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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A sweet treat

Ryan told me yesterday that he had a surprise for me.
You all know I detest surprises.
Luckily, he told me just a few minutes before I got home so there wasn't time for torture. He shared that he would be taking the day off to spend with me and Wyatt! Yay!
I thoroughly enjoy my Thursdays and Fridays off from work, but to have Ryan home with me one of those days was simply wonderful!

Wyatt and I headed out to do a few errands while Ryan did some work with DU. We ended up at the park and Wyatt was having such a blast. I'll admit it's almost "work" climbing up on the equipment with my big ole belly in the way, but I suck it up (and the air, literally) and do what makes him happy.
Ryan joined us and I was ever so thankful to get a tiny break.


After the park we went to pick out our Christmas tree. I still think Ryan hates the fact that I was raised with real trees because it never failes he gripes about it. I just smile because they make me so happy. He even commented that I had a twinkle in my eyes as I was decorating my tree. Note: this could be the only half way romantical thing my husband says to me this year.
I worked hard (with minimal help from Ryan-I'm way to OCD) to get the tree done before Wyatt got up from his nap, but didn't quite succeed. We were sooo excited to show him his tree since he clearly would not remember last years.

He was just in awe of it. He would go up and point to all the different things. We let him put an ornament on it too, but I'll post that in another post because it's precious.
Even this evening when we got back from the store he was still mesmerized by it. I hope Christmas is a magical thing that he adores just like I did as a kid!
Real life: looking good, no?

And there's proof we still have Marley. Ha!

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