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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend recap

Mercy! This weekend absolutely flew by!! I made plans for Saturday since I am trying to soak up the last minute summer "fun." 

We got up bright and early at 7 o'clock thanks to the youngest which was perfect and all part of my plan. We got the kiddos up, fed, dressed, and out the door by 9. I let Wyatt pick from one of two outfits and he chose the yellow and stripes shirt. When I went to pick out Claire something I ended up going with yellow, too. Completely accidental and unnoticed until Ryan said, "you can't dress them both in yellow."  I simply replied with, "yah I can." Ha! Heist not have noticed the yellow and striped I had going on!

Cool dude on the way to Little Rock. 

We started at The Wonder Place. It was our first time and Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed his time there!

After an hour of fun we were hungry so we headed to All Aboard. The train brings out your food. It's a cool little place, the food was average, and Wyatt seemed to really dig the train. And Claire! 

We then ventured to Conway to do some shopping. Here is Sissy's first time in the cart like a big girl!

Yes, looking terrified, but it was a front. Claire did exceptionally well all day for only getting about an hours nap! Proud mommy since this was our first real all day outing. 

Today, we went to church with Pop and Nina and then to Papaw's for his birthday. 

Wyatt's creation...

Claire finally ripped her headband and bow off. I feel like I'll never get to keep them on her now.

Once we got home we let Claire nap and had our fingers crossed Wyatt would go back to sleep from napping in the car, but he didn't. So once Sister got up we took Wyatt to swim before a storm rolled in. This has been such a wet and cool summer!! I love it!

Sitting in the outdoor kitchen! Dad smoked some ribs and we stuck around for supper.

We are a handful at times...

Such a fun weekend with the family!

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