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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bedtime Battles

I remember a time when Wyatt was so easy to put to bed. Very simple. We simply laid him in his bed, turn off the light, shut the door, and went on about our evening.

This was at 8:30 at the latest.

Now? Now we are lucky if he is asleep by 10. 10!!!

Straight up, it sucks. He has all these opinions now and thinks Daddy is the only one who can put him to bed. Don't worry though, I am not jealous about this in the least. I mean, it does mean I get to be the one to sit down and blog. Priorities people. Since Daddy stays up he thinks he has to as well. This doesn't fly with me at all and so therefore I'm the bad guy. The person who Wyatt acts terrified of when he sneaks around the corner. The person that looks mean every evening. The person who

It has been such a struggle the last week. Not only that, but we have a little person who comes walking into our room every morning about 3. Lucky for me (again) he wants to be cuddled up right next to Ryan so I hardly notice him. It's just the fact that he is in our bed that is so aggravating to me. I have come so close to just deciding to do away with the toddler bed, move on to the full size, and send Ryan to Wyatt's bed every night.


Please, please tell me there are others out there in the same boat and this debacle isn't just happening in my house!

I guess that the only saving grace is that Wyatt still loves me in the morning.

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