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Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday Laughs

1. Wyatt had about 5 Goldfish in front of him and I took one. As soon as he saw me eat that one he scoops up all the rest and shoves them in his mouth. We need to work on sharing.

2. I packed Wyatt a bag for him to stay the night with Mimi. I'm 100% positive he was tired of me this day because he grabbed his bag, Scout, and his paci and booked it to the door.

3. I was using the bathroom and heard Wyatt say uh-oh. I knew he had spilled a glass of water since the front of his shirt was wet. I asked him to show me where his uh-oh was and he headed down the hall and stopped right in front of his mess.

4. Wyatt is now noticing when he has a stinky. I went into his room one morning as he was waking up and I flipped on the switch. Normally I am greeted with a "Hi!" or jibber jabber but this morning he goes "ew" and grabbed his bottom.

5. He loves to fake laugh. When we laugh about something he will perk up do a big fake belly laugh, which naturally makes us laugh more.


  1. Oh the funny of him going to the door!!

  2. Love the fake laughing & grabbing his bottom. So cute!

  3. Haha- he is so cute! My kids never share with me but if they see something on my plate, I need to share- go figure! Haha- I love that he said ew! Perfect for potty training,lol! The fake laugh- how cute is that! I love your laughs:) xoxo


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