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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TLC 2013-2014

Today, my babies started TLC. Both of them! Oh, and me too!

I have to be at work shortly after 8 so I asked Ryan, on the first day, if he cared to bring the babies so I could figure out my routine. He so kindly did. I requested a "first day picture" know with my big of of Wyatt... and one of them together before he left. This is all I got:
An iPhone pic, blurry, and no individuals. That's okay I guess. It could have been worse. I did however take my own once we got home. 

We all had a great day. I was busy all day so it FLEW by. 

Ms. Megan caught these super cute pictures of my little lady. She did so good for her first day! 

I think it will be good once we all figure out our rhythm! 
Here are the "official" first day of pictures...taken after school by me. Ha!

Claire as a Joey

Wyatt as a Ladybug

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