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Monday, July 1, 2013

Claire 5 months

-You weigh 15-16 lbs
-You take 5-6 6 oz bottles a day depending on what time you decided to start you day as well as an entire of either a fruit or veggie.
-You are asleep for bed no later than7:30 and we wake you up for a feeding at 10:30 otherwise you will be ready to eat at 4am and that is not okay! Otherwise you start your day anywhere between 6 and 7.
-You take 3 naps a day, but your wake time is getting much longer and one of your naps is getting a lot shorter.
-You are in size 3-6 mo, 6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper, but I'm going to go ahead and bump you up to a 3.
-You get so ticked when we are making your bottle, putting on your bib, and getting situated to feed you. Patience is clearly not your thing and you certainly got that from your momma.
-You roll both ways and squirm all over the place
-You rarely take a paci, you much prefer your thumb.
-You love your feet and we've caught you sucking on your toes twice already.
-You just jibber jabber away.
-Things that make you laugh the most: watching Wyatt do anything and riding in the car talking to the things that hang across the handle.
-You watch tv and are content to sit there with your toys in front of you letting Mickey or whoever entertain you for a bit. I know you like it because you squeal and laugh. That's typically what you get to do while we get around in the mornings.
-You grab and reach for toys now and you can pull your paci out and put it back in...just to spit it right back out.
-You LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror. Which comes as no surprise because there is such a pretty little girl looking back at you!

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