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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 30

New ride

He has to make sure puppy rides with him. Ready for it to cool down so we can start getting it out some more!

This week

Another draft-- Wyatt and I were playing hide-n-seek. He was finding me, but then all of a sudden he quit looking so I had to go find him. This is what I found... Oops.

Our Polly is actually Pauly. Oops again.

My big girl Claire got her cute backpack and lunch box. I'll have to do a post on how school has went for her!

Couch potatoes

Found this in the drafts and wanted to make sure it got published!! I love Wyatt's faces in these two pictures!

Hunting vehicle

Ryan got him a hunting vehicle and Wyatt was eager to start driving it!

It carries two babies if need be so it is A-Okay with me.

Two peas in a pod

These two...gah, I just can't get enough of them!

STL, part 2

Saturday we headed to the brewery to see how beer is made. I mean, we consume it so we may as well see how it's made, right?
It was a 40 minute wait until our tour and then the tour itself was an hour. We were done about 30 minutes in, but you're stuck. I'll admit it's neat to see it, but it seems pretty drawn out. Luckily, Wyatt was such a champ and didn't get fussy once.

That picture definitely makes me heart sing.

See, told you he loved him some Jay.
We left by 9 am Sunday. Haley and I were both pretty eager to get back to our baby girls! It was such a fun time and I am so glad that Haley and Jay went with us!

STL- Part 1

Last week we loaded up and headed to St. Louis! Haley and Jay accompanied us, while we left Claire with mom and dad. It wouldn't have been much fun for her, but next year she will certainly be sporting her Braves attire!

 Don't let this picture fool you. Wyatt only watched his "moonie" for a total of maybe 10 minutes. It is what it is.
Haley and I found ways to entertain ourselves in the backseat. You know, taking selfies and reminiscing 5 years back on Facebook.
We stopped at Lambert's for lunch and it was so good, per the usual. Wyatt was definitely liking the "thrown rolls"!

We made really good time and the drive seemed to fly by. Thank heavens that Wyatt did so good even if he almost lost all his cookies in Harrison. eek! Nothing a little water and goldfish couldn't fix.

We headed to the game shortly after we arrived to our hotel. We did yet another thing we vowed never to do as parents...we put Wyatt on a leash. You guys...this is the best thing ever! He was able to be independent, while also being safe. Yes, I felt judged at times, but who cares. I knew my kid was safe and that's all that matters with thousands of people around 

It's fun traveling with people and they take your pictures. Ha!

Bffs and our beautiful blue teeth.

Haley filled Wyatt right up with the cotton candy.

The Braves actually lost both times that we were there. Wah, wah! We had a good night though!

Speaking of BFF, Wyatt absolutely became obsessed with Jay. Ima see Jay and Haley is what we heard quite often.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TLC 2013-2014

Today, my babies started TLC. Both of them! Oh, and me too!

I have to be at work shortly after 8 so I asked Ryan, on the first day, if he cared to bring the babies so I could figure out my routine. He so kindly did. I requested a "first day picture" know with my big of of Wyatt... and one of them together before he left. This is all I got:
An iPhone pic, blurry, and no individuals. That's okay I guess. It could have been worse. I did however take my own once we got home. 

We all had a great day. I was busy all day so it FLEW by. 

Ms. Megan caught these super cute pictures of my little lady. She did so good for her first day! 

I think it will be good once we all figure out our rhythm! 
Here are the "official" first day of pictures...taken after school by me. Ha!

Claire as a Joey

Wyatt as a Ladybug

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wyatt's funnies

1. In the middle of the night while camping out we hear a little "help peas" "daddy help!". I woke Ryan up to check on him and he was in a tizzy because his pillow had fallen off the bed.

2.  He is all about calling people. I often hear, "Ima call daddy back." Very matter of fact! 

3. Mommy, put shirt ON! He is quite demanding when he catches me changing.

4.While pottying, "Ima need light on." The light right above him is not enough. He needs all the lights on to do his business.
5. He thinks he is too big for baths now, so now it's Ima take "showder"

6. He calls a bed "beer". Ima get momma beer. Haha, maybe he should go ahead and get mommy a beer.

7. While it's not really that funny at the time he has started to throw things out of anger as well as scream. It's comical that this little person has no idea how to fully handle the emotion.

Those are just a few. I am trying to keep up with them because they are just so precious!

Keeping up with Claire: Week 28

She got her first real diaper rash this week. Poor baby! I'm pretty sure it's due to teething. I'll be happy when we finally get some teeth to break through!
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