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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby shower for Claire

Yesterday we were blessed with a family/friends baby shower for Claire!
I love how bright this cake is! The sweets and food was so yummy. I truly have some of the best friends!
Wyatt was such a little cutie pie. He stole I don't know how much food off of the table. Seriously, the boy ate the entire time we were there. Or at least until the food started getting packed up.
I have a ton of pictures thanks to Erin. I joke (kinda) that she has to be in the delivery room when I have Claire because she gets camera happy and I love it! Since Haley won't be my nurse this time I guess having another BFF taking some pictures would be somewhat equivalent! Ha!
 Like I said, I have a lot of pictures that I would love to share, but I know that baby shower pictures are kinda just that- baby shower pictures. They will be best in our photo albums, but I did want to share a few of my favorites.
Any picture that had Wyatt helping me with his sister's presents are definitely my favorite.
He was such a big help to mommy. It just seriously made my heart want to burst.
I truly know that I am giving Wyatt the greatest gift in the world. I have no doubt that he is going to be the best big brother to Claire!
I absolutely adore blankets made with "love!" I actually got 4 or 5 of them. This one was made by my Aunt and I love it!
This outfit from Miss Diane about made me die from the cuteness. Ryan shamelessly admitted it was one of his favorites too.
We were so very blessed by so many loving and sweet people in our lives. Claire, like her big brother, hold such a special place in many people's heart.
I'm the first to be adding a second baby...still kind of crazy to me!
And I love this picture of Wyatt! Eli was quite the entertainment  for him. Who know hitting a table cloth would be such fun?
Thank you to everyone that showered our sweet baby girl with love!!

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