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Monday, September 20, 2010

Case of the Mondays

Mondays come so stinkin’ quickly it’s a little bit depressing. Even though we had a nice, long, lazy weekend it still seemed to fly by.

Friday night, this little lady was craving some Italian. Which by the way, is nothing new for I feel like I could eat Italian every day of the week. My dear hubs isn’t really a fan of these beloved dishes so he usually just bears to eat it with me. That’s love, right? Sacrificing dinner and eating a salad in order for little momma to be happy? Yes, I do think so. Ryan had eaten pizza for lunch and wasn’t really hungry at dinner time so he said it wasn’t a big deal. We had a nice little dinner where I thought I would never get enough bread, ranch, and marinara sauce, but somehow I managed. Once we left the restaurant, I asked to go look for deer at the land where Ryan hunts. Ryan said we could but were going to go home first. Once home, we cuddled up and that was all she wrote.

On Saturday morning we headed to Danville for a funeral. Never fun, but afterwards we went to Papaw’s to watch the first half of the Razorback game. We had to go to Sonic first to get a Diet Dr. Pepper, which has recently become one of my obsessions. No more Diet Pepsi for me…only Diet Dr. Pepper. I visit Sonic probably a little bit more than I should in order to get this beloved drink. Luckily, I practice self-control and don’t get anything to eat with it. Saturday was a little different. Ryan ordered a combo and I just ordered a small Frenchy fry. Which to this pregnant lady seems to be about 5 fries and that’s it. We went to Papaw’s and Ryan started eating his extra long cheese coney (gag) and I ate my five fries…plus Ryan’s order as well. So, all together I ate about a medium order of fries and I was good to go. And bless Ryan for saying it was perfectly fine that I ate his share as well. After an XL coney did he really need the Frenchy fries as well? Probably not, but neither did I! We finished the second half at home and settled in for an afternoon full of college football games. I love Saturdays. I love college football! It’s so much more entertaining than NFL. You know, the people who won’t show up to practices because they feel they aren’t making enough money. Really? You are being so stingy you should be ashamed. Your parents should be ashamed. That’s why I hate the NFL. Yes, I am all about making money for your talent, but when you want to be a cry baby and think you’re entitled to something more, you’re greedy and a lame-o in my book. College is a million times better! However, my Sunday’s are filled with professional football as well and I will always pick a team to be cheering for. Saturday night we had dinner at Pudgy Pig. I got my usual sandwich, but opted not to get fries, but instead potato salad. See, working hard to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain! Ha, I did at the last second order a side of Texas toast and the man looked at me like I was crazy. Ryan’s response, “She can’t help it, she’s pregnant.” His first declaration and justification for my behavior. I love it. Once we left, Ryan “surprised” me by saying we were going to look for deer. I just love this activity. It’s relaxing and being the animal lover that I am, I love seeing all the deer we normally see. We rode around the acreage for about 45 minutes just listening to good ole country music, with an almost full moon, just me and my love. It is perfect. Ryan kept saying, “Sorry we’re not seeing very much Bunney,” (and “Are you feeling okay?”) but I didn’t care. I was happy just being out there with him and seeing the 20 or so deer that we did see. Which, the deer love some Reba like me. That’s what we have concluded. Oh, that and the fact that riding around out in fields immediately after I eat is not as comfortable as I would like. Either way it was so much fun. Ryan even has high hopes that I’ll be killing a deer this year. Yah. Right. I’ll gladly scope out deer, sit in a tree stand, help load a dead deer, but absolutely will not shoot one. The hubs justification for me shooting one? Just think of it as over-population and they are inbreeding. Um, nice try. Maybe my perspective will change once Ryan is taking our daughter out hunting in the future. Ha!

I had a lovely first at church Sunday morning. When I’m sitting down I have a nice little pot belly. One I’m not really used to, but one I just adore. Ryan looked down and just patted it. Melted my heart. I actually felt like a little pregnant lady at the moment. We are going to the doctor tomorrow for our first ultrasound. I pray and pray that we hear the heartbeat and the signs of a healthy little baby growing inside me. I know it’s all in God’s hands so I try not to worry too much. Ryan and I both feel like it’s going to be a girl. And yes, to tell the truth, I hope for a little boy. But, He knows what’s in store and we can only be thankful for the blessing he is giving us. Be a him or her, I just want a healthy baby!

And--happy 6 month anniversary to Bunney! They have been wonderful!

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