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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Claire 6 months

Claire, my sweet baby girl, is already 6 months old!!


The past 6 months have been so wonderful. She has blessed our life in a way I could have never imagined. I feel so lucky that I get to love on her each day!

She weighs about 16.5 lbs
-is wearing a size 3 diaper, size 3-6 and 6 month clothes and is in 6-9 month sleepers.
-sleeps from 7-7/8 without waking up. (PLT that I have two wonderful sleepers!)
-takes 3 naps a day, one of those being a little cat nap
-Eat 6-7 oz bottles and it seems that she enjoys fruit much, much more than veggies.
-Loves teething rings the most
-grabs toys and rolls all over the place
-Started tucking her little legs up under her. I can tell she is preparing to start crawling and gets super frustrated when she can't get where she really wants to go
-gets tickled at Wyatt and her kitty
-Is a thumb sucker still (love!)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bedtime Battles

I remember a time when Wyatt was so easy to put to bed. Very simple. We simply laid him in his bed, turn off the light, shut the door, and went on about our evening.

This was at 8:30 at the latest.

Now? Now we are lucky if he is asleep by 10. 10!!!

Straight up, it sucks. He has all these opinions now and thinks Daddy is the only one who can put him to bed. Don't worry though, I am not jealous about this in the least. I mean, it does mean I get to be the one to sit down and blog. Priorities people. Since Daddy stays up he thinks he has to as well. This doesn't fly with me at all and so therefore I'm the bad guy. The person who Wyatt acts terrified of when he sneaks around the corner. The person that looks mean every evening. The person who

It has been such a struggle the last week. Not only that, but we have a little person who comes walking into our room every morning about 3. Lucky for me (again) he wants to be cuddled up right next to Ryan so I hardly notice him. It's just the fact that he is in our bed that is so aggravating to me. I have come so close to just deciding to do away with the toddler bed, move on to the full size, and send Ryan to Wyatt's bed every night.


Please, please tell me there are others out there in the same boat and this debacle isn't just happening in my house!

I guess that the only saving grace is that Wyatt still loves me in the morning.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Marley is 5!

Marley is one lucky boy! Not too many people er, puppies get to share their birthday with a Prince! Ha!

It is so hard to believe that I have had Marley for 5 years this October! Wild. He got a bath today so that's why his hair is crazy. He's been such a little trooper with two babies in the house. I'm surprised he hadn't tried to run away!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Keeping up with Claire: Week 24

Brother is her #1 fan! Especially when they first wake up in the mornings.
We started practicing with our sippy cups!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: His Best Smile

Meet Polly Pocket

We added a new family member to the family this week! Her name is Polly Pocket (much to Ryan's dismay). She is such a sweet little kitty. 

When Ryan brought her home I let her out on the patio because the garage was stifling (and I didn't think to put her in the sunroom). She did well and just hung around. She eventually curled up under the grill while Wyatt to persuade her out. It didn't work and so I pulled her out. This is when Wyatt startled her and she ran away. We tried to coax her out of a brush pile for 30 mins but with no success. We went to bed that night certain we would never see her again. 

The next morning Ryan claimed he heard her crying outside the window but I wasn't convinced. Before I left for work I popped my head out the back door and called for her. Sure enough I heard her crying and she was curled up in a box of junk that we are throwing away. I was so excited to see her in there! She is happily living in the sunroom for about another week and then we will turning her loose outside. This time Polly better not run away!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The time we won a 4-wheeler

It's the strangest thing... Ryan and I have gotten so lucky as of late. We recently won a 4 wheeler through a raffle we entered through all the DU events we have attended. We've had it for 2 weeks now and it has all of 4 miles on it. Too bad we are getting rid of it for you guessed it...another boat. Will the madness ever end? Haha!

Fun in the "big ploo"

We took Wyatt to a water park and the boy had the best time!! He loves to swim in Pawpaw's ploo, so that he would know the difference of where we were going we referred to it as the "big ploo." That is all he talked about on the way up there. We met friends and ended up having a great day! I'm ready to go back!

They do a mandatory break at 2 and 4 and this was at the 2 o'clock break. It took a little explaining to the boy why we were getting out. By explaining I mean he had to have a popsicle.
We were there for 3 hours and about 2 minutes down the road Wyatt was out. We got home and laid him down for a little longer and when we woke him up about 6 he was still so exhausted. He even took a little break on the couch.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy birthday, America!

We all donned our red, white, and blue as we went to the big parade in Belleville. We almost didn't make it and we most certainly would have been devastated if we hadn't.
After the parade we went to the park and let Wyatt run around before we all got hungry and Claire got fussy. We stopped by mom and dad's for a little bit and then came home for naps.
After we were well rested we headed over to our neighbor's house for some swimming and food. Wyatt had! I think he felt like such a big boy getting to hang with the big kids. There were twins there that were such mother hens! It was so cute watching them help Wyatt around the pool, swim with him, and push Ryan out of the way. Wyatt was definitely missing out on attention.

I stayed as long as I could with Claire barely hanging on, but she finally let me know she was done so I can home, bathed, fed, and put her to sleep and hung out until it got dark. Ryan and Wyatt continued with the festivities. My biggest regret is that I left before the dessert came out!

Once it got dark enough Ryan brought Wyatt home and we did some fireworks with him. He really enjoyed it!

Then we settled in on the front porch to watch the fireworks. The hosts of the party put on a nice show!! It was like our own personal fireworks display! We could also look to the left of our house and see Dardanelle's fireworks too. "More lights" and "light gone" is what we heard from Wyatt the whole time.

(I caught the first picture and Ryan got the second. Not to bad, ha!)
It was such a fun day! I wish Claire could have enjoyed it a little more with us! I hope that next year the weather is just as gorgeous as it was this year!
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