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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy birthday, America!

We all donned our red, white, and blue as we went to the big parade in Belleville. We almost didn't make it and we most certainly would have been devastated if we hadn't.
After the parade we went to the park and let Wyatt run around before we all got hungry and Claire got fussy. We stopped by mom and dad's for a little bit and then came home for naps.
After we were well rested we headed over to our neighbor's house for some swimming and food. Wyatt had! I think he felt like such a big boy getting to hang with the big kids. There were twins there that were such mother hens! It was so cute watching them help Wyatt around the pool, swim with him, and push Ryan out of the way. Wyatt was definitely missing out on attention.

I stayed as long as I could with Claire barely hanging on, but she finally let me know she was done so I can home, bathed, fed, and put her to sleep and hung out until it got dark. Ryan and Wyatt continued with the festivities. My biggest regret is that I left before the dessert came out!

Once it got dark enough Ryan brought Wyatt home and we did some fireworks with him. He really enjoyed it!

Then we settled in on the front porch to watch the fireworks. The hosts of the party put on a nice show!! It was like our own personal fireworks display! We could also look to the left of our house and see Dardanelle's fireworks too. "More lights" and "light gone" is what we heard from Wyatt the whole time.

(I caught the first picture and Ryan got the second. Not to bad, ha!)
It was such a fun day! I wish Claire could have enjoyed it a little more with us! I hope that next year the weather is just as gorgeous as it was this year!

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