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Saturday, August 31, 2013

STL- Part 1

Last week we loaded up and headed to St. Louis! Haley and Jay accompanied us, while we left Claire with mom and dad. It wouldn't have been much fun for her, but next year she will certainly be sporting her Braves attire!

 Don't let this picture fool you. Wyatt only watched his "moonie" for a total of maybe 10 minutes. It is what it is.
Haley and I found ways to entertain ourselves in the backseat. You know, taking selfies and reminiscing 5 years back on Facebook.
We stopped at Lambert's for lunch and it was so good, per the usual. Wyatt was definitely liking the "thrown rolls"!

We made really good time and the drive seemed to fly by. Thank heavens that Wyatt did so good even if he almost lost all his cookies in Harrison. eek! Nothing a little water and goldfish couldn't fix.

We headed to the game shortly after we arrived to our hotel. We did yet another thing we vowed never to do as parents...we put Wyatt on a leash. You guys...this is the best thing ever! He was able to be independent, while also being safe. Yes, I felt judged at times, but who cares. I knew my kid was safe and that's all that matters with thousands of people around 

It's fun traveling with people and they take your pictures. Ha!

Bffs and our beautiful blue teeth.

Haley filled Wyatt right up with the cotton candy.

The Braves actually lost both times that we were there. Wah, wah! We had a good night though!

Speaking of BFF, Wyatt absolutely became obsessed with Jay. Ima see Jay and Haley is what we heard quite often.

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