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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pure laziness

It can honestly be said that this weekend was one of the most boring weekends I can remember. I pretty much slept the entire weekend away...

Friday night we had a dozen of our closest friends over for some pizza. I had initially planned a fiesta at our house and was looking forward to cooking for everyone and using all my new serving dishes that we had received as wedding gifts. This, however, was all planned and set before I found out I was pregnant and the absolute need to do nothing but sleep hadn't quite set in yet. When Monday rolled around I was dreading the fiesta. So much so, I had asked Ryan if I could cancel it and whether or not it would be tacky. Even though he said it was fine, I quickly remembered that I'm not one of those people. So, I toughed it out...or also known as...switched it to a pizza night! How much simpler it would be on me and the hubs since he would most likely be the one cleaning up after everyone left. It was such a great night. Me and my girlfriends haven't all been together since probably Memorial Day weekend so it was so wonderful to get to catch up with everyone together. We were also joined by some of Ryan's friends as well so it turned out to be a blasty-blast. While the girls ended up in the kitchen and the guys in the living room talking about hunting it was great having us all together, full of food and laughter. We have awesome friends and are so blessed! When it started dwindling down about 11 (and they were all headed to the 40) they did a super job of leaving my kitchen almost spotless! So thankful...we hardly had to put anything up before going to bed. After everyone had left to go out for an extended night of fun, I suddenly had a wave of sadness hit me. Not that I was sad I was missing the 40, because Ryan and I are completely over that, but because I was the one not going out because I couldn't...not that I didn't want to anymore. It was weird and I think that was the moment I really realized that our life was going to be different. However, the next day after the girls texted me about how the 40 was I realized I wasn't missing anything at all...the same people, the same songs to dance to, the same night, just different outfits was all going out was now. (That's definitely a sign of old age.) I also realized that I wasn't sad or felt like I was missing out on anything...I was happy that this was my life...That I was going to be a mommy soon and my nights would be consumed with dirty diapers and sleepless nights most likely due to a crying baby. I also can't wait until I'm not the only mommy---when all my friends are married and have babies and I'm the go to person because I can give advice or suggestions. That is definitely worth looking forward to! That and baby date nights with other couples!

Saturday was pathetic. That's the only word to really describe it. We woke up at 8:30 and went to the living room to catch up on the DVR. I made it through 2 hours of Whale Wars before we started on the House marathon. Hours and hours of me feeling queasy, hungry, and nothing sounding good enough to eat except for an apple. Miserable. Also the fact that Ryan and I stayed snuggled up watching episode after episode of House and me falling in and out of sleep for about 6 hours straight. Ryan headed to his dad's for a little bit until him and some friends went armadillo hunting. I remained on the couch for 6 more hours watching a mix of Lifetime movies, Pure Country, and Footloose. I was so miserable, bored, and ashamed that I had wasted an entire day doing nothing! I just can't help it though. This little baby wants me to do nothing but sleep so I happily oblige. I've been told to just listen to my I am. When Ryan got home last night after snoozing what seemed like all day I was still able to fall asleep last night. Ridiculous is all it is. This morning after church we went to Ruby Tuesday's...I believe I changed my mind three different times while the poor waitress was taking our order. When she left, after I probably confused her(which I did for sure because she messed up my order slightly and forgot our appetizer), I looked at the hubs and simply stated, "gah, that's a pregnant girl for you." Lunch was great and we headed home, curled up in bed, and I napped for about 30 minutes before we went to put a salt lick out for Ryan's hunting spot. We then went on a Sunday drive. Yes, a Sunday drive...around we're 80...because I didn't want to be home for fear of sleeping again. Lame!! After our joyride we came home and did some work outside on the boat. Well, Ryan worked on the boat and I napped on the tailgate. I'm absolutey worthless and I know it, but the hubs is okay with it so I am too. That's true love right?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Branson, MO

The hubs and I decided to have a little get-a-way for the weekend and chose Branson. We had three main things to accomplish on this trip: eat, shop, relax. Mission somewhat accomplished...

Marley had a big weekend too. This was his first weekend to stay at Ryan's mom's house. He always stays at my parent's but they couldn't keep him this weekend so he had a new place to go. We knew he was going to be okay, for he had Ellie to enjoy the weekend with. He was wore smooth out when we got him back this afternoon. He hasn't moved from the couch since he's been home.

On the way to his grandparent's and Ellie's...he's improved on his driving this year and can now do it single-handley. Impressive, right?

He's beautiful.

Since food was one of our main priorities on this trip we decided to head here:Lambert's. Home of the thrown rolls.

I loved that our drinks were served in this.

I remember going with my family when I was younger and I have to admit, the whole "throwing the rolls" thing was so much cooler when I was a kid. However, it was still a great time. They played the best music also which earned them mega points. CCR (and no, that is not Cross Canadian Ragweed), George Straight, and! the song I walked down the isle to--Ben E. King's Stand By Me. Perfection. Here's what I had-- a chef salad with grilled chicken. It is massive.

Seriously, massive. I hardly made a dent in it and for two reasons. One, it's by far the biggest salad every placed before me. Two, grilled chicken is definitely on my "Cannot Eat" list. Sooo disgusting!! I literally wanted to throw up! Luckily, Bunney got some out of this world catfish and frenchy fries that were phenomenal and was happy to share with mommy and baby! So, pregnancy is beloved foods---sweets---are no longer appealing to me. It's terrible. I'm not sure what I will eat for the next few weeks. Boo...
We got 1/2 of our Christmas shopping done! Yay! Go us! We were pretty excited about it. We also got a diaper bag! Yes! Such as steal too. A $398 bag for $165...score! I was beyond stoked about it and we officially bought something for Baby Davis.

While it was a nice, relaxing, and fun weekend with my love in Branson I have to admit I was sad I couldn't really eat anything. No Fudruckers where I always get a delicious burger, fries, and milkshake. Oh I long for you so much. This little blueberry, who has been dubbed "Blue" for the week, is making it hard to come to terms with my loss of an appetite. Oh well. Definitely worth it in the end and hopefully won't last too much longer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I have to share one thought for the today. I adored the "first day of school pictures" that littered my facebook. Absolutely precious. I loved seeing their little backpacks that were bigger than them and the cute little nervous smiles not really knowing what to expect. I cannot wait until our day comes when we will be sending our first child off to school. So much to look forward to!

As for the hubs and I, we crossed the bridge and headed to my parent's to drop something off. On the way back, I decided to strap the Marles know, safety first of course. I had uncontrollable giggles after our little photo session. Luckily, I have a great husband that humors me and makes me feel less dorky. So, for our picture today:

Marley appeasing mommy and being a good (safe) baby. (For about 2 minutes.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Davis


Ryan and I are beyond excited to annouce that Baby Davis will be making his or her appearance around mid-April!!! Today, we are 5 weeks and 5 days. Now, here is my "disclaimer." I know that it is extremely early in the pregnancy and to make an annoucement that we are expecting our first baby is bold. However, while Ryan would rather wait and be a little more certain about everything, I on the other hand am all too candid about these things. Blogging is therapeutic (and extremely fun) for me and I know it'll be easier during this whole process to share my feelings, fears, emotions, etc.! Therefore, it was agreed we'd go ahead and share. We were going to "wait" until next Tuesday, which is our appointment with the nurse practitioner but in reality I am busting at the seams to let it all out! To me, 6 days isn't going to make much of a difference and those 6 days are days that I can bask in all my glory!
Here's the story:
Ryan and I decided when we got married that we were going to start trying immediately for a family. Why? Simple...we didn't know how long it was going to take us. We've seen people try for quite some time so we knew that could be a reality for us as well. We had planned on trying to conceive on our own for a year and if we had no luck we would seek professional help. I had been on birth control for 8 years so in the back of my head I had a feeling it would be closer to a year before we got pregnant. I had always been very regular before birth control, like to the day, and of course while on it I was too. I messed up and started worrying (because of the internet, blogs, and forums), thinking my period would be so out of whack when I quit taking the birth control and I wouldn't have a period for months or years. So, when I started having a period immediately I thanked God a million times over. Once my period continued to come every 28 days I was thrilled yet again. I got a little obessed with wanting to become pregnant because for the first two months I was tracking my ovulation days... I was determined. And yes, I'll admit it (embarrassed) I cried the first two months I didn't get pregnant. But, for the record, when I say cried, it was more of a "ten minute I'm going to be a pouty pants and then I'm over it." Then, I deleted that stupid app (stupid iPhone) and got my mind off trying. Even though I wasn't watching the day of ovulation, I still got a little sad when the period showed up, but this time didn't really cry. Well my period always gave me a hint or two that it was showing up...and well, this month it didn't. I was expecting it on a Friday and when it didn't show, I knew it was teasing me and would show Saturday morning...or even Saturday afternoon while shopping in Conway. Either way--it was coming! Well, Saturday evening (August 7) there was still no sign of it so Ryan and I went to buy pregnancy tests and took the first one...positive! The second...positive! We were so excited, but I think more in shock than anything!And yes, Sunday morning before church I took another...still positive. Either way, we knew our lives were about to change for the better! We went to tell our parents because there was no way we could keep it secret! They were of course excited beyond any measure. So, here we are almost 6 weeks pregnant with little baby Davis on the way. I realize God has a plan for me, Ryan, and the baby. I know that whatever that plan is, is the way it's supposed to be and I shouldn't question it. I know that Ryan and I are going to make great parents and I can't wait to blog about the changes I am going through and how the baby is progressing. All we ask is that you keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the most exciting time of our lives!

The night we found out----pure shock!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Reason 1427412

There are numerous reasons why I love my husband. He's funny, sweet, understanding, ornery, a bully, annoying, etc. The list really does go on...

Today was just another way to add to my list.

I hate Wal Mart. Pretty much despise it unless I am with Ryan and even then it's horrendous. I'm a Kroger girl and only go to Wal Mart if I have to. Today was one of those days. I needed stuff that I just couldn't get at Kroger so I went...alone...stupidly. My poor brain is just dumb right now. I realize this. However, when pulling into the parking lot I made it a point to remember where I parked, which door I entered, and which door I should exit. After wandering around endlessly in the store, because (again due to my brain) I didn't make a list this time, I picked up just the things I thought I needed. I shop so much better at Kroger. It's more of a mission and I have the store mapped out. I can get in and get out. Love it. Wal Mart...not so much. There are too many distractions. From people to things I just don't really need but seem much more appealing in the store. Wal Mart sucks. Anyway, I finally got out of there but sadly went out the wrong door. I knew this was the door I had come in. I knew that Claire would be parked right where I left her and I knew I'd be soon on my way home. Wrong. I could not for the life of me remember where my car was. So, I walked around puzzled as to where I'd left my car. Panic begin to set it for I had my beloved Snickers ice cream bars in my bags!! I could not let them ruin! It was most imperative I find my car and fast...unfortunately I had zero luck. I think I looked for a total of maybe 3 minutes (for the record it felt like 15) when I broke down and called Ryan. This is the reason I don't come to Wal Mart alone...when it's busy...when it's hot...when my brain isn't functioning properly...when there are crazy people everywhere...when it's hot...when it's a Monday after 5...when it's hot. Those were the thoughts running in my head while the phone rang. Poor hubby...I'm not sure what I expected him to do? The only suitable thing would be to stay on the phone and assist me (or leave work to come help me) until I found Claire. Honestly, I was on the verge of tears by the time Ryan got off the phone with me...and for the record I still had no sign of Claire...Ryan had to help the guys at work so I ok'ed him to get off the phone. Then, enlisted the help of my best friend, Erin. She laughed at me and said it was okay, everyone does it. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who is really this dumb. I finally found my car. Right where I left it. I have never been more happy to see that little blue Cadillac. Air conditioning for not only me but for my quickly melting ice cream. This is why I love my husband (and bff)! They have patience and understand that I'm not quite on top of my game these days. I'm working on it though and things will get better. However, I'm sure I can find an app on my iPhone to help me remember where my car is...since my little clicker doesn't work unless you seem to be thisclose to it. (Like I didn't think of that--because sadly, Erin and Ryan both had doubts that I hadn't already tried that when panic first set it.) So yes, today I was that girl. The one wandering around lost in Wal Mart parking lot. I'm sure they have hours of video of people who lose their vehicles. Right?

Reason 1427412 why I love Ryan: he will coach me through trying to find Claire in Wal Mart parking lot when it's hot and I'm beyond stupid feeling.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Believe...

…true love is worth the wait.
…in quality over quantity.
…everything happens for a reason, whether it's known at the time or not.
…Peach Sweet Tea is heaven in the form of a liquid.
…reading is a necessity.
…compromise is truly key to a successful marriage.
…putting your spouse before all others.
…in daily planners.
…in excerise.
…my picture taking addiction will be adored by my kids and grandchildren.
…in 3/5/10 year plans, but
…life happens when you’re busying making these plans.
…durable purses.
…multiple chapsticks in that purse.
…my husband chose to marry me for a reason and that should be respected by everyone.
…growing spiritually can only help a marriage.
…eating ice cream on a daily basis helps maintain my cute little figure.
…in marriage, once in your life.
...jealousy has many faces.
…my dog is treated like a prince and should be.
…in travel and experiences.
…in saying “I love you” to my husband a minimum of 5 times a day…which is almost 2000 times year.
…fighting with your spouse is normal and if you deny that you do, you’re only fooling yourself.
…everyone’s marriage is different.
…in costume parties.
…in birthday celebrations.
…in rescuing animals.
…no one knows me better than my husband, but I still win at knowing me the best.
…in just know feelings.
…in dancing until your knees want to give out.
…in keeping some things secret….for example, a dy-no-mite recipe.
….an occasional lazy Saturday is healthy for the hubs and I, but rarely seems to happen.
…in retail therapy.
…in shared goals.
…in teamwork.
…in daily laughter.
…your family will be there before your friends, but I consider my friends family.
…Scentsy will dominate the world one day. (Side note: My SIL is now selling Scentsy…feel free to let me get your on her email list so that your house can smell like pure deliciousness.) budgets.
...God's plan is sometimes way better than mine, even if I refuse to think it at the time. "awww" moments. everlasting love.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

This little bundle is what welcomes us home every Friday afternoon. How can your weekend be bad when it starts off with kisses from this baby? He actually spent Friday night with us instead of at Mimi and Papaw's but ended up going there Saturday night. They missed him!

Friday night we went to rent a couple movies, but only ventured to Hastings because the hubby needed a Fantasy Football Magazine. Big deal people...Ryan is participating in two FF leagues. Watch out! The two movies we decided to curl up and watch were Leap Year and Law Abiding Citizen. Leap Year got about 1.5 stars (out of 5), but Law Abiding Citizen got about a 7! It was awesome...and yes, I know it came out last October or something like that, but wow. Amazing. It is probably the best movie I've seen in a loooong time. Go watch it if you haven't! Friday night was a crazy night...I think we made it to almost 1:00 in the am. Ouch.

Saturday we had a mission: find a birthday present for a one year old, eat some delicious lunch, and get a smoothie.

We succeeded at lunch at Logan's and I got my beloved Sweet Peach Tea. Good sweet tea is hard to come by, and when you add Peach flavoring even more so. But, in case you are wondering may I suggest to you: 1. Catfish 'N's sweet tea 2. Logan's Peach sweet tea, 3. Stoby's sweet tea, and 4. Sonic's Peach sweet tea. Only in that order though! You can't go wrong!

We succeed at the gift...I love buying baby girl clothes...any baby clothes for that matter...but girls are sooo much cuter! I forgot to take a picture of what we However, it was black leggings with a ruffle skirt attached, black and white striped shirt, and a red plaid shirt. Too cute. Yes, if we have a little girl she will be the belle of the ball.

Then...then, we got our beloved Smoothie King. Immune builder and a light and fluffy. Yummmm! We can never leave Conway without it!!!

Yup, we get excited over the little things.

Oh my light and fluffy!
We also (finally) found us a globe!!! We went into a store in Seattle that had nothing but globes and maps and decided we needed one, but not a $500 one. Behold, our little jewel.

Today, we ventured to Bella's first birthday party! We are on our way here...and yes, as someone pointed out in church this morning, we look like we are supporting LSU. Don't be fooled, we aren't.

Bella's cake... Whooo's turning one?

I was too busy enjoying birthday cake and holding a baby to take good pictures of her messy little face! But, no lie...strawberry birthday cake is phenomenal. Try it.

We had a great weekend with many exciting things!! We live an absolutely blessed life!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breakfast for Supper

I am an avid meal planner. I print out a calendar for every month, plans meals for each day, and try to stick to it. I am pretty successful at it. I am pretty sure my husband appreciates it. He can just look at the calendar and see what's for supper each night...and...he can adjust it if he wants. Compromise, right?! We've been doing this since October of last year so going on a year now. Go us! Granted, I don't cook every night. That would be miserable. But, we do eat out twice a week and we both cook. I'm a lucky girl, I know.

Tonight, it was breakfast for supper. I attempted a first tonight...fried eggs. I mastered scrambled eggs from a young age when I made my mommy teach me the key to deliciousness. Tonight, however, my dear hubs wanted fried eggs! Eek! I'm a scrambled eggs girl! I was nervous because I get hesitant that new things I make will suck. But, I actually did a fabulous job and I think my husband loves me 10 times more. A key to a man's heart is through his stomach. Um, yah...there is no denying that one. So, look at my beauties!!

My mother (and daddy) would be so proud. Maybe on Christmas morning breakfast this year I can show off my mad skills! So biscuits, jelly, eggs-- scrambled and fried, peppered bacon, and chocolate milk was what's for supper. And. It. Was. Delish.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Home

The Davis’ have added another place to call home. We became members of West Side Church of Christ today and are very excited about it. It’s so official now! We’ve been attending the church for awhile now but decided to wait and place membership once we were married. We did a couple months ago, but they are going through the selection of Deacons so we just now became official members. We got the introduction to the entire congregation, which meant standing up in front of everyone while they introduced us. A little fear crept over Ryan on the way to church this morning knowing today was the day. So much so, he didn’t give me my normal, “Sunday ride to church” kiss! He gets so nervous over little things, but it is so cute. However, after lunch (with no stress on his shoulders) he remembered that he had neglected his routine and later asked for that kiss. The people at West Side have always been extremely nice and inviting, but once they knew that we were actually members the amount of excitement they showered us with when we were dismissed was so heartfelt. We met so many new people within minutes that it was a little overwhelming. They are going to be a great group of people to get to know over the years! Ryan jokingly said, “I guess you better get prepared for nursery duty.” I simply replied, “I think I have to at least have a kid first!”

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6
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