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Monday, August 19, 2013

Wyatt's funnies

1. In the middle of the night while camping out we hear a little "help peas" "daddy help!". I woke Ryan up to check on him and he was in a tizzy because his pillow had fallen off the bed.

2.  He is all about calling people. I often hear, "Ima call daddy back." Very matter of fact! 

3. Mommy, put shirt ON! He is quite demanding when he catches me changing.

4.While pottying, "Ima need light on." The light right above him is not enough. He needs all the lights on to do his business.
5. He thinks he is too big for baths now, so now it's Ima take "showder"

6. He calls a bed "beer". Ima get momma beer. Haha, maybe he should go ahead and get mommy a beer.

7. While it's not really that funny at the time he has started to throw things out of anger as well as scream. It's comical that this little person has no idea how to fully handle the emotion.

Those are just a few. I am trying to keep up with them because they are just so precious!

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