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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meet Polly Pocket

We added a new family member to the family this week! Her name is Polly Pocket (much to Ryan's dismay). She is such a sweet little kitty. 

When Ryan brought her home I let her out on the patio because the garage was stifling (and I didn't think to put her in the sunroom). She did well and just hung around. She eventually curled up under the grill while Wyatt to persuade her out. It didn't work and so I pulled her out. This is when Wyatt startled her and she ran away. We tried to coax her out of a brush pile for 30 mins but with no success. We went to bed that night certain we would never see her again. 

The next morning Ryan claimed he heard her crying outside the window but I wasn't convinced. Before I left for work I popped my head out the back door and called for her. Sure enough I heard her crying and she was curled up in a box of junk that we are throwing away. I was so excited to see her in there! She is happily living in the sunroom for about another week and then we will turning her loose outside. This time Polly better not run away!

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