajama shorts, a cutoff work out shirt, and zero makeup. Eek.
That, or my ab muscles are deciding to expand outward very awkwardly.
I had a "fat kid" moment last night. I ate an early supper at 6 and went to bed at 10. At 2:00 I got up to potty and thought I would die of hunger once I laid back down. So what do you do? You get up and feed the baby. So off to the kitchen I went to make some toast and jelly. My little boy Marley was nice enough to join momma. Once I ate the toast I went back to bed, but not before I told Ryan that I was officially a fat kid who wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. He just laughed, told me I wasn't a fat kid, and went back to bed. As did I. Note to self: eat a later dinner to hold me over until breakfast so there is no more late night munching.
And, the absolute highlight of this week: getting to run again without any pain from my girls! YES! I hope to continue the running regime from here on out...or as long as possible.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early birthday

Classic quotes for the past weekend we just spent in Nashville, TN for Ryan's 29th birthday:

"I figure I need to find a car wash and wash the cow shit off my boots. I figure I'm going to see tons of celebrities and I'm going to have them sign my boots and then sell them on Ebay." -Hubby entering Nashville city limits

"Seriously, I just unbuttoned my pants so I can breathe." -Wifey eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory

I bought George Strait (and Reba) tickets for Ryan for his 29th birthday. He has always wanted to see the King of Country Music so what better way to spend an (early) birthday weekend than in Nashville, TN. We had such a great time! My dearest love was so accomodating to his little pregnant wife. Friday night we went to the mall and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was our first time to eat there but definitely will not be the last. The only sad part was that we didn't get any dessert. None. Who does that?! This couple apparently. For one, we had entirely too much for our actual entree and two, momma doesn't like sweets anymore. Sad, sad, sad. However, we vow to return with an appetite, desire for sweets, and the baby!

On Saturday, we got up and ventured downtown. Our hotel was about a 5 minute walk downtown so it was awesome! We had breakfast with a couple in Alaska who were from Nashville and we asked them a couple places to eat. Preferably BBQ since that's our thing and they suggested Jack's. Mission for Saturday: eat lunch at Jack's. Mission complete. It was soo yummy! The best part about this trip to Nashville was the I was actually able to eat and get full. That's a feeling I haven't felt in a really long time. After lunch, this little momma needed a nap. So we headed back to the hotel for a nap so I could recharge. After an hour of sleeping on my hubby's tummy while he watched baseball my battery was charged and I was ready to go again. We did a little more shopping, bound and determined to buy momma some cowboy boots. We found a $1,000 pair that looked spectacular on my feet (so said the sales lady) but opted not to splurge since Ryan said it'd be my "birthday present." Um, pass. I'd rather drop a lot more money on something that will actually get put to more use. So, we decided to drop $50 at an early dinner at Hard Rock Cafe instead. We always make it a point to go into Hard Rock if there is one...just 'cause.

Waiting for the concert to start.

My Reba

We then went home and got ready for the concert. It was sooo much fun. The highlight for me was Reba leaving and then returning to sing Fancy. I told Ryan as soon as I bought that tickets that seeing her sing Fancy was my only wish. Oh, and that he have a good time. Ryan really enjoyed George Strait...and while George is awesome he is painfully boring. However, like Ryan said he's just that good. He doesn't have to put on a show. (But for this lady it would have been nice if he did.) The concert started at 7 and went on until 11:40ish. Long, long time and I was exhausted and ready for bed. We left the stadium and I had promised the hubs we would "go out" afterwards. But, once we took the few steps and go on the bar and restaurant strip we were immediately turned off. With two different college football teams in town and the Titans playing at home on Sunday it was a mad house. Ryan quickly opted to return back to the hotel for bed... I didn't put up an argument.

Sunday we had breakfast at the Pancake Pantry for the huge line, but like Google told me, it moves really fast. We were in line for 40 minutes and ate and left within 20. They have amazing pancakes and the fluffiest eggs. So, so yummy.

Here is the line for the Pancake Pantry once we left right at 11.

Nashville was so much fun and Ryan assured me he had a great early birthday. I even tried really, really hard to not be a Debbie Downer the whole weekend and I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! Now, to see if the hubs can top my birthday gift!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooking lessons

When Ryan and I first started dating I wanted a snack. To be more precise, I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve always enjoyed gcs, as they are going to be dubbed, because they are so quick and simple. Not to mention I make a near perfect one when I do make them. I use the perfect amount of butter which is usually not very much since butter is pretty much disgusting in itself. I know the perfect temperature and then right amount of time to cook each side to where it is a commercial worthy sandwich. Kraft would be proud. If only I could get it to pull apart as delicately as they do, I could quite possibly be on payroll. Well, when Ryan made me a gcs for the first time it was more like a mess of cheese, butter, and bread. Hmm…was it really possible to demolish a sandwich that I’m pretty sure I managed to cook with ease by age 10? Yes, with Ryan making it apparently so. Now, for the record, Ryan is a great cook. So great, in fact, he actually makes deer meat taste like chicken and I can eat it with no problem. I never doubt his cooking skills…well, most of the time.

On the verge of what I considered near death due to my hunger tonight, Ryan asked repeatedly what I wanted to eat for supper. “Nothing, pick for me, I don’t know, anything, something, now please, hurry I’m dying” were the responses he got from me. Suddenly a gcs and chicken noodle soup was exactly what I wanted. I had been lying on the couch since 5 o’clock cuddled up to my hubs (our nightly routine due to pregnancy) and had no urge to get up whatsoever unless it was to potty. And that’s exactly what I did. But, when I remember the incident of Ryan’s gcs outcome and cooking ability (think slapping butter into the pan, letting it semi-melt, laying bread on it, letting it “cook”, then adding cheese, then wondering how you’re going to get the other side of the bread to cook since there is no butter on it. Yes, I did witness this routine as my then-boyfriend tried helplessly to make me a sandwich.) I hopped up off the couch to his rescue. He got the soup going and we basically had a tutorial of grilled cheese sandwich making.

First, we lightly (and very evenly) coat both sides of bread with butter. Then we set the stove at the magic number 6.5 and let it heat. Once heated, we add the first piece of bread---butter side down---, immediately added our cheese on top of that, and then add the second piece of bread---butter side up---This was so hard for my dear love to understand and I’m not too sure why. Once it cooked evenly and to half perfection I was able to give the pan a little shake and toss the sandwich in the air all while flipping it over. Ryan’s response? “Shut up! Did you really just do that?” My reply, “Um, yah. I have mad sandwich skills,” and I proceeded to finish my sandwich to complete perfection. I added it to my plate and enjoyed my little dinner of a sandwich and soup. Ryan then decided he wanted a gcs, but with turkey. (Gag.) He started making his sandwich trying to recall all the details I had just showed him moments before. He got both sides of the bread buttered. Check. Cheese out. Check. Turkey. Check. He set the first piece butter side down. Then added cheese and turkey. Doing good so far. Then the first mistake…setting the second piece of bread butter side down again. Second mistake…trying to pull a Sarah and flipping the sandwich mid air which resulted in a burning of the cheese for it hit the pan and he couldn’t get it up quick enough. The end result? A squished somewhat looking sandwich. Nonetheless, he ate it. I think it was out of pride because I saw the sandwich. I mean, I stood right there with him as he made it and there was no way it was “good.” I offered about 10 times to make one for him but he refused…I tried…He tried…

While Ryan is great at other things---cooking, cleaning, laundry, helping me out, being a good husband---he can fail miserably at other very simple things…Since he is convinced we’re having a girl, maybe we should start working on ponytails and braids. Starting…now?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Since becoming pregnant, I’ve gone through a couple of break-ups. No, not with my husband (he’s stuck with me for life), but with many other loves of mine.

Diet Pepsi: I’ve shared a love with you for years now. For nearly 5 years I’ve drank only one “coke” a day and it has always been a Diet Pepsi. Granted there were days when my beloved Pepsi, as it is so often called because the important people know it’s a Diet Pepsi, was not consumed but instead Sweet Tea took its place. One coke a day? Yes, and usually at lunch. I’m weird I suppose but it was just enough caffeine to get me through the day. Now, since the baby is on its way, Pepsi is no longer my friend. We’ve gone our separate ways. I love Pepsi from a can. Love it. I can’t stand it from a bottle for it is too fizzy and hate it from a glass. I want it out of a can with a straw. The only way I can drink it and enjoy it. Now, I can’t stand it from a can and when I get the urge to drink one it’s only a few sips. Such a waste of not only a can but a straw as well! Now, when I crave a Pepsi (which is a rarity) and absolutely have to have one it must be from a fountain. That’s the only way I can enjoy it and I really, really enjoy it. I only get mediums and since most of it is ice I don’t get to enjoy near as much as I want. Yet, it is just satisfying enough. When the nurse practitioner asked how much caffeine I consumed I said one coke a day she said I could have two servings a day while pregnant. Two. I just smiled at Ryan for he had approved of my dislike for my can Pepsis already and didn’t want me drinking any at all. But now…now, I had the “okay” to get a Pepsi when I felt I needed one…like maybe once a week. Sad.

Sleep: Yes, it is true I’ve had a mini break-up with sleep. I call it a “mini” because I am in bed ready to get some sleep by 9:30 usually every night. Ryan comes and lays down with me for at least 10-15 minutes so we can get some last minute bonding in for the day and before he tells me goodnight and he lubbs me. It’s our routine, probably dumb to most, but nonetheless ours. I am out as soon as he leaves the room and I never know what time he comes to bed, which is usually about 10:30-11:00 is what he tells me each morning. I always ask what time he does because I keep thinking I will remember him coming to bed, but never do. Yet, at 2:00 on the dot I am wide awake ready to potty. This peeing at 2:00 is ridiculous. I know exactly what time it is every time I get that little urge to get out of bed. I am practically asleep those 2-3 minutes I am out of bed and Ryan always asks “Honey, are you okay?” from the bedroom. (He’s so concerned it’s adorable.) I always sleepily reply, “Yeesss” all drawn out and sluggish. Then I get back in bed and am out even quicker than before. It is so annoying that I do this every night, but I absolutely cherish it. I know it’s for the baby so it’s A-Ok with me!

Dinner: Dinner has become a thing of the past for me. Ryan and I usually eat supper around 6:30-7:00, which was after we both got home and kind of decided who was cooking what according to the menu. Well now, when I get home from work at 5:15ish I am starving. Starving so bad I don’t think I can make it really. Therefore I munch on something just enough to “get me through it.” This leads to Ryan getting home a little after me, starving as well and me not being hungry…which leads to us pushing “dinner” back because 1. I can’t cook. 2. Ryan’s too tired to cook without me usually or can’t decide what he wants. 3. Food seems to make me more nauseous in the evening. 4. I’m crashed on the couch catching up on rest. It’s so sad that we can’t have cooked dinners together where we are both sitting down eating the same thing anymore. I hope my disgust for most foods passes soon. Second trimester, I am being an optimist.

Puny nails: I quit getting my nails done months ago to let my nails “breathe” from the acrylic and to strengthen back up before I started getting them done again. My nails since then have grown back like they usually do- a little stronger but still kept really short. Now, my nails are fantastic. Long and strong without any assistance from an acrylic coating! I love it! Thank you, prenatal vitamins. (I immediately started taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid when I got off birth control which I recommend to everyone.)

Smooth legs: Yes, I shave my legs every night at 9:00 and by 6:30 every morning they are prickly. Ouch. Again, thank you prenatal vitamins.

Normal bras: It is true. I have to invest in new (bigger) bras. At 8 weeks. Already? Yes I am petite and yes I was blessed thanks to what my mom and I believe is my Granny from my dad’s side, but really? It’s out of control. Ryan loves it…and shockingly shamefully I do as well. Yes, if I ever get a boob job I want them to look just like they do right now.

Not all my break-ups are terrible…in fact, some are great…it’s just a part of pregnancy and I love it. Ryan and I love watching my body change and the changes that I am going through. It’s so fun knowing that it’s all because of the little baby that we formed and that I am growing. It is such an exciting time!
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