This is our's crazy, it's hectic, but most of all it's fun!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Meet Chip

We had a visitor show up tonight. Chip has decided we were the perfectly family for him. He is looking forward to meeting Wyatt at breakfast in the morning!
Can't wait to see what all he gets into!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A sweet treat

Ryan told me yesterday that he had a surprise for me.
You all know I detest surprises.
Luckily, he told me just a few minutes before I got home so there wasn't time for torture. He shared that he would be taking the day off to spend with me and Wyatt! Yay!
I thoroughly enjoy my Thursdays and Fridays off from work, but to have Ryan home with me one of those days was simply wonderful!

Wyatt and I headed out to do a few errands while Ryan did some work with DU. We ended up at the park and Wyatt was having such a blast. I'll admit it's almost "work" climbing up on the equipment with my big ole belly in the way, but I suck it up (and the air, literally) and do what makes him happy.
Ryan joined us and I was ever so thankful to get a tiny break.


After the park we went to pick out our Christmas tree. I still think Ryan hates the fact that I was raised with real trees because it never failes he gripes about it. I just smile because they make me so happy. He even commented that I had a twinkle in my eyes as I was decorating my tree. Note: this could be the only half way romantical thing my husband says to me this year.
I worked hard (with minimal help from Ryan-I'm way to OCD) to get the tree done before Wyatt got up from his nap, but didn't quite succeed. We were sooo excited to show him his tree since he clearly would not remember last years.

He was just in awe of it. He would go up and point to all the different things. We let him put an ornament on it too, but I'll post that in another post because it's precious.
Even this evening when we got back from the store he was still mesmerized by it. I hope Christmas is a magical thing that he adores just like I did as a kid!
Real life: looking good, no?

And there's proof we still have Marley. Ha!

Monday's mishap

Marley and Wyatt done went and got themselves into a knock-down-drag-out.
His battle wound:
Mimi made sure to check on her little man since it happened on her watch. Marley should be thankful that it wasn't on ours because he would probably be an outside dog 4 days later.
Oh yah right. I can't say I really blame Marley...he does have a pretty high tolerance for Wyatt. I'm convinced it was a sneak attack and who can blame Marley for reacting the way he did? Oh's going to be a long road for Marley getting Wyatt to the stage where he truly knows how to treat his puppy and just about that time it'll be Claire's turn.

Catch up

What's been going on in the Davis household lately:
I finally perfected my chocolate chip cookies! I made these little nuggets for Thanksgiving and they were the
It has taken 32 attempts at making homemade chocolate chips cookies to figure out the key is: mini chips and overnight refrigeration of the dough to get them to the perfect chewiness I love as well as being fluffy. Baking success!
I forgot to snap a picture of us on Thanksgiving...the only picture I got was this one of Wyatt as we were loading up to send to Mimi and Pawpaw.
We were busy stuffing our faces the rest of the time...whatevs.
Friday, we had some family pictures. It was a battle with Wyatt who knows exactly what he wants and doesn't want to do. Out of the 100+ pictures, I think we found one to put on our Christmas card. Ha!
We have painted Claire's room!
We also added a second shelf in our closet and while they were working on it there was lots of banging on the wall that is shared with Wyatt's room so I made  him a little makeshift bed in Claire's room. He looks like a little homeless kid. I think it's so precious. He didn't mind though because he slept for 3.5 hours!
We watched Breaking Dawn part 2 with the Townsends and have decided we shall never go to Picwood  again. The drive to Conway for a movie and dinner is so worth it!
We chose an outfit for Sister to come home 10 weeks! Craziness!

Monday, November 19, 2012

First time Wyatt brought me flowers

Today I turned 27 years old.

Today was the first time my son brought me flowers.


I don't think I will ever forget this day for as long as I live.


I'm not a "flowers" type of girl. Honestly have never been. Last night Ryan said he had a surprise for me today and I asked him to give me a hint, per usual, and he said if he did I would know exactly what it was. A few minutes I said you better not send me flowers! I had guessed right. He said he wasn't going to anymore, since I would have been ticked at the waste of money.

We had plans to go out to dinner with Wyatt, but my day quickly went to poo when a nasty sinus headache snuck up on me and lasted I asked Ryan if we could just do lunch since dinner plans seemed dreadful and he of course said yes. We lunched at Stoby's and I'm sure people there thought we were mid-breakup by the way my eyes watered up the entire time and I just wasn't much for conversation. Possum pie did make it a little better! Ha!

Ryan had to pick up some things at the store (read: my birthday cards from him and Wyatt) after work so while we waited for him to get home Uncle Jason came to give me my birthday present and play with Wyatt. Here we are wasting time waiting on daddy...every time I said, "say cheese!" he would just show me his belly.

Ryan got home and the next thing I know I'm walking out of Wyatt's room and here comes my sweet precious little boy carrying a bouquet half the size of him to his adoring mommy. I wanted to die right then. Something about Wyatt carrying me flowers is something I will never, ever forget. He handed them right to me and he seemed so big. I think he picked up on how proud I was of him.
I am so happy that Ryan didn't waste money having flowers sent to me, but instead opted to have the littlest love of my life hand deliver them to me. I just tear up seeing this picture. It's absolutely perfect to me.
I had a wonderful 27th birthday. Thank you to all my family that gave me such wonderful presents!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby shower for Claire

Yesterday we were blessed with a family/friends baby shower for Claire!
I love how bright this cake is! The sweets and food was so yummy. I truly have some of the best friends!
Wyatt was such a little cutie pie. He stole I don't know how much food off of the table. Seriously, the boy ate the entire time we were there. Or at least until the food started getting packed up.
I have a ton of pictures thanks to Erin. I joke (kinda) that she has to be in the delivery room when I have Claire because she gets camera happy and I love it! Since Haley won't be my nurse this time I guess having another BFF taking some pictures would be somewhat equivalent! Ha!
 Like I said, I have a lot of pictures that I would love to share, but I know that baby shower pictures are kinda just that- baby shower pictures. They will be best in our photo albums, but I did want to share a few of my favorites.
Any picture that had Wyatt helping me with his sister's presents are definitely my favorite.
He was such a big help to mommy. It just seriously made my heart want to burst.
I truly know that I am giving Wyatt the greatest gift in the world. I have no doubt that he is going to be the best big brother to Claire!
I absolutely adore blankets made with "love!" I actually got 4 or 5 of them. This one was made by my Aunt and I love it!
This outfit from Miss Diane about made me die from the cuteness. Ryan shamelessly admitted it was one of his favorites too.
We were so very blessed by so many loving and sweet people in our lives. Claire, like her big brother, hold such a special place in many people's heart.
I'm the first to be adding a second baby...still kind of crazy to me!
And I love this picture of Wyatt! Eli was quite the entertainment  for him. Who know hitting a table cloth would be such fun?
Thank you to everyone that showered our sweet baby girl with love!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bumpdate #2- weeks 26, 27, & 28

Week 26:
Week 27: no picture
Week 28:

Total weight gain: 23 lbs
Maternity clothes? Why yes.

Sleep: Sleeping great! I have abandoned the Snoogle since my belly is too big and hanging over making it uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Having my baby shower today!

Movement: Oh yes. She's pretty rough at times.
Gender: It's a girl! Claire Elizabeth!

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? Still in. Please stay that way.

Cravings: I like sweets and I really wish I didn't.
What I miss: Not looking fat. Ha.

Milestones: Ordering baby furniture (finally)... we are making very slow progress...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt had about 5 Goldfish in front of him and I took one. As soon as he saw me eat that one he scoops up all the rest and shoves them in his mouth. We need to work on sharing.

2. I packed Wyatt a bag for him to stay the night with Mimi. I'm 100% positive he was tired of me this day because he grabbed his bag, Scout, and his paci and booked it to the door.

3. I was using the bathroom and heard Wyatt say uh-oh. I knew he had spilled a glass of water since the front of his shirt was wet. I asked him to show me where his uh-oh was and he headed down the hall and stopped right in front of his mess.

4. Wyatt is now noticing when he has a stinky. I went into his room one morning as he was waking up and I flipped on the switch. Normally I am greeted with a "Hi!" or jibber jabber but this morning he goes "ew" and grabbed his bottom.

5. He loves to fake laugh. When we laugh about something he will perk up do a big fake belly laugh, which naturally makes us laugh more.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

19 months old

At 19 months you:

-Weigh 30 lbs

-Wearing 24 month pants, 2T-3T tops, and size 8.5 shoes

- Take one nap a day that is 2-3 hours

-Sleep 11-12 hours a night

-Have taken quite an interest in Marley. You LOVE to aggravate him and he secretly adores the attention. You two play keep away every night and no matter how many times we watch you two we always crack up. You get soo angry when Marley steals it from you. Very angry.

-You LOVE school!

-You added a few words to your vocabulary. My favorite is thank you.

-You are still signing more, milk, and please. I've seriously got to get "more please" on video because of how fast you "say" it.

-You can identify something that's blue and you say "bew." Your little voice is music to my ears.

-Mommy or momma is heard most often in our house. Along with puppy of course. You call for me or ask me for things- mommy, mommy, mommy and Ryan always says you just love that dont you and my answer is always yes!

-You had your first ear infection this month and it was not fun at all. Regardless, I am SO thankful it took you 19 months to get sick for the first time.

-You favorite toys are Scout, your 4 wheeler, and the laundry.

-You still have 12 teeth and don't mind them being brushed. You cooperate a whole heck of a lot better for me than you do your daddy when it comes to it.

-We are preparing to get rid of the paxi before Sister gets here. Wah Wah

-You are starting to throw little fits that consist of laying down on the ground crying like it's the end of the world. Our solution: We let you cry it right on out. You quickly realize that gets you no where and you stop.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Claire's 4D ultrasound

We started the day off at the doctor's office for my gluocse test and our 4D ultrasound. I was so anxious to see what Claire would like.
Here she is:
Pretty isn't she?
What we know about Claire so far:
-She weighs 2 pounds, 8 ounces. That puts her mearsuring nearly 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I'm 2 days shy of being 27 weeks. I looked at Wyatt's 4D u/s which was done at almost 29 weeks and he weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces. It's possibly we will have another 8 pounder!
-She does have hair, more than Wyatt did because we didn't see any on his u/s and he did come out with some so yay! I hope she has a headfull!
-She looks a lot like her brother.
-They both have full lips and my nose. She doesn't have quite the cheeks that Wyatt has, but she is still a chubby one!
I start going every 2 weeks now, well 3 considering it fell on the week of Thanksgiving, but still. Already down to the 2 weeks appointment? Hard to believe.
I'm hoping that I passed my glucose test. No news is good news, but somehow or another I wouldn't be surprised if I failed considering how different the pregnancies have been...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A surprise

Any guesses?
Yep, cotton.
Anytime we drive past rows of cotton I always tell Ryan I'd like some "real" cotton. On his way home today he happened to pass some that had blown across the road and actually pulled over and got it for me. I have such a sweet husband, right?
We are pretty silly.
(Also, please not my use of emoticons. I crack myself up with them and Ryan secretly enjoys them too. Even if he won't admit it.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today I:


Hope you have done the same! I'm feeling nervous for the results, but I know that I did my job...

Now, I'm catching up on the DVR simply because I can't handle live streaming of election results.



Sunday, November 4, 2012


Me: Bunney let's go back to Alaska.

Ryan: I'd like to.

Me: Okay. We can go for our 10 year anniversary. That's in... 6 years. Niiine? Seven. (In confident tone) Seven years.

We don't know how long we've been married apparently (feels like 10). Afterwards he said he was going to agree with the 6 until I realized that wasn't right.

Hopefully when our 10 year anniversary rolls around we will remember we decided on Alaska. Wonder what the glaciers will look like then?!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt has learned "ew." I was picking out a Scentsy and would ask him what he thought. It went like this: what do you think about this one Wyatt? Opening it up and placing under his nose-big sniff from him-stink face-followed by "ew." clearly we have different tastes of what smells good.

2. My son likes to find my underwear and turn them into a necklace. This is normal, right? I'm ashamed they aren't usually clean undies unless we are doing laundry.

3. We have arrived as parents letting our kid ride the horse outside of Wal Mart.

4. Wyatt's discovered the art of dropping toilet paper in the toilet. It's only a matter of time before our toilet is clogged for the first time thanks to him.

5. I was pulling Wyatt around in his wagon and he had his golf clubs in there with him. All of a sudden I hear a very concerned "oh no, oh no, oh. I turned around and noticed we had lost a club and Wyatt was about to abandon ship to go retrieve it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am so utterly thankful for this sweet little boy and the precious baby girl growing in my belly.
Wyatt has started taking notice to my growing belly. He has alway been obsessed with belly buttons and so when he looks at mommy's he will say belly or bebe. I keep mentioning it's "Sissy" or "Claire" but he hasn't quite picked up on her name yet. We were hanging out at the table today and he lifted my shirt and we were talking about Claire he and he just hugged my belly. I melted into a puddle right there. I then grabbed my phone and asked if he would give Sissy another hug and this is the picture I got.
I am feeling so, so blessed.
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