This is our's crazy, it's hectic, but most of all it's fun!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The girl who cried "labor"

We had a doctor's appointment today and truth be told I was extremely nervous. Not by the fact that it was going to be my first time to be checked for any dilating, but for fear that there would be none. I had a dream last night that I had no thinning and no dilating going on and on Sunday night when I'm pretty sure Wyatt body-slammed himself inside me had now made himself breeched. While we were waiting for the doctor I told Ryan to expect me to be crushed because this was definitely what I was going to get told today... However, it was the complete opposite! I am dilated to a 3! Repeat...a 3! He was quite surprised at my progress since I am a few days shy of 38 weeks. (He said even though he's always measured one week ahead we must calculate by the first day of my last period which puts him at almost 38 weeks even though he thinks 39 is more accurate.) Regardless I am pretty stoked that I have already made it this far on my own! He says I am still a little thick, but to be a 3 this far along and for my first baby was great. Go me! I like to give credit to my walking 10-15 miles a week. Chances are that has had nothing to do with it, but I like to give credit to something. I was also given the option to a. go naturally and let him pick his arrival up until that last day b. set an induction date at the earliest date (even though he doesn't think he'd make it to that date) c. go ahead and set the induction date that last day he'd let me go. We opted for plan b considering he doesn't think that he will make it to that earliest date he would induce me. So, unless Wyatt decides to come earlier we will be welcoming our little boy into the world on Tuesday, April 12th. I can't wait to see if he decides to come early...I am a little scared there is no question of that. Yet---I know tomorrow is April Fools Day and so I am now officially declaring that if I do go into labor at anytime tomorrow it absolutely will not be a joke! Another fear I have is that when I tell people I am in labor they will think I am joking and no one will take me seriously. How terrible would that be? So...our days of a family of 2 are numbered...while this is sad in a way it is also very, very exciting (and overwhelming). I've already re-packed his diaper bag. I only thought I was ready...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

38 weeks

Yes, I am extremely skanky in this picture. But! It was taken on one of the yucky rainy days we had lately, once I got home from work, and shows what I am hanging out in everyday that I get home from work...hubby's sleep pants and an oversize shirt. This is real life people. Deal with it!

How far along? 38 weeks, 4days (yes-very very late since my hubs was gone on our picture taking day and I just remembered last night to take it!)

Total weight gain: 25 lbs...I'm gaining weight now like it is going out of style. Can you see where my fear of a 10 lb baby is coming from?! I am lucky though because it is all belly!

Maternity clothes? Just my maternity jeans on weekends and the few dresses I bought...I am about to start living in one pair of gauchos because they are extremely comfortable!

Sleep: When I am asleep, I am sleeping like a champ. I am getting up every two hours now to potty and that's seriously not cool.

Best moment this week: It's hard to think back to last week and what the best moment was...every day is good because I know I am getting closer to the end.

Movement: We are definitely slowing down... He is suppose to move 10 times in 4 hours. That's what "healthy" babies do. So far, so good.

Gender: Boy! Wyatt Hudson

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks and I are BFF. I have them all day and I have a lot of pressure down town and in my bottom. Back pain is also on the list. However, no need for excitement---homeboy will be (fashionably) late!

Belly Button in or out? It's actually getting deeper, which is fantastic. I love that it hasn't popped.

Cravings: Pop Ice popsicles and Goldfish crackers

What I miss: Being tan, being skinny, being able to sleep for more than 2 hours without getting up for a bathroom break, having more energy, working out, a cold beer, a run, no back pain, having my nails done (since prenatal vitamins make them grow like mad and to keep them pretty would put us in debt), my normal chest size, my ability to eat the way I use to and not feel miserable...the list really does go on. I mean seriously, when you are going on 10 months of a lifestyle change how can you not miss stuff? Don't get me wrong, Wyatt is completely worth every little thing that I have sacrificed, but I'm allowed to miss stuff.

Weekly Wisdom: You can get away with so much stuff being pregnant. It's almost comical. Don't feel like cooking supper for the hubs? Fine. Don't want to go somewhere, do something, see somebody. It's okay-you're pregnant. Don't want to get off the couch for hours? You go right ahead and rest. Don't want to give the pup a bath? Okay bunney, I'll do it for you...errrr, wait. We're still working on that one!

Milestones: Diaper bag is packed. At least he's ready...

I had a meeting with the nurse practitioner for my Group B strep on stomach is measuring at 37 weeks which leads me to believe that our little guy is going to be coming closer to April 16th. Every u/s we had showed him measuring ahead, but a stomach doesn't lie right? Ehh...who knows. Either way, I know my window for the little guy is April 9-16. Or even sooner. Guess we will see. My only hope (today) is that he chooses his birthday.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Consumer Rant

I may or may not have jumped the gun on getting Marley groomed and "ready for Wyatt" himself. I wanted him to have a fresh hair cut and not knowing when the baby will come I went ahead and called Monday morning to schedule him an appointment to get groomed. Normally, I could have called on a Monday to our usual place, Canine Design, and he would have been in sometime by the end of the week. I was shocked to hear that the first opening would be April 1. Really? I guess a lot of babies are getting beautified for Spring or something. I really didn't want to want that long for fear that Wyatt may have already made his debut so I sucked up my pride and called to see if Pampered Pet Salon could get him in. Now, we have already sworn off this place once before (and luckily found Canine Design) because they straight up butchered Marley's hair. Big time butchered and no, this is not be being dramatic. We quit going to the probably over a year now, but I figured maybe it wouldn't be so bad and that was just a fluke. So this morning I dropped off little Marles and looked forward to noon when I could pick up my yummy smelling fur baby.

What I experienced a little after noon had me so aggravated and upset it even produced tears. (And, FYI, if I wasn't with child I think I would have cried as well. This one is not getting blamed on hormones.)

I waited at the counter with no one paying any attention to me (because Soap Operas are sooo much more important than customer service) and witnessed a poor poodle getting shaved by a woman who was eating pizza as she did so. SERIOUSLY? You are grooming animals with hair flying everywhere and you have the nerve to eat a slice of pizza as you are doing so?! Strike number 1.

The entire time I was standing there waiting for someone to notice me (because they have no bell or anything on their counter. Idiots.) I heard a woman that was in the same room with the fatty McGee but out of my sight yelling at a dog! I couldn't see the poor baby, but I just knew that he was petrified and probably being as good as he could be considering the situation. Homegirl just kept yelling at him to stop doing that, to behave, that she isn't hurting him, and that he needed to quit. I became livid at her way of treating that poor pup. Strike number 2.

When I was finally noticed and they asked me who I was there to get and I said Marley in a very pissed-off tone they told me the total, I paid, and she went to get my dog. My dog that looked like poop. Normally when I get Marley from his usual groomer he knows he is pretty. He struts around and is happy. Today, he was just happy to see me and to get the heck away from those pizza eating, yelling, mean people. I just knew they had been yelling at my poor puppy. As soon as I got into the car with him I started crying apologizing to him, telling him how sorry I was, that he would never be taken back there again, and that he really did look handsome...This was strike number 3.

The only comparason I have for Marley's hair cut is with good ole Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

And, as though his uneven hair, butchered ears (which I gave specific instructions as to how I wanted them done), and puffy bangs that they left on him weren't bad enough they sent him home in this CHEAP bandana that pretty much feels like paper. What a complete waste of $30!

I called Ryan clearly upset and he called them and complained, telling them how terrible they were and they should be ashamed because we even gave them a second chance. They then had the audacity to tell us to bring him back so they could "fix" it. Um, no thank you. I'd rather my pup look like poo for a few weeks then put him through the absolute torment that you have already caused him. So, note to self: start making Marley hair appointments a month in advance so he doesn't have to live through that nonsense again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Could it be that my body is beginning to hate me?

I think it could be the case.

Since Sunday night I’ve woken up to back pains, tightening of my stomach, and cramps that make period cramps (which I was never one to get those bad at all) seem like kid’s stuff. I have pressure in foreign places and I seriously have to potty every 30 minutes. Even my “fat ass” as we like to joke about (since it is still non-existent) seems to hurt.

This is pregnancy…and this…this is my body preparing for the birth of our son. Right? Right.

Therefore, I am okay with it.

But really, aside from all the uncomfortable affairs my body is engaging in, I am petrified that this will last for weeks. I do have less than three weeks left. I have always been convinced that our little guy will be “late.” Yet, I honestly prefer not to be induced. I want my water to break naturally. I strangely want to be timing my contractions with pen and paper and finally be able to decide “it’s time” and we rush to the hospital calling/texting all those important people. Mostly, I want to be working on Wyatt’s time…when he’s ready. If I do get the option to set an induction date I want it to be after April 9th. I want to at least give Wyatt that opportunity to be punctual…or socially early. Ha! That sound so stupid I know, but I can dream. Granted, this time next week may be an entirely different story. We will just see how it goes though.

Poor Ryan thinks every night before we go to bed that this will be the night. I don’t wake him up when I start feeling pains during the night because there’s honestly no reason to. Why should he be awake when I’m in pain where there is nothing he can do about it? So, like a good wife, I just let him snooze away while I am secretly cursing him for being able to sleep so peacefully. Then, in the morning when he asks how I am feeling, I divulge my latest woes and get my sympathy. It’s a daily thing that has started this week…let’s see if it continues. I’m sure that it will.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One year anniversary

One picture from each month of our first marriage:
Today, on our one year anniversary, we took the pup hiking on Petit Jean.

March: On our mini-moon in Eureka Springs... We are in a heart shaped tub. Yup, we're dorky like that.

April: Here we are celebrating Haley's birthday.

May: The John Daly Tournament
June: Annual Milam trout fishing trip where I outfished Ryan for the second year in a row!
July: 4th of July at mom and dad's.

August: My first wake boarding experience

September: First Razorback game of the year

October: Halloween where I'm wearing Ryan's high school jersey.
November: After our gender reveal party when friends and family we headed over to mom and dad's. This was also my 25th birthday.

December: First Christmas as a married couple (and with a bun in the oven)!
January: Hunting trip!

February: The day we ended up in the ditch thanks to the husband's wonderful driving!

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow we start our second year of marriage. The first year was great. Everyone tells you how hard the first year of marriage is and to be honest that is intimidating to hear. No one wants to know that the hardest year of your relationship is ahead of you on the day that you say "I do." I knew that we were going to have our "ups and downs" and of course there were going to be disagreements. We had all of those...we had our ups and they were wonderful. We had our downs, which thank goodness they were far and few because I can't honestly think of a real "down" but I'm sure over the year there were some. And our disagreements? Oh. Boy. We sure had some disagreements...over some pretty stupid stuff at times, but then there are things that we are both passionate about and we worked them out. Ryan is a jewel because he knows how to be patient with me. I will be the first person to admit that I've been spoiled the majority of my life. I'm use to getting what I want, when I want. When I married Ryan I am almost positive my parents exhaled the biggest sigh of relief because I was no longer "their responsibilty" (or their financial burden). Ryan had decided to take on that challenge all by himself. Mega props to him. A year into a marriage I can look back and be thankful of all the things that Ryan has taught me.

We have done so much in our first year. Our second year is going to be even better. I have high hopes that each year is going to get better and better. I thank God every day that I was given such a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with. Without him I'm not quite sure where I would be, but I know one thing for sure is that I wouldn't be near as happy as I am at this moment.

Happy anniversary Bunney! I hate you so much. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

37 weeks- Full term!

How far along? 37 weeks!! We now have a full term baby!!

Total weight gain: 22 lbs

Maternity clothes? Just wearing my maternity jeans on weekends.

Sleep: I am very thankful that I can sleep really well. The only complaint is how heavy my belly feels when I get up for potty breaks.

Best moment this week: Today, we finished up shopping for good.

Movement: He is slowing down on his movement. I know the poor guy is running out of room.

Gender: Boy! Wyatt Hudson

Labor Signs: I started having Braxton Hicks for sure this week. I woke up Tuesday morning with an uncomfortable feeling and some cramping. I am a-ok with this!

Belly Button in or out? We are almost flat. Almost.

Cravings: Yesterday, I had my first craving---sno cones. The terrible, terrible, dreadful part is that they haven't opened yet. Please, please, please open sooooooon. Luckily we drove through Conway and got me Smoothie King which made it a little better.

What I miss: My body pre-baby, being tan, sleeping on my belly, an occasional social drink with my girls, and cuddling time with the husband. I have loved being pregnant. I really have. I'm just so ready to have him here with us though.

Weekly Wisdom: Still no wisdom...

Milestones: Finishing up all the shopping for little Wyatt and finally feeling ready!

Friday, March 18, 2011

This week:

-We got our bedroom ready for little Wyatt. Whereas I would love for the little guy to start out in his own room (which is right across from our room) I'm being realistic. I know that I won't be able to let him sleep that far away from me those first few nights (weeks). I honestly hope to get him moved into his own room very, very soon. As well as sleeping through most of the night. Quite the optimist.

-I had Ryan working on last minute projects for Wyatt as well. Each evening he had one task to complete and when I actually had nothing for him to do one night I know that he was bummed. Seriously. He even told me he was still wanting stuff to do because he felt "handy." That's what putting together a swing and test driving a pack and play will do to a guy.

-We felt Spring in the air. Yesterday we were "bored" after work so we went outside, put the pup on his stake, and chipped golf balls back and forth to each other. I'd have to say I was probably quite the sight with a massive belly and hitting golf balls back to my husband. However, I was proud of myself for how well I can still hit the ball! I think Ryan was too.

-With this Spring air, we also had to turn the air conditioner on last night. The night before I woke up thinking I was going to die of a heat stroke. I opened the window in the bedroom, turned my fan that is only used for white noise up a notch, changed clothes, and slept with nothing but one blanket. It was 70 degrees in the house and this is totally unacceptable. Last night as I was getting ready for bed and noticed it was 72 degrees in the house. If I thought 70 was unacceptable imagine my fear of seeing my house sitting at 72, minutes before I am about to crawl into bed. I opened the window, cranked the fan even higher, and hoped at minimum my room would cool off instantly. It did not... On any normal spring night (normal being Sarah isn't pregnant) I could have slept like a dream these past 2 nights. I love nights when we can sleep with our windows open and the heat/ac off. Yet, last night, like I said I was scared for my life. I knew there was no way I was getting any sleep unless that stinkin' AC was on. So, when the hubs crawled into bed, I asked if we could turn it on and shockingly he said yes. This was serious, I think he realized that. Once I heard that AC kick on I was a happy camper. (And at my 3:00 potty break I even turned the AC off and the heat back on, but made sure the heat wouldn't kick on until it got below 66. If you could have seen how bundled up Ryan was during this moment most people would have felt sorry for him. I'm sure Marley wasn't really appreciating the game of freeze out either.) I suspect this will be out nightly routine until I'm holding a baby in my arms and I'm not hormonal.

-Ryan and I experienced another first...As we were laying in bed (hoping little momma wouldn't die from heat exposure) Ryan read the Bible aloud to us. It was comforting and special and something we will probably continue.

-My flower beds started coming together. By coming together, I mean they received some pretty red mulch. Hopefully this weekend we will actually plant some flowers this weekend since we plan to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather we are supposed to have.

-I have been a complete my husband...for no reason. I know it's because I am hormonal and pregnant and just a little bit tired of being pregnant. I've snapped at him multiple times, said a few (maybe a lot) of cross words, ignored him, wanted to punch him in the face, and not even felt bad about it. The sad part is I have absolutely no reason to feel this way, but I can't help it. What's even more sad is I can have these feelings and then 2 minutes later be wanting to laugh and cut up with him, but he won't have it. What's up with that?

-I felt really "Springy" and painted my nails a pretty purple color (thank you Susan for the birthday present!). I feel I am ready to conquer Spring and feeling sassy. Ha!

-I experience Braxton Hicks for the first time. There is no question of it.

-I feel the need to have a clean house at all times. I just never know when the baby is going to come and I want him to come home to a clean house. I want to have a spotless house with no laundry waiting to be done each night before I go to bed. The reality? It's not really happening. It's clean...clean enough for me and Ryan, but not clean enough for me, Ryan, Marley, and a new baby. (I'll admit- yesterday I even tried to convince Ryan to let me hire a maid to come clean my house very thoroughly one time and let me "maintain" it. He quickly vetoed the idea, but I'm still going to work on it while I have time. That, or I may have to pull the "But mom, Ryan won't let me hire a maid and I'm just too tired and big to clean the house like I want to, so will you?" card. Any mother-daughter time spent is sure to be special, even if she is cleaning for me, right?)

-My little Bobby got fixed and vaccinated so now I have no fear that he will be gone for long periods of time and come back home beaten up looking homeless. That and the little stinker better not runaway after the pretty penny we dropped on him. I'm sure Ryan never dreamed he would spend over a $100 on a cat. See what marriage does to you? Makes you "love" cats even when you don't want to admit it.

-Speaking of marriage... this weekend is our one year anniversary. Wow. I honestly can't believe I've been married for an entire year...but that post will come Sunday unless my husband has some wonderful, special, surprise planned for me that day... So, in other year post will be Sunday. Love you Bunney.

Monday, March 14, 2011

36 weeks

How far along? 36 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain: 22 lbs

Maternity clothes? Went shopping in Branson this week and got zero maternity clothes so I am definitely still feeling lucky that I'm in regular clothes. I only wear maternity jeans on weekends. I know, I go all out.

Sleep: I lurve my sleep and am thankful I can sleep well still.

Best moment this week: Finally seeing the floor in Wyatt's room. That and finding him some swimming shorts!! We will definitely be tearing up the pool at Mimi and Pawpaw's this summer!

Movement: Rockin' and rollin' all day it seems.

Gender: Boy! Wyatt Hudson

Labor Signs: No, but I sure wouldn't be opposed to receiving some. Ha!

Belly Button in or out? We are almost flat. Almost.

Cravings: No cravings I just enjoy food in general, but what else is new.

What I miss: Feeling small.

Weekly Wisdom: I have pregnancy brain...I can't be wise.

Milestones: Successfully getting stuff put up in his room and our room is now ready for him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One month

Our due date is in less than one month.

How is this even possible?

I am actually beginning to have those feelings of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by what exactly? All the baby stuff that must be put away. Eeek.

I'm slighty OCD with things. I am organized. I like to have stuff "in their place."

With all the baby stuff, I just kind of sit there in the middle of Wyatt's room with a blank look on my face.

I start with one thing, immediately think of something else that needs to be done and so I move on to it.

This is a vicious cycle.

We have doubles of some things that we will have to return. Having 2 of some items makes my breathing a little heavy.

When Ryan tries to assist me I kinda sorta get frustrated...and it's obvious.

I know he is just trying to be helpful and a normal person would allow them to be. A pregnant person, however, will beg for them to stop putting stuff on the top shelf of the closet because "That's not where I want it to go!"

Bless him.

Last night we did make a little progress thank goodness. Now you can actually see the floor. We have half his stuff washed and put up. This process seems neverending. No one told me this would be the case...

Today we had a doctors appointment. Everything went well, we got our typical here's the baby's heartbeat and see you in two weeks.

I am so thankful that we are able to do this each time we visit the doctor. I will take an uneventful pregnancy any day of the week.

I feel like Wyatt is going to come April 14th. 4-14-11. On a Thursday. Thursdays are good. I used to think he would come April 8th, but I remember the love he had for the ole placenta and the love taps that he constantly gives me reassures me that he doesn't want to make a debut anytime soon.

He can come when he wants to though...early, late, or on time. Doesn't matter to me. I'm just thankful I've carried him this long.

I am definitely going to embrace this last few weeks of being pregnant though. I have no doubt I will miss it. Even the hubs will miss it I'm sure.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Showered with love

Today we finished up with our baby shower. We were SO blessed. Here are a few of my favorites from the showers.

This is from our first shower last month that was for friends and family. The decorations were so cute and I had no idea that my friends were so crafty! The most precious cake EVER.
The four absolute best friends I could ever ask for. We've been besties since middle school and I love each and every one of them dearly. I know that they all love Wyatt so much and once he gets to meet all his "Aunties" the feeling will be mutual. I can't wait!

Allison, Susan, me, Haley, and Erin
This onsie is adorable and from my friend Whitney and Wyatt's future buddy Emily Ann! I absolutely adore how tiny it is! Hope my chunky butt of a baby will be able to fit into it! Ha!

We were so overwhelmed once we got everything out of the vehicles. It was a feeling of "where do we begin?" Ryan was like a little kid in a candy store getting to see everything. It was so much fun. I am so thankful for wonderful family and friends that would go above and beyond for not only us, but for our little man as well.

Sunday, we had our church shower. We are so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful church!

The cake was super good, but knowing that I was having another shower two days later I sent the left overs to Ryan's work and luckily it got devoured so no wasted cake! Yay!

The gifts we brought home with us. Our little family is so blessed and I cannot stress that enough.

Here is probably my favorite gift. I love it. I love knowing that Wyatt will always be close to my heart even after he's no longer inside me.
Today, we had a "Come and Go" shower at my work. The cupcakes were so yummy! I loved that people were able to drop by our office, visit, and have a cupcake!

Here are the lovely gifts that I came home with! I love that Marley is stealing the "baby" that he thinks is his...We are definitely going to be battling with him in convincing him which toys are his and which ones are Wyatt's. I just know that they are going to be the best of buds when Wyatt is a little bit older.
We have been blessed so, so richly in preparation for our little guy. Words cannot begin to describe just how thankful we truly are for everyone's generosity. Wyatt is such a lucky little guy to have people so willing to spoil someone they haven't even met yet!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

35 weeks

How far along? 35 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain: 21 lbs

Maternity clothes? Minimal...Saturday morning I went on a massive shopping spree. I'm very lucky to fit into regular clothes that I can wear now and post-baby.

Sleep: Sleep + Sarah = BFF
Best moment this week: Ryan feeling some limb roll across my stomach. It weirded him out...I think he believes there is an alien rather than a 5lb baby inside me.
Movement: Wyatt is a busy bee from 8-10:30 and from about 9-10 at night. Other movement varies, but I can count on these times for movement.

Gender: Boy! Wyatt Hudson

Labor Signs: I had a little cramping last night, but nothing major.

Belly Button in or out? Still in but the top is flat. Yuck.

Cravings: None.

What I miss: Using the bathroom only a handful of times in one day. Now? Now I could probably set a world record of some sort.

Weekly Wisdom: Crying over anything is perfectly okay. You're hormonal and can't "help" it. So...your husband telling you that you have to get your dessert to go (and he is only joking) is grounds for crying, let the tears flow. This may be the only time it will be okay.

Milestones: Getting his room finished, his car seat and stroller courtesy of Mimi, and starting to wash everything.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kid Kovers

I ordered one of these for a friend of ours and couldn't resist getting Wyatt his own. I'm pretty excited about it considering it's a "real" towel and not one of the thin, non-absorbent kind that are for infants. I love that it will grow with him. We got it here where I ordered it on Tuesday and got it today. 4 days! Impressive. You pick everything- the towel color, the font, and the fabric. I'd definitely recommend them!

Love the little dogs.

Today we are 35 weeks pregnant!! I will do the post tomorrow.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Quick Trip

In 17 days we will be celebrating one year of marital bliss.

In 17 days we will be venturing to Branson for an “anniversary getaway” as I will call it.

I always envisioned our first anniversary would be spent somewhere exciting. We would have lots of fun spending time together reminiscing about the past year and what our plans and goals would be for the next. We would have dinner and drinks, dancing, and since we would be somewhere “fun” we would fulfill our passion of being tourists taking pictures of everything.

Instead, we will still be having fun…but a lot less “adult” fun.

When we decided to even do anything for our anniversary we knew it had to be simple. And close. And non-challenging. Our little guy will be considered full term (yay for 37 weeks!) the day before our anniversary. I was okay with just staying home, but deep down Ryan wanted to do something. Something to get me out of the house, something to at least acknowledge our special day, and so we decided to go to Branson…but not even for 2 nights…just one at that. While I’m excited to eat and shop and just be out of Russellville I’m a little bummed.

However, I am thankful that we can even go anywhere and that our anniversary is even being acknowledged. It could be a lot, lot worse.

The best part about preparing for our “getaway” was that we made a reservation for our hotel room last night. Ryan began searching because he wanted us to stay somewhere “fancy” while I was telling him to just get a room where we always stay. (He didn’t listen to me.) In the midst of his search, he asked the question (with sheer terror in his voice) “what if you go into labor while we are in Branson?!” I simply replied, “I don’t think that will happen, but if it does, my water will probably break and we will just drive home and I will tough it out through any contractions I have. That, or we will be having a baby in Branson.” This, I’m certain, petrified the poor guy. He then began to tell me that we will be installing the car seat before we leave for the trip and we will have 2 sets of luggage. Can you guess what they are? Our typical overnight bag and then our hospital bag. Oh, and the baby’s bag as well. Needless to say when we go to Branson we will most certainly be ready for the delivery of a baby.

It was so cute how concerned Ryan was regarding our little trip. It’s so weird knowing that this will likely be our last trip to Branson as a duo. It’s bittersweet I guess you could say. Regardless, I am sooooo excited and feel extremely blessed to be celebrating one year of marriage (already) to Ryan. And the fact that this could be the one and only anniversary with a baby inside me it’s sure to be extra special. But, prayers that we don’t go into labor would be greatly appreciated! Ha!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I love days when I feel like a success. Grocery shopping use to be something I was successful at. How could it not be, most would probably wonder. Easy- In my pre-pregnancy days I made a menu for the month of what we would have for dinner every night. I allotted 2 days per week for eating out and we always stuck to it. In fact, we started it in September of 2009 and almost made it a year until nausea due to pregnancy kicked in full force in late August early September 2010. From that point on menus were a thing of the past. I couldn’t fathom planning an entire month of meals since absolutely nothing sounded good to me. Even a week seemed like a monumental task. So, needless to say, we began to eat out a lot more and have very random, spur of the moment meals.

While on the menu, grocery shopping was a breeze. I knew exactly everything I had to have for the week with the addition of stuff for our lunches. I was very successful and even did the whole couponing thing for a little while. When we fell off the wagon, grocery shopping became a nightmare. Ryan and I usually do the shopping together (it’s all a part of the newlywed, we are practically inseparable phenomenon that tends to happen) but occasionally I would go alone. Bad idea. I very clearly remember going to Kroger one day and coming back with nothing but breakfast foods. Three different boxes of cereal, bacon, eggs, sausage, Eggos, pancake mix, syrup, fruits, bagels, pop tarts, nutri-grain bars etc. If it was a breakfast food you better believe it was in my cart. When I got home, unloaded the groceries, I felt like I had done so well on this shopping trip and I had really got some substantial items for cooking that week. When Ryan got home however, he just asked me how I had managed to spend X amount of dollars because we didn’t have anything. Whereas he was right, I didn’t admit it and just proceeded to show him all the “goods” I had purchased for us. How dare he think we couldn’t like off breakfast food alone for the week! So, he vowed to never let me go shopping alone again (at least while I was with child since this seemed to hamper my shopping skills). We stuck to this method as best we could, but there were the occasional days when I would have to go alone still. On those days, each time, I would be waiting in the checkout line scanning the items in my cart and I would take out my phone and send Ryan a text that would always say something to the effect of, “I suck at grocery shopping” or “Don’t be mad when you get home.” Hey, at least I could admit it.

As my pregnancy has progressed I have become a lot better and lately we’ve gotten back on track with our menus. We only do them weekly now but still this is progress. I feel much better going to the store again. Even when I am alone I can tackle it. Of course, I lapse occasionally and Ryan asks “did you get any food” (because Edy’s ice cream, Doritos, Jello, and bananas aren’t food at all?). Last night however, I felt like I had earned a trophy. I went shopping and picked up tons of stuff that Ryan would enjoy…not the 8 month preggo here. I splurged and got Cinnamon Toast Crunch (something I never allow us to get because it’s kinda gross and by gross I mean I made myself sick off it once so it’s hard to revert back to it), turkey and ham (I’m a turkey kind of girl and Ryan’s a guy so naturally he will eat anything, right? Um, not so much. So I appeased him and got the ham.) and other various items that he likes. When he got home to “inspect” what I had picked up I got tons of “Good job Bunney!” He was so proud of me for actually getting real food for meals AND for picking up stuff that he likes for once. See, a trophy was in fact necessary and I definitely felt like a success again. Now, if only I can keep this up when he isn’t with me we will be doing pretty well. I will no longer have pregnancy to blame on the shopping, so what will be my excuse then?
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