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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catch up

What's been going on in the Davis household lately:
I finally perfected my chocolate chip cookies! I made these little nuggets for Thanksgiving and they were the
It has taken 32 attempts at making homemade chocolate chips cookies to figure out the key is: mini chips and overnight refrigeration of the dough to get them to the perfect chewiness I love as well as being fluffy. Baking success!
I forgot to snap a picture of us on Thanksgiving...the only picture I got was this one of Wyatt as we were loading up to send to Mimi and Pawpaw.
We were busy stuffing our faces the rest of the time...whatevs.
Friday, we had some family pictures. It was a battle with Wyatt who knows exactly what he wants and doesn't want to do. Out of the 100+ pictures, I think we found one to put on our Christmas card. Ha!
We have painted Claire's room!
We also added a second shelf in our closet and while they were working on it there was lots of banging on the wall that is shared with Wyatt's room so I made  him a little makeshift bed in Claire's room. He looks like a little homeless kid. I think it's so precious. He didn't mind though because he slept for 3.5 hours!
We watched Breaking Dawn part 2 with the Townsends and have decided we shall never go to Picwood  again. The drive to Conway for a movie and dinner is so worth it!
We chose an outfit for Sister to come home 10 weeks! Craziness!

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